83 fatwas

  • Calculating Zakah on Holdings, etc. Date: 23-7-2002

    I have some money in shares, some in accounts in the bank, and some in land. As far as I understand, I am to find out the value of these holdings on a (lunar) yearly basis, subtract the Nisaab, and pay 2.5 percent of the remaining amount in Zakaat. Am I correct in thinking this? Also, I receive a small monthly allowance from my parents to cover my personal.. More

  • Zakah on a house for rent or sale Date: 1-7-2002

    I have a house that I bought to rent and if I get the right price I will sell it.Do I have to pay Zakah on the house? If yes, do I calculate the Zakah from the price I have paid or from the market price that is totally different?.. More

  • Calculating Zakah on stocks Date: 29-6-2002

    When making consideration for Zakah, as per the shares owned in the stock market, should it be calculated as regards the present value of the shares, or only after shares are sold and cash is actually realized?.. More

  • Zakah on land for sale Date: 13-1-2002

    Is Zakah Wajib on a piece of land that is left empty and the intention for it is to take the profit when it is sold? The land is mine for more than one year... More

  • Zakah on invested money Date: 13-12-2001

    I gave some money to my relative for investment a few months ago. Is this money due for Zakah or only their profit?.. More

  • Zakah on investments Date: 8-1-2001

    I am 19 years old. I have funds in four American medical companies in US. I can not manage my funds until I reach 21 . Therefore, my father pays the Zakah on these funds until I reach 21. Is this allowed in Islam? Are the profits to be included in the Zakah or not?.. More

  • Value of industrial company for Zakah Date: 2-5-2000

    I have an industrial company; I want to know how to calculate Zakah? Thank you. .. More

  • Zakah on small shops Date: 29-10-1999

    I want to know about Zakah. I have 2 units of small shops in a shopping complex. So far I have never received any rent from them, although I bought these 5 years ago. I have been calculating Zakat on what I have as Gold/ money etc. Should I include the cost of the shops, from which I haven't received any money, as rent? Please send me all the materials.. More