415 fatwas

  • Dealing with Prime Bank Date: 9-6-2003

    Is it ok to participate in what is called Prime Bank (www.primebankltd.com)? .. More

  • Wants to sell mortgaged house over father's objections Date: 19-5-2003

    I live in USA and I borrowed an amount of money from a bank to buy a house for my family. I'm repaying this loan by monthly installments with its interest. I have been doing so for more than 2 years. But I realized that this is forbidden in Islam and I decided to sell the house even with the same amount of money that I owe to the bank. But my father.. More

  • Questionable financial practices in UN Date: 21-4-2003

    I work one of the United Nations Organizations in Somalia. I would like to ask you the following very important questions:I work as an accountant and I do all financial related tasks. Our headquarters is in Nairobi Kenya. This organization has a number of sub-offices in Somalia and implements number of projects in this country. When this UN organization.. More

  • Pay later but with increased payments Date: 21-4-2003

    I live in the USA. I want to go to a school to get a training to drive big trucks, so I can work as driver. All schools require the full payment for this training at the beginning, but if you can't pay the full price you can pay after you finish training but with a certain interest added to the payment. Is the interest added count as Riba? .. More

  • Needs money to open dentistry practice Date: 13-4-2003

    I am a student in dentistry in Tunisia. I finished my studies and I need a lot of money now to open my own surgery. I was thinking of a bank loan, but I'm afraid it might be Riba and so it is Haram. I don't know what to do, I asked some people but they all gave me uncertain answers. I hope to find the right answer here. .. More

  • Islamic banks charging low interest rates to Muslims Date: 2-2-2003

    Can Islamic banks charge low interest rates on loan to fellow Muslims? .. More

  • Bought Car on Interest Date: 27-1-2003

    I bought a car 2 years ago and it was not financed through an Islamic bank, and I regret now. The bank already took its interest (7000 AED) just small interest (1000 AED)is remaining. Shall I continue paying the installments till the end of the agreement date or sell the car in lost? The bank doesn't want me to return the car, but to transfer it someone.. More

  • Prohibition of Riba and other issues Date: 19-1-2003

    I sent 5 questions but didn`t receive any answer please answer those my questions 1) why is riba haram 2) I heard that all animals eat meats, we are not allowed to eat it; what about fish that eat each other (I mean meat eat meat; this answer is for a christian person. 3) what about someone make (djanaba) to himself to relax sometime (halal or haram).. More

  • Eating where an interest loan is taken Date: 15-1-2003

    I have a job with sufficent salary to take care of me and I live away from my family. But every weekend I pay a visit to my family. Anyway my father deals with interests, he has taken a loan thus pays interest. When I go home on the weekend I have to eat from my home, of course. What should I do?. I know food from interest is haram but if I don't eat.. More

  • Financial dealing with one whose wealth is a mixture of Halal and Haram Date: 11-12-2002

    If I tutor the son of banker, English lessons, is it Halal to take the money he pays me for the tutoring? I don't know where all his money comes from, but I know that he is a bank director, so his money, (I suppose) is Riba! Please guide me may Allah guide you!.. More

  • Helping in mortgage payments Date: 2-12-2002

    My main concern is that mortgage payments contain (Riba) interest, I wanted to know if it is ok for me to pay for my brother's mortgage for his house from the money provided by him, also keeping in mind that I don't live in that house. Please let me know if I am incurring any sin?.. More

  • Different views about Riba Date: 1-12-2002

    I would like to know the reason for the different views concerning Riba in order to get a house. Some Ulamah allow Riba as Qaradhawi , and others forbid it. .. More

  • Loans in the business world Date: 30-11-2002

    Nowadays all companies work by taking loans from banks. We find that the whole economic structure is based on taking forbidden loans. So, how can we deal with that problem? If for example, if the boss asks us to take a loan for the company, what should we do? Are we obliged or is it forbidden by religion? I would like to have a detailed answer about.. More

  • Car loans by Algerian bank Date: 20-11-2002

    Are the loans on cars purchase bestowed by the bank "Baraka Algeria" is compliant with Islamic Sharia?.. More

  • Depositing money in an Islamic bank Date: 6-11-2002

    I would like to know what Islam says about depositing money in an Islamic bank. Is it considered as "Riba"?.. More