1011 fatwas

  • Some Scholars Preferred Marriage Between Non-Relatives Date: 1-1-2002

    I came to know that marriages between cousins is more preferrable than marriage to others. Can you share some information on this? .. More

  • Many concerns about getting married Date: 30-12-2001

    I think the information presented in Islamweb is both valuable and interesting. I am 27 years of age, male, working abroad as a computer engineer. Currently I am continually thinking of getting married, but I have ideas or questions. I would appreciate your opinion. In general the thought of being married is a scary one for the following reasons: 1).. More

  • Her parents won't approve marriage to French Muslim Date: 1-11-2001

    A sister and I want to married. I'm French and I became Muslim 6 years ago. I met her last year at the University. We did each other the consultation's prayer and it showed us good signs. She asked to her parents and because I'm French they didn't approve. It's difficult here to meet the good person and it's sad because it's based on a non-Islamic decision... More

  • Depressed Over Past Love Affair Date: 31-10-2001

    I am from The Hague in Holland. I have this problem and I really hope you can give me an advice that will help, because i am really desperate. I had a relationship for about 7 years. We had plans to get married. Suddenly he left me because I was not good enough for him anymore. He says that he loves me but he can not spend the rest of his life with.. More

  • Father Is Muslim, Mother Is Christian Date: 30-10-2001

    My father is Muslim and my mother is Christian. My mother never converted to Islam. What implications would that have for me? Are my parents considered to be married in the eyes of Islam? .. More

  • Going out with fiance Date: 29-10-2001

    I am engaged and I want to know if it is correct to go out alone with my fiance to public places like restaurants since these places are crowded and we never sit alone; we are always surrounded by people? Is it wrong to ride with him in his car during the day? If it is wrong, doesthis mean that hiring a taxi is also wrong since I ride with the.. More

  • Son Married US Christian for Green Card Date: 28-10-2001

    My son migrated to USA for studies while 20 years of age, at the age of 22 he married with his teacher of 65 years of age, marriage was according to American way, not Muslim way. No Nikah was performed, although the Imam in mosque told him that he can marry a Christian woman; it is allowed in Islam. They are living together but my son claims that they.. More

  • Marrying a Woman of a Different Nationality Date: 28-10-2001

    I have found a woman to marry, but her culture is different. I am okay with that; I am Indian and she is from Yemen. I have talked to my parents, but my parents didn't agree on it. They think I should marry an Indian Muslim woman. I like this girl, but my parents think that it's not wise to marry a woman whose nationality is different from mine. I need.. More

  • Muslim Arab Women Marrying Non-Arab Muslim Men Date: 28-10-2001

    Can a Muslim Arab woman marry a non-Arab Muslim Man? .. More

  • Can Muslim Arab Woman Marry a Non-Arab Muslim Man? Date: 28-10-2001

    Can a Muslim Arab woman marry a (non-Arab) Muslim Man? .. More

  • Marrying a Christian woman not going to be Muslim Date: 25-10-2001

    I got married to a Christian woman and I want to know if my marriage is good because she is not going to convert to Islam... More

  • Wants to Marry a Married European Muslim Man Date: 25-10-2001

    I don't know where to seek help because I fear being misunderstood or to bring shame on me and my family. I'm a European Muslimah (of a mixed family, but raised with Islamic values) and try to avoid everything Haram or sinful. I got to know a pious man (married though for 10 years, having a daughter of 3) who proposed to me. In his marriage there he.. More

  • Christian Man Wants to Marry Muslim Girl Date: 24-10-2001

    A British Christian man but not a good believer in Allah wants to marry my daughter. We are Muslim we live in London. He has no objection to become a Muslim but I feel that he is doing that only to satisfy us to marry her. What is Islamic view? .. More

  • Wants to Marry Christian Girl Date: 21-10-2001

    I love a Christian girl and I will marry her. If I did will my sons and daughters be Muslims or Christians? I need to know if I am prohibited from marrying her? .. More

  • Parents Forcing Daughter to Marry Cousin whom She Has Not even Seen Date: 17-10-2001

    My parents are forcing me to marry some one from the family (my cousin) who I do not know or have even seen. Due to the fact so that I can bring him over to a European country because I am British and if I marry someone from aboard and work the authorities will allow me to bring him over. Is this Haram or not? .. More