83 fatwas

  • Didn’t pay Zakah for two years Date: 4-9-2007

    Assalamu Aliykum I have opened a business since 9 years ago, the profit of the businees didnot cover the salary of the employee nor the shop rent. I used to withdraw money from my salary to cover this. During all these years I have been withdrawing money from salary to give zakat. But the last 2 years I couldnot pay zakat because 1) I received a house.. More

  • Zakat on land prepared for building on it Date: 24-5-2007

    Assalamu Alaikum, I recently bought a plot away from city center, and as of today i m not sure whether i'll construct a house or sell this plot and buy another plot/flat near to city center. i did this just to avoid keeping my money in bank. Now i kindly like to ask you that, do i need to pay zakah on this plot? Jazaak Allah u Khair. .. More

  • Zakat on advance rent payment of a house Date: 20-8-2006

    I am due to receive the rent of my house for 2 years in advance. Am I supposed to pay zakat on this and how much. Jazakum allahu khayran... More

  • Zakat on rented agriculture land Date: 23-7-2006

    Assalamu'alaikum Wa Rahmatullah e Wa Barakatuhu, My father own an agriculture land and has a contract with farmer and the farmer give money on yearly basis to my father. He has taken the loan from bank against that agriculture land, which is four times more than the yearly income from that land. Now, query is that do he has to pay ushar or zakat on.. More

  • Zakat on a stone crushing unit Date: 23-11-2005

    I have invested some money in setting up a stone crushing unit in India. Though this unit was commissioned 2 months ago, I have not received any income from this investment. Should I pay Zakaah on this investment? .. More

  • Zakah on money invested in flats' construction Date: 16-10-2005

    I am a builder 7 months before invested Rs. 35 Lakhs on flats construction. I will get the returns after selling the flats in a year or two (after completion). Do I have to pay Zakaah on above investment or I have to get all returns then pay? Please inform me. Every year I pay Zakaah in Ramadhaan only... More

  • Zakah on land Date: 3-9-2005

    It is said that if plot of land is bought as business there is Zakaat. What if we buy a plot of land (with the aim of selling it) and kept it for more than one and half lunar year without selling? Do we have to pay Zakaat by calculating the value of land after 1 lunar year? What if we do not have any other income? Or we have just income for.. More

  • Zakat issues Date: 5-6-2005

    I am doing business in non-Muslim country, in there bank giving interest for which I have deposit. How to treated that money in Islam point of view. I am usually giving to charity for Muslim people who is needed. Secondly, my income is based on receiving commission - for which I sold on behalf of others, we accept certain %. My question is: Zakaat.. More

  • Paying Zakah on inventory in business Date: 26-5-2005

    I own a shoe store which I started 8 months ago, business is not doing good I cannot even make enough to cover my monthly expenses, I own all the inventory but I have no cash at all, usually I pay Zakaat every Ramadhaan and in previous business I was paying Zakaat on the inventory and the extra money I had in the bank but now all what I got is.. More

  • Calculating Zakat on savings with interest added to it every 6 months Date: 8-5-2005

    How I will calculate the Zakaah every year. Please note that I have a fixed deposit in a bank run with Islamic procedure. This deposit is tied for 5 years. Bank is calculating the profit every 6 months and adding to my principal amount and thus the amount is increasing. The rate profit is as declared by bank's management in keeping with the business... More

  • Calculating Zakat on investment properties Date: 5-5-2005

    I put some money with a brother, who is buying properties (houses) to rent them, every year the brother pays Zakaat on the profit including mine and add the remaining profit to my capital with him and he tells me the amount of my new capital. My question is because my money is invested in these houses but I do not owe a house and if I want.. More

  • Calculating Zakah on land sale, etc. Date: 25-4-2005

    I had a plot of land with a building which had many shops from where I collected rent. Every year I gave Zakaah from the income I got from rent, as it fulfilled the conditions for Zakaah. Last month I sold the building and naturally from the sale I got huge amount. With this money I will buy a land for building my house and another land to build.. More

  • Calculating Zakat on non-agricultural land Date: 11-4-2005

    I have some non-agricultural land, I want to know how am I supposed to calculate Zakaat? Will it be calculated on its price when it was purchased or on its current price? .. More

  • Zakat on land bought for investment Date: 9-3-2005

    I owned a land which gives a meager amount from leasing to others for crops yearly. Actually I bought it as an investment. While calculating Zakaah, do I need to calculate the value of land or income from lease only. your kind advise is requested. .. More

  • Payment of Zakat on a real estate fund Date: 7-12-2004

    I participated in a real estate fund about 27 months ago. The owner of the fund promised to sell the land in small pieces. He is taking his time since the market price is low. The question is: Do I have to pay Zakaat on the capital although I have not received my money back? If yes, do I have to pay for 1 year or 2 years? .. More