126 fatwas

  • Are Pregnant Women Obligated To Fast or Are They Allowed Not To Do So? Date: 26-5-2015

    Ramadan is coming. I am three months pregnant. Whenever I become hungry, I feel I badly want to throw up, in which case I find I have to eat, even if just a bite of bread. Is it permissible to break my fast? I will definitely try my utmost to fast, but what should I do if I am not able to do so? .. More

  • A pregnant woman with diabetes who has to make up for missed days Date: 26-5-2015

    There is a woman who has diabetes and has to make up for six days that she missed last Ramadan. She takes three doses of insulin injections every day; before breakfast, lunch and dinner. The medicine is intended to regulate sugar in the bloodstream, especially because she is pregnant and the disorder of sugar in the blood may harm her and her fetus... More

  • Ordering a child to fast is supported by sharia evidence Date: 26-5-2015

    At what age should kids be ordered to fast? What is the evidence on which the relevant ruling is based? .. More

  • She finds it painful to fast because of retinal detachment Date: 27-9-2014

    Salam alaikum I have a medical condition called retinal detachment that caused me to be legally blind in one eye. If I have headache ,hungry, lack of sleep, light too bright it put pressure on the eye and caused immense pain.During Ramadan I had a hard time to fast because of the pain I have to break my fast. Only days I fast is if I take pain killer.. More

  • A woman doing IVF may abstain from fasting upon the advice of a reliable doctor Date: 27-7-2014

    Alsalam alikom My question medical and religious at the same time, I am currently doing procedures process IVF would be the return of the embryos at the beginning of Ramadan insha Allaah and the duration of fasting we have in Britain is about 19 hours advised by the medical team that I deal with him not to fast until the outcome of pregnancy around.. More

  • Sickness and rulings pertaining to fasting Date: 15-6-2014

    What is the ruling on fasting concerning a patient who suffers from chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart troubles? Is the fasting valid despite his extreme suffering? Is it obligatory for him to fast, or is he allowed to abandon fasting? .. More

  • A pregnant woman is permitted to delay making up missed days of fasting if she fears for her fetus Date: 15-6-2014

    I am pregnant. I did not fast in Ramadan and I want to make up for the missed fast. However, I could not do so out of fear that fasting might be harmful to my fetus. Please advise! .. More

  • Concession granted to travelers is not cancelled on account of the journey's convenience Date: 15-6-2014

    What is the ruling concerning someone who travels by plane for long distances (in Ramadan); should he fast or should he break the fast and make up for it later on? .. More

  • Has to Take Medicine during the Day In Ramadan Date: 15-6-2014

    What is the ruling concerning someone who is suffering from hepatitis and cannot stop taking the prescribed medicine? Is he allowed to break his fast in Ramadan? If yes, what are the consequent measures he has to observe? .. More

  • Breast-feeding woman uses formula milk for her baby so that she can fast Date: 15-6-2014

    What is the ruling concerning a woman who abandons fasting during Ramadan due to breast-feeding? Can she use formula milk for her baby in order to be able to fast?.. More

  • Breaking One's Fast At Home After Intending To Travel Date: 16-7-2013

    I am a Moroccan citizen and I live in Spain. This year, praise be to Allaah The Almighty, we spent eleven days of Ramadhaan in our homeland and then we intended to travel to our place of residence in Spain. Out of my desire to act upon the Hadeeth in which the Prophet, sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam, mentioned that Allaah The Almighty Likes that His.. More

  • Breaking a fast in case of intending to stay for a month in one's journey Date: 16-7-2013

    I want to travel to Russia in the middle of the month of Ramadhaan. I will remain there for a month, that is to say, for fifteen days of Ramadhaan. Is it permissible for me to break my fast for all fifteen days as the sun there sets at about half past ten?.. More

  • Traveling In Order To Avoid Fast In Ramadan Date: 26-7-2012

    My son lives in Canada. His exams will be held in Ramadhaan. Two exams are dated two hours before the Maghrib (sunset) prayer, which is the time he feels most tired while fasting and suffers headache. Does he have a concession not to fast? If not, can he travel in the morning of the day of the exam for more than 80 kilometers in order to utilize the.. More

  • Doctor Performing Non-Urgent Surgery On A Patient during Ramadan Date: 26-7-2012

    Can I perform surgery that is not urgent during Ramadhaan for a patient upon his request that entails breaking his fast? .. More

  • The fasting of mentally disordered people Date: 24-7-2012

    My grandmother is old and suffers from amnesia sometimes. When we tell her that Ramadhaan has begun, she refuses to believe us and eats by day in Ramadhaan despite her physical capacity. What is the expiation due from us?.. More