126 fatwas

  • Medical Problems and Fasting Date: 19-5-2002

    One of my sons is a renal failure patient; he is on CAPD and can’t fast due to his treatment (4 time a day one liter liquid is drained and inserted in the abdomen. Another has a transplanted kidney, doctors ask him that if he has to fast he will have to drink more and more liquid at nighttime. He has to sleep at night and could not intake the liquid.. More

  • Breast-feeding and fasting Date: 11-12-2001

    I have a 7 month old baby whom I breastfeed. Since I started fasting the milk started to go and every time that I breastfeed I feel dizzy so I just stay in bed all day long I would like to know if it is a good enough reason to stop fasting and to make up those missed days after I stop breastfeeding. .. More

  • Asthma and fasting Date: 23-1-2001

    My mother suffers from asthmatic health problem. This causes diffulties in fasting. Is she allowed to use the inhaler which contains medicine? Would this nullify her fast? .. More

  • Taking Medication and Fasting Date: 1-1-2000

    I have a medical condition Narcolepsy. If I don't take medication in the morning I cannot get out of bed and will sleep most of the day until I take it. Can I take the medication in the morning and continue to fast? Once I take these pills, I have not other ailment that would keep me from being able to fast, and I am not of poor health. I am 29 years.. More

  • Traveler ending his fast Date: 17-12-1999

    At which time should the passenger end his fast? .. More

  • Fasting during Ramadan while pregnant Date: 9-11-1999

    Assalamu-Alaikum! I am currently 5 months pregnant. I wish to know if I am to observe fast during the Holy Month of Ramadhan? I have asked several sisters and they give a different answer. I have looked both in the Qur'an and in Sahih Al-Bukhari but am unable to find anything definite. If I am not supposed to observe fast for the health of the baby,.. More