415 fatwas

  • Made repentance but has to pay lots of interests Date: 1-11-2003

    I've been praying since the beginning of this year and I'm trying my best to be a good Muslim Insha Allah. My question is: when I came to Austria I was blind totally unaware of what's Halal and what's Haram and I took a lot of credits from an Austrian bank and now I have to pay bank with lots of interests. First I thought Riba is only when you put.. More

  • There is no minor Riba Date: 4-10-2003

    In order to finance my studies I have - in order to fundamentally sustain myself - to take a student loan. No I know, of course, that Riba is Haram. But I also know this is to protect the Muslims against themselves, and in order to prevent Muslims form exploiting each other. Now this student loan - taken here from a government agency in the Netherlands.. More

  • Beware of Riba it is a dangerous sin Date: 30-9-2003

    Here in United States its almost impossible for a student to enter medical school without taking loans (with low interests) unless the student belongs to a very wealthy family. How is it possible for us Muslims to gain the best of education without taking such an awful rout, considering the fact our Ummah are in need for doctors? .. More

  • Repentance and firm resolution to give Riba up are the solution Date: 27-9-2003

    I took a car by taking a loan from the bank as we were in need of it very much, my company will pay all the interest over for four years, as I understand that the interest is Riba and is Haram. If I pay each and every penny I am receiving as interest to help the poor and the needy; is my salary/income still Haram and am I still committing a sin. How.. More

  • Doubts about Islamic Banks Date: 17-9-2003

    I would like to know about the loans from banks, Islamic bank says it is not interest but thier banking system is similar to other banks what is your opinion regarding this query? .. More

  • Uncle paying his niece's education from Riba Date: 13-9-2003

    My younger sister who is a very pious lady (al-Hamdu Lillah) would like to take higher education in Europe and since we cannot afford the tuition fee our uncle agrees to pay for it. We understand that the money he will pay is the one he is receiving as interest in foreign banks. Is it Halal for my sister to take this education from this interest money.. More

  • Selling a house bought with interest in Australia Date: 11-9-2003

    I live in Australia. I took out a home loan through a bank which deals with interest. I can rent, but the loan repayments make it easier for me to buy then rent, as the rent is almost double the repayments. If I do sell my home to get rid of the interest and rent I will get extra money from when I bought my house due to increase in the value of the.. More

  • Repaying bank's loans Date: 1-9-2003

    I live in the UK since 1997, since that time I have studying two years for language and three for my PhD. My banks offered me two loans and some credit cards (borrowing money with interest), and I took the money and I spent it on my tuition fees and living for the last three years. Now I cannot pay, as I could not find a job after I finished my degree... More

  • Taking a bank loan to help an unemployed friend with a family Date: 1-9-2003

    I have taken a loan from bank for my very good married friend who was in a very desperate situation. He has no job and has a wife and two children. He agrees with me that after finding a job to pay me the loan on installments. Now I have to make payments on this loan. Am I guilty of wrong if my intention is purely to help him? .. More

  • Islamic banks with interests Date: 1-9-2003

    I want to open account in Islamic bank, with an interest, is it contradicting with the Islam (profit sharing is lawful interest is not) rules?.. More

  • Hospital funded by interest-bearing loan Date: 13-7-2003

    Six directors including my father and uncle are running a multi-specialty hospital. It has all modern facilities. Its finance is from bank loan paid back in interest every month. The hospital is one of the best in Kerala, South India. Hundreds of staff are working here with very good salary. Huge amounts are given in charity. Poor patients are given.. More

  • Bank deposits and credit cards Date: 5-7-2003

    I am a young man and just started to work in an organization. Can I put my money in the bank and use a credit card? .. More

  • Borrowing and Riba Date: 2-7-2003

    1) Is there any Riba between Muslim and non-Muslim in land of war as some scholars saying there is no Riba between Muslim and non-Muslim in land of war according to Hadith? 2) Does Australia fall under the criteria of Darul Harb (land of war)? 3) If it does, is that permissible for a Muslim to borrow money from interest based conventional bank to buy.. More

  • Some of her mother's bank earnings paid for her education Date: 23-6-2003

    I would like to ask you about two things: 1) My mother was working in a bank now she is retired and a part of her work was Halal can she eat from this part? 2) My mother was helping my father for my education, so is my diploma Halal or Haram? I feel that I don't have the right to work with it. So what must I do? Can I give the money that equals what.. More

  • Purchasing a flat for family use through a bank Date: 16-6-2003

    I want to buy a flat for family use, not for commercial purposes, and need to go through bank. Some Muftis may say this purchase is out of necessity, while other would say the transaction is pure Riba. Would you please clarify this subject? .. More