126 fatwas

  • He can fast only some days of Ramadan Date: 25-10-2005

    My question is very sensitive and important for me. I'm very much afraid of Allaah and Al-hamdulillah, on Tawheed and try to follow Islam as much as possible and I teach people Islam and do Da'wa work also. And I have learnt a lot from your website Al-hamdulillah, and Allaah will give you reward for this, Inshaa Allaah. The problem is I cannot.. More

  • How to fast when travelling to Japan Date: 25-10-2005

    I have to travel to Japan to attend training in Ramadhaan. The questions are: 1) During traveling to Japan (which usually takes 30 hours of traveling) should I not fast or must I fast? If I fast, when do I have Iftar, same timing as the country where I will be at that time or what? 2) I will stay about 7 days in Japan. Must I fast there.. More

  • A pregnant wants to fast but is worried about her baby Date: 17-10-2005

    I am seven months pregnant and its Ramadhaan, and I would like to fast Ramadhaan but everyone tells me to ask first if I should or if I'm even allowed. Please tell me if this would harm my baby or if in Islam it is required for me to fast or not to fast....and is it the same for those who breastfeed? Please let me know because I did fast Ramadhaan.. More

  • Claims he can't fast and hates it Date: 3-3-2005

    I cannot fast I hate fasting Ramadhaan I have ulcer, and if I don't eat a bite every hour or so I feel sick and if I don't smoke and have coffee I feel bad terribly bad but I do all this secretly in order not to disturb other fasting Muslims and since the last 5 years or so I am paying about 10 Saudi Riyals to charity office for every day I am.. More

  • Claims studies makes fasting difficult Date: 10-2-2005

    I'm student in south Korea, the study is proceed in Ramadhaan which make it really hard to me to be fast. What I should to do? .. More

  • Taking medication during Ramadan Date: 27-12-2004

    Due to health reason, my father needs to consume medicine in the form of tablet 3 xs per day. Failing to do so will 'most definitely' (per medical advice) lead to high blood pressure which put his health condition in danger. My question is: can he consume the 2nd tablet while fasting since ideally, it should be taken during lunch time. Currently,.. More

  • Taking vital medication during Ramadan Date: 5-12-2004

    I have a heart disease which is Mitral Valve prolapsed, and I take Metoprolol (beta-blocker) every 12 hours to regulate the heart beats.. I try my best to wake for Suhoor during Ramadhaan and take the medicine, but when I sleep until after Fajr, I don't fast that day to take the medicine.. Is what I do right? And should I eat normally all day.. More

  • Past bad experience led to missing fast Date: 24-11-2004

    When I was eleven, I suffered from severe breathlessness as I didn't want to break Wudu for prayers. I couldn't fast properly that day. I felt I was about to die any moment. That day worried everyone. So whenever I express my intention to fast, everyone is up in arms reminding me that I fell sick in a horrible way and they don't want.. More

  • Wants to adjust fasting hours for medical reasons Date: 17-11-2004

    I am a 26-years-old female, living in New Zealand. I have currently been told by the doctors that I have Anemia (low iron in my blood)-and that I have a stone in my kidney and would require surgery (though during fasting my kidney doesn't hurt). My question is, we fast in New Zealand for around 15 hours (Imsak 4.45am, and Iftaar is nearing.. More

  • Fasting with diabetes Date: 1-11-2004

    I have diabetes and take tablets to control it. I can take tablets before the Suhoor and after Ifthar. The doctor normally says that it is not good to fast. I myself did not feel that much difference last year when I kept fasting. What is the ruling on me fasting? .. More

  • Performing 'Umrah during Ramadan Date: 25-10-2004

    A person intends to perform 'Umrah during Ramadan. And because of traveling a long distance to Makkah, he is planning to use the relaxation of postponing the fasting during travel. My question is, is it correct to postpone an obligation for doing a Mustahib act (Umrah in Ramadan)?.. More

  • Has to drink water in Ramadan due to loss of kidney Date: 16-8-2004

    Due to Renal cell carcinoma in the left kidney of younger brother, his kidney was removed during the surgery. He used to drink water after short intervals. What should he do in Ramadan, because his fault is permanent and not recoverable?.. More

  • Old lady can't fast or make up days Date: 27-6-2004

    How can we satisfy an old woman who can't fast, and cannot make up what she missed to fast, yet is unhappy? Is there any Dua we can say to ease her suffering? .. More

  • A medical condition which makes fasting difficult Date: 19-5-2004

    I have had a condition called Achalasia - a dysfunction of the muscles of the esophagus and a tightening of the entrance to the stomach. I would like to know if I am exemptfrom fastening since I was advised to eat small portions of food at regular intervals. If I do not eat or drink for a long time I notice a difficulty in swallowing... More

  • Workers who may be excused from fasting Date: 26-4-2004

    Do manual labourers have to fast? They have to work in the hot sun from morning till evening while weare inan air-conditionedroom at home, in our car,or in our work place.Sometimes the heatis so intensethat even a non-fasting person can lose consciousness. So, who is excepted from fasting? I hope you will answer this question. .. More