166 fatwas

  • Has an exam scheduled during Jumu'ah prayer Date: 10-6-2003

    On Friday I have an exam which is 3 hours long. It starts from 11 to 2 pm; this means I will miss the Jumu'ah prayer. I need some advice to deal with this situation... More

  • Problems Praying Jumu’ah with Their Imam Date: 8-6-2003

    I'm a young man living in Brazil. We have an Imam. But some of the people who pray with him want me to pray instead of him especially Jumu'ah prayer because of the Khutbah. But I pray in another mosque. So, can I lead them in Jumu'ah prayer after having prayed in another mosque and with another Imam? .. More

  • Makes ablution and misses Friday Khutbah Date: 24-5-2003

    I have a problem controlling my ablution (Wudu). So I make ablution when the Iqama is close to being called the Friday prayer. I don't listen to the Khutbah. Is it acceptable to pray like this or should I pray Zuhr?.. More

  • Supplication during the pause of the Friday Sermon Date: 20-5-2003

    Is there any specific Du'a (supplication) to be said during the pause between the two parts of the Friday Khutbah (sermon)? Is there any Prophetic Hadith regarding this?.. More

  • Role of the Imam Date: 14-5-2003

    Is it necessary or compulsory in Islam that the Imam of the Masjid should lead the Jumaat congregation and give the Khutbah? Why!.. More

  • Missing Friday prayer for a family gathering Date: 13-5-2003

    We have annual gathering of my family which is going to be on Friday and distance from my home to the place of gathering is 120 km. On the place where we will going to gather there is no mosque. Is it permissible for me to miss Friday prayer, or family gathering which is once a year... More

  • Missing the Jumu'ah prayer Date: 27-4-2003

    I am working in foreign country and did not pray Jumu'ah for three months, instead I just pray regular Zuhr. No Muslims live in my city and Friday is a working day. I am afraid that this is Haram and I may stay here for several years without finding the chance to pray Jumu'ah (Friday). Really I am in trouble and I need your advice... More

  • Making Du'a cursing people Date: 26-4-2003

    During Du'a (supplication) can a person curse another person or a nation? The reason for this question is after Jumuah on last Friday the Imam was supplicating loudly and cursing Yahoodi and Nasrani due to Iraq war. What is your opinion on Iraq war?.. More

  • Women performing Khutbah for Eid or Fard Prayer Date: 26-2-2003

    Is it admissible to perform Khutbha by ladies for Eid prayer or for Fardh prayers?.. More

  • Questionable practices by a Khateeb Date: 28-1-2003

    Recently I attended a Juma Prayer in which I noticed some practices that some scholar considers a Bidah (to avoid) and some other scholars (including those whom this young Khateeb follows consider as allowable). The Practices were as follows: 1- When the Khateeb made a supplication, he wiped his face with both of his hands. I asked him the reason,.. More

  • Conflict between Friday Prayer and studies Date: 27-1-2003

    In my country we study on Friday,and we can't Pray. Sould I go pray or go to the school, knowing that if I do that I probably will be eliminated from a modul, that's mean that I'll not be able to take exams in the principal session but in the control session?.. More

  • Travel for Jumah Prayer is difficult Date: 21-1-2003

    I am a Muslim who lives in the United States of America and the nearest mosque to me is 32 miles away or 40 minutes by car. Do I still have to go to Jumah prayer? Thank you... More

  • Making speeches before Khutbah Date: 14-1-2003

    In some mosques in Qatar, before starting the "Khutba", there will be some speeches especially in Urdu language. This important time, is actually to be used for "dhikr, reciting Quran etc. Is it correct to make such speeches before Khutba, it is a hindrance to those people who don't known the language, from reciting Quran, Dhikr etc. Hence, I would.. More

  • Jum'aa sermon Du'a is sunnah Date: 29-12-2002

    Assalamu Alaikum.Please advice me on the Du'a which is asked by the Imam at the end of his khuthuba during Jummah prayers.Istn this the same as asking Du'a in chorus.Wassalaam... More

  • Friday Prayer and Study Time Date: 30-11-2002

    I am a student in England and the time of Friday prayer is the same as the studying time. What do I do please? .. More