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  • Broke his fast intentionally some years ago and does not know if he had reached puberty then Date: 13-9-2009

    I once broke fasting during Ramadhaan, but I am not sure as to whether or not I had reached puberty then. What is incumbent upon me to do? May Allaah reward you... More

  • Works for the army and can not fast in Ramadan Date: 2-9-2009

    assalamu'aleykum I'm from Russia. My brother is in the army now. There is no "halal" meat. They can eat only in certain time(breackfast 7:30...dinner at 20:00). He has a stomach ack gastritis that can become worse if he doesn't eat a long time. 1. Is he obliged to fast in ramazan, if we take in consideration his illness and that he can't make sahur.. More

  • Breaking fasting due to pregnancy Date: 27-8-2009

    I read in a contemporary book of Fiqh (jurisprudence) that if the pregnant woman breaks her fasting during Ramadhan, according to the sounder opinion, she will be required only to make expiation. Hence, my wife would break fasting when she was pregnant and expiate only. This was repeated for many years. Recently, however, I came to know that this opinion.. More

  • The fast of the cerebral palsy patient Date: 10-8-2009

    My daughter suffers from congenital cerebral palsy. She hears, but cannot speak; she also cannot move or sit because of the damaged parts of her brain. It is possible to say that she is mentally retarded. Although she is ‎now more than twelve years old, her cognitive abilities are very weak. I do not know how to tell her about the existence of Allaah.. More

  • Breaking the fast during Ramadan for the tennis player Date: 10-8-2009

    I will be playing tennis matches during the first week of Ramadhaan at noon when the temperature reaches 30 degrees. It will be very difficult for me to fast under such circumstances. Am I right if I break the fast and feed a poor person for each missed day of fasting?.. More

  • Should liver patients who take medicine every 12 hours fast or not? Date: 10-8-2009

    I am a doctor, and I follow up on patients with liver transplantations. Such patients become physically capable of fasting six months after the operation. However, the problem is that they must take immunosuppressive capsules every 12 hours orally, which means that they will break the fast despite their physical ability. The patients want to.. More

  • Preconditions of breaking the fast during travel Date: 10-8-2009

    You know that Ramadhaan will be in September and that there are (educational) tests during that month, and my university and university housing are about 130 kilometers away from my house. The university housing restaurant does not open during this period, and I have to stay there for some days. What should I do? May Allaah reward you... More

  • Reward of a pregnant and lactating woman Date: 15-6-2009

    Assalamu alaikum.Pls can you share with me some of the blessings a pregnant and lactating woman gets from Allah (SWT) so that we can be more motivated cos sometimes the stress and burden seems to be unbearable.And atimes our husbands dont seem to support us enough during this trying time.Thanks.Jazakallahu khairan.. More

  • Making up for the fast missed during pregnancy and breastfeeding Date: 1-5-2007

    My question has to do with the missed fast of breastfeeding and pregnant women. I know all three opinions with regard to it, but the matter is Sheikh Albaani quotes as evidence the words of Ibn Abbaas and Ibn Umar that women only need to feed one poor person per each day missed but there is a hadeeth in Saheeh an Nasaa'i (2274) in which the Prophet,.. More

  • Fasting of diabetic pregnant wife Date: 21-6-2006

    As-salam,As per your fatwa # 81573, about Pregnant Woman Fasting in Ramadan, it is stated that..."If the pregnant woman fears for her life or for the life of her foetus when she fasts, it is lawful for her to break the fast and make up later the same number of days she had missed to fast during Ramadan". It is understood that, basically the.. More

  • Breaking the Fast during Ramadan Due to Exams Date: 31-5-2006

    Dear Scholar,Asalmo Alykom, I am a doctor and I decided to do a medical exam next month inshallah. The exam takes 7 hours and is done on the computer. The exam is going to be in Ramadan, and so I want to ask if I have a permission not to fast in the day of the exam as itwill be very difficult for me to concentrate enough if I was fasting. Finally,.. More

  • Failing to fast in Ramadan for work reasons Date: 28-11-2005

    My husband do not fast in Ramadhaan in some days that he works 12 hours because he can not stand this. I talked to him many times. He can not find another job. Is this alter my relationship with him? .. More

  • Broke his fast due to a pain in his stomach Date: 16-11-2005

    I'm fasting but suddenly I felt sick my stomach keep giving me a lot of trouble. I vomit more than once. The pain continue to go on, I know nothing to do. As result I take water to avoid dehydration. Those this mean that Kaffara was on me?.. More

  • Fasting of the pregnant woman who is in good health Date: 15-11-2005

    My wife is pregnant and I am worried that she might have difficulty fasting. She is in good health other than normal throw ups, headaches, and weakness in the joints. What is right that we should do? Should she fast no matter what she is feeling or she is excused to fast and make up for it some latter time? .. More

  • When an old person becomes exempted from fasting and praying Date: 14-11-2005

    What age limit is an old man exempted from fasting and praying? .. More