415 fatwas

  • Family's income from doubtful sources Date: 15-3-2004

    I have been married to my husband for 8 years. I knew after I married him that the 2 houses he has he bought after taking mortgage with interest from the bank. I told him that this is Haram but he never listens. He also bought 2 other houses the same way and didn’t listen to what I told him. Now we live in one house and he rents the others... More

  • Interest rates charged by banks Date: 13-3-2004

    Why is the interest charged by banks Haram if we consider that the yearly inflation rate in USA is almost 3%, and the checking account interest is 2% that means the money is losing value and there is no real gain (Riba)? So why is this interest Haram? Please use your judgment and don't just say it is Haram... More

  • Regrets a Riba transaction Date: 13-3-2004

    I purchased a house in Ireland in 1998 by taking a loan from a bank. I know it is a great sin to deal in Riba. My intention initially was to profit from there-sale of the property. I have come to realise this great sin and evil and truly feel very bad about it. Currently I am using this house as a family residence andcannot sell it. Rents locally.. More

  • Borrowing money from British bank for marriage Date: 3-3-2004

    Is it permissible to borrow money from a standard British bank for the purpose of marriage knowing that there are no Islamic banks available in the UK? I read several articles and messages posted on your website but failed to locate one that takes living in a foreign – non-Islamic - country into account. .. More

  • Her Father Deals In Interest Date: 3-3-2004

    My question is about the interest my father receives from a saving account in a bank. I know that interest is Haram and I have informed him of the punishment which Allah will give in Qiyamah to the person who deals in interest. But he fails to understand. I'm not sure whether my prayers are valid; according to Hadith a person who deals in interest his.. More

  • Buying a house from non-Islamic bank without interest Date: 26-2-2004

    Is it permissible to buy a house from a non-Islamic bank, without any interest; they call it here "fixed rate"? .. More

  • Getting rid of a house taken by usury Date: 18-2-2004

    I bought a house with money that I borrow from a bank so I heard many time that it was forbidden well I chose this way because I couldn’t have the possibility to rent been apartment I wanted to marry en mine parent’s house was too little for me en mine wife. I want to know if it's Haram of Halal, is it Riba? .. More

  • Seeking position with Islamic bank Date: 8-2-2004

    I am seeking a good and Halal internship for my MBA Finance Program outside of usury companies, I have heard about Qatari Islamic Banks whose transactions respect the prescriptions of Shariah. In this regard, I would like to know if any of scholars committed in your website can make me Tazkiyah for one the Qatari Islamic Bank. If you can do that.. More

  • Wants to repay loan attached to Riba Date: 25-1-2004

    I am in debt for about 4000 lbs and I always feel very bad and guilty about it. I tried in many ways to get a loan or help free of Riba from our brothers, but they all said, "Sorry!" So I am working hard to repay this loan as soon as possible. Also, I do not want to stay in Dhar al-Kufr (land of disbelief) for long. What do you advice me to do?.. More

  • Investment fund and its profits Date: 25-1-2004

    We have a provident fund scheme at our office in which our contributions and employer’s contribution are collected. Is this investment fund and profit Halal if the investment of fund is made in defense saving certificates of govt. of Pakistan and in Faisal Islamic bank?.. More

  • Dealing with the one who involves in Riba Date: 1-1-2004

    Is it completely Haram to work in the banks? I investigated this a lot of times but somehow I find it difficult as I feel more or less all the salaries of different companies may be coming from the interest as they must have invested money so why is it said that it is Haram to work in banks even though the person is not taking interest he is getting.. More

  • Teaching or learning Riba transactions Date: 1-1-2004

    Is it permissible for a Muslim, who is Lecturer/Professor of economics, to teach interest related theories/topics etc. (which are part of the Syllabus) to the students?.. More

  • Effect of interest on national economy Date: 15-12-2003

    Does interest has an effect on the national economy? .. More

  • Needs a bank loan to pay for the marriage of his sister Date: 2-12-2003

    I need to pay for the marriage of my sister, I am on the job. Can I get a bank loan?.. More

  • Risk at Islamic banks Date: 13-11-2003

    I am an Msc student. My question is: How do Islamic banks assess risk when financing a project?.. More