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  • Invested with Halal and Stolen Funds from Work: What To Do Now Date: 25-3-2020

    What should I do now? I invested with both halal and some stolen funds form where I work before, but I sincerely Repent .. More

  • Working in A Usurious Bank Is Absolutely Prohibited Date: 24-3-2020

    How can it be that working in a non Islamic bank is prohibited even when one’s job is in no way at all whatsoever involved in riba or help in committing riba? Like giving or taking cash, currency exchange, etc. Only the loans and the interest gained on savings is haraam. .. More

  • Doctors Buying Professional Indemnity Insurance Date: 19-3-2020

    Assalamu Alaykum I work as a doctor in a western country and we are required by law to have what is called: professional indemnity insurance. This is used in cases where a doctor makes a mistake and they are ordered by a court or have to compensate a patient of theirs for injury, accident or neglect. The amount paid to the patient is often very high.. More

  • Buying Takaaful (Cooperative) Insurance For a Necessity Date: 17-3-2020

    Im living in austria and would want to open a business and sell products. If a customer gets hurt using my product because it is deffect he can sue me. Im not very rich in terms of money so if this was ever to happen i couldnt afford paying thousands. I could though get insured and the insurance could handle it. Would it be allowed in this case? .. More

  • Selling Gold To Jewellers Who May Use it in Haraam Date: 16-3-2020

    Assal?m alaykum warahmatullahi wabarak?tuh What is the ruling on selling gold to jewellers because they use it to make jewellery for women and men is this permissible since women use it as a means of beautification and as for men gold is not permissible to wear. .. More

  • Operating a WhatsApp Group With Forbidden Content Date: 16-3-2020

    Assalamualikum, Is it allowed to operate a whatsapp group for a community in which its member post content which is haram, example people may share latest music videos, video news about actors, actresses, movies, pictures of women showing their awra, short video clips which contain background music and may contain improperly dressed women etc. The admin.. More

  • Working In A Hotel Where Tenants May Commit Sins Date: 3-3-2020

    Assalamu alaikum What is the ruling of being only an accountant, not an administrator of an hotel with rooms that anybody can take for rent who has ID card, sometimes people may take room for fornication, drinking liquor etc? .. More

  • Broadcasting and Proprietary Rights are Reserved Date: 18-2-2020

    Assalamalikum Warah matullahi Wabarakatuh Brother, I have a smart TV box that is connected through Wifi basically you can say it is a cable TV channel that I've paid a single amount for a year. After work, I usually want to watch sports, documentaries Indian news and live Adhaan but I just came to know that the cable guy has given me the service which.. More

  • Allowing Wine in BYO Restaurants Date: 15-1-2020

    Assalamualikum warahmatullahi wa barakatuhu.Is a halal restaurant allowed to have BYO ('Bring your own bottle', i.e. bringing alcoholic bottles along to be served at a restaurant)? Why or why not? Is the earnings will be halal ? .. More

  • Using Credit Cards Without Paying Interest Date: 25-12-2019

    Assalmualikum . My name is Muntasir rahman . I am doing export business In Bangladesh.So I have to travel. Also in local town I cannot carry cash all time. I use Credit cards . I am paying , In Sha Allah , the credit card payment within the due date – so that Interest is not coming . About the yearly service charges , I got weaver cause I bought.. More

  • Selling Clothes Tried by other Customers Date: 17-12-2019

    Assalamu'alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh Dear Schollar(s), I am currently joining Business with a Clothing merchant. The Merchant (Said Merchant A) do not have any policy regarding their selling except that the return policy which is max 7 day after receiving the ordered product. It is common that when buyers get the ordered product and the product.. More

  • Government Employee Wants to Avail of Medical Insurance Date: 5-12-2019

    Assalaamoalaikum I have problem of mild fecal incontinence that is even after washing too much i still see stains on tissue and my clothes. I also have OCD for impurity. I am a government employee and have medical insurance and want to pursue surgery for incontinence. Please reply my following queries: 1. If surgeon feels surgery is not necessary,.. More

  • Working In An Institution Whose Income Has Haraam Date: 1-12-2019

    Assalamo alaykom, Kindly I need clarification about following, I got job offer in one financial institution that have mix income money of halal and haram (Ribaa). I don’t know much about the percentage of haram compared to halal in total institution wealth. Given that I already have job but not satisfying my financial required needs, please advise.. More

  • Used a Credit Card Then Repented Date: 25-11-2019

    As salamu alaykum. I foolishly used a interest free card. There is 9 months to go before interest sets in. I know this was haram and I repented sincerely because I don’t to be at war with Allaah swt. I have a serious health issue that is why I fell into using this card because no one else would loan me money. I deeply regret this sin and other.. More

  • Lying To Evade Paying V.A.T Date: 24-11-2019

    salam. pls reply early. is it allowed to lie and understate sales to avoid paying vat? vat is not like other taxes. the government requires businesses to collect a certain percentage of the sales price of the goods from customers. this raises the price of the good and the business falls behind in competition as he cannot raise his profit by going beyond.. More