415 fatwas

  • Wants to Take an Interest Loan to Start Business Date: 17-11-2001

    I want to start a business for which I need a fair amount of money. I need to do the business as I am unemployed and not finding any job as there is a great job crisis in India and especially for a Muslim. Since I need money for which I intend to apply for loan from our government. If I get it then it is okay otherwise I have to look for other sources... More

  • Buying House with Riba in Belgium Date: 13-10-2001

    Several persons says that Qardhawi said that buying a house in a non-Muslim country is not forbidden if it's only for personal use. I have 2 children and want to have more but I have only 2 bedrooms for me, my wife and my children. Renting a larger apartment is too expensive for us. If we stay in this apartment we couldn't have other children. We are.. More

  • Exchanging Old Gold Items for New Ones and Adding Cash for the Difference Date: 30-9-2001

    I heard from the Abu Dhabi Islamic radio programme the following: It is haram to exchange your gold belongings for a new gold item with adding some difference in money. The correct way is to sell your gold belongings, get the money and then buy a new gold item. And there should not be any indirect agreement between the seller and shopman that you'll.. More

  • Borrowing with interest to help relative avoid prison Date: 26-9-2001

    I have a cousin who has a money problem with somebody and may be the police will take him to the prison. I haven't money to help him, but I can borrow from a bank to help him. This loan will be with interest. Does Islam allow me to borrow from the bank with interest to help him in this case?.. More

  • Lending Money with Riba Date: 20-9-2001

    I gave 5000 to a friend of mine to invest in his shop and he promised to give me 1000 for the next six months and after the sixth month he would be returning my deposited 5000 back. Is this deal Haram or Halal? His shop deals with cell phones. Please tell me in detail. .. More

  • Wants to rent out a house he is buying in UK on mortgage Date: 19-9-2001

    I am a doctor work in UK. I bought a house in UK using the mortgage, i.e. interest. I have lived in it for three years. Now I am leaving UK. I have not paid the full price. Can I rent the house and use the rent to pay the price knowing that I will be paying interest? Also there is possibility that I might come back to UK... More

  • Buying house on installments with interest Date: 18-9-2001

    I am Muslim living in Canada. I am interested in buying a home but I cannot afford to pay the full amount in cash. The only way available for me is to buy on monthly/weekly installments. But these installments contains interest in it. I understand that interest is Haram, so what is the option available for me in this case... More

  • Opening an account in a bank in a Muslim country Date: 11-9-2001

    I want to open an account in a bank. In my Islamic country, there are two types of account, one gives you interest on your money per month (faeda) and the another without any (faeda). Can I open the first type and direct this interest to any Islamic cause, not as sadaqa or Zakah, as a gift? Or should I avoid this type of account and make only an account.. More

  • Bank Interest Date: 11-9-2001

    I want to ask you about bank interest: is it Haram or Halal?.. More

  • Buying House on Riba- Loan to Leave Non-Muslim Country Date: 5-9-2001

    A brother is married and he has 6 children, he has just had a heart operation, he and his family live in a non-Muslim country. He wants to go back home but he does not own a house for his own family. He does not have enough money to buy the house, he has tried several ways to get the loan needed but at last nobody would give him the loan needed, so.. More

  • Legal Transactions of Islamic Banking System Date: 28-6-2001

    Is the Islamic rulings about the profit taken by the Islamic Banking System, if we take loan to buy something, the same as the interest taken by other banks? As per the Islamic Banking System, it is said that they are buying something and selling it to the person taking the loan with a specific profit. Please explain. May Allah Almighty reward you for.. More

  • Repaying Study Expenses and Interest Date: 11-6-2001

    I am a Muslim student living in Holland. Next year I'm going to study dentistry, Insha Allah. I'm very motivated and I'm, Alhamdulillah a very good student. And now I've got a very urgent question and would really appreciate if you could give me a quick answer, if possible. Here in Holland it is very expensive to study and so the government pays for.. More

  • Marriage plan may include Riba Date: 30-5-2001

    I am working as a Electrical Engineer (Diploma) supervisor 28 years and ALHAMDULILLAH earning a salary but it is not so enough for me to buy a house and also manage my mother and brother along with in the present high household expenses. Also I (We) don't have any property or enough money for spending on marriage celebration and giving MEHER to my groom... More

  • Fixed Deposits in Banks Date: 27-5-2001

    Is keeping money in banks as "fixed deposit" acceptable in Islam or not, because it generates and doubles the amount one deposits after a period of 5 years? This involves no risk at all and Islam says where there is no risk its "Haram". Please confirm this matter. If I want to deposit money as fixed deposit and after 5 years I withdraw double the.. More

  • Student Supported by Father's Income from Bank Date: 24-5-2001

    I am a student in UK, my father is paying my college fees but he is working in a bank. As I now it is Haram to work there. Is it Halal for me to study in this way? .. More