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  • Impermissible to Buy Shares in Companies That Deal with Riba Except with Some Conditions Date: 16-7-2020

    I am a resident of USA working in an oil company. I currently purchase my company’s stock as part of my retirement plan, which also helps reduce my taxes. When I initially asked our local Imams, they said that as long as the company’s business is not Haraam (ex. selling of alcohol, pork, etc.) then it would be permissible to purchase their stock,.. More

  • Working in Health Insurance Entering Data Date: 16-7-2020

    Is health insurance based data entry jobs halal or haram? Example: Entering name,place,state,amount etc. .. More

  • Bank Increases Currency Exchange Rate on Weekends Date: 30-6-2020

    Hi I exchanged currency from my bank but my bank applies this rule on currency exchange on the weekends is this Riba and if I had a strong feeling that this is riba but was not compeletely sure am i still sinful for consuming Riba in this case. the bank rule on currency exchange at weekends is as follows At the weekend (Friday 00:00 - Sunday 23:59).. More

  • The Part Of Salary That Is Equivalent To The Negligence Time Is Haram Date: 25-6-2020

    Salamu aleykum. Does not doing 100% at work or often being lazy or not knowing every area that you're required to know at work make your income haram? I know someone who graduated from pharmacy school and she worked for more than one year and did have time to look things up but she's worried that her lack of energy might have made her money unjustly.. More

  • Withdrawing Money from Forex Trading To Invest in a Lawful Way Date: 14-6-2020

    I started trading forex before realizing its haram, now that I've realized is it permissible for me to withdraw my money and use it elsewhere given its lesser than the one i deposited at the begining? .. More

  • Selling Bricks for Someone Who May Do Something Forbidden in the House Date: 3-5-2020

    Asalaam Aleikum I would like to be adviced about manufacturing bricks for building who can i sell to and who am i not allowed to sell to ? If a person does something haraam in the house they built using the bricks they bought from me am i accountable for their sins ? Me being the supplier of the building material. .. More

  • Wronged by His Former Employer and Now Deals with His Clients Date: 21-4-2020

    Assalamo alaikum wr wb. I am revert Allhamdulilah from 7 years but just from year and half i live back in my nonmuslim country in sha Allah. I was working with my boss for few months and find he ever late to my payment and dont fix that . I start with understanding to get payed on 30 date of the month...for 3 months i end up at 5 date next...wanted.. More

  • Carrying Food Products with Images at Work Date: 21-4-2020

    Salam wa eleykoum I'm a young brother who lives in the UK I work in a warehouse as a picker (I fill up shelves with food products) . I'd like to know if there's anything wrong in handling or carrying foods product where there is images on it and in rarely cases some with false gods on it (Pharaoh's , Hindu gods) or with yoga advice or position at the.. More

  • Work in a Government that Imposes Taxes Date: 16-4-2020

    Alhamdulillah. Assalamu alaykum. We know that imposing tax on muslim population in a continuous manner is not allowed in islam. But the secular governments in the muslim lands do so. My question is, is it good to do any job under such government and take salary from the government as the main source of the government is tax? will it be a matter of takwa.. More

  • Working for Non-Muslims Designing and Constructing Temples Date: 8-4-2020

    Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatulla Ya Sheikh, The construction industry in India and other parts of the modern world present some challenges to the Muslim Architect and Engineer.I have a Question which has 3 parts that are closely inter linked. 1) As an architect, when the Non Muslim client (Hindu) asks the Muslim to design a temple room for them in their.. More

  • Transferring Salary to a Riba-Bank to Access Airport Lounges Date: 6-4-2020

    Assalamoalaikum, I have a question related to the facility given by Banks: 1. I am working for a Qatar Airways and CBQ bank has an offer for the employees of My company that if we open our salary account with CBQ, they would offer us a card known as Diners club card free of annual charges. Otherwise for other account holders they charge an annual.. More

  • Invested with Halal and Stolen Funds from Work: What To Do Now Date: 25-3-2020

    What should I do now? I invested with both halal and some stolen funds form where I work before, but I sincerely Repent .. More

  • Working in A Usurious Bank Is Absolutely Prohibited Date: 24-3-2020

    How can it be that working in a non Islamic bank is prohibited even when one’s job is in no way at all whatsoever involved in riba or help in committing riba? Like giving or taking cash, currency exchange, etc. Only the loans and the interest gained on savings is haraam. .. More

  • Doctors Buying Professional Indemnity Insurance Date: 19-3-2020

    Assalamu Alaykum I work as a doctor in a western country and we are required by law to have what is called: professional indemnity insurance. This is used in cases where a doctor makes a mistake and they are ordered by a court or have to compensate a patient of theirs for injury, accident or neglect. The amount paid to the patient is often very high.. More

  • Buying Takaaful (Cooperative) Insurance For a Necessity Date: 17-3-2020

    Im living in austria and would want to open a business and sell products. If a customer gets hurt using my product because it is deffect he can sue me. Im not very rich in terms of money so if this was ever to happen i couldnt afford paying thousands. I could though get insured and the insurance could handle it. Would it be allowed in this case? .. More