1011 fatwas

  • Muslim Girl in England Wants to Marry Irish Man Who Wants to Become Muslim Date: 15-10-2001

    I'm a Moroccan Muslim girl. I'm 25 years old; during my study in England I met with an Irish man and he loves me and wants to become Muslim to marry me because he said that he wants to do this 60% because of me and 40% because he was looking to be Muslim because he is interested in Islam. He tried to go and ask at a mosque but the Imam couldn't speak.. More

  • Muslim Women Are Not Permitted to Marry Men of the People of the Book Date: 9-10-2001

    What is the basis in Shari'ah for the widely accepted prohibition on Muslim women marrying 'chaste men of the people of the book?' .. More

  • Love marriage in Islam Date: 20-9-2001

    Love marriage is not ok in Islam. But is not Muhammad's (Peace and blessing be upon him) first marriage was a love marriage? Bibi Khadijah (May Allah be pleased with her) saw him, liked him and proposed to him indirectly. Will you discuss it? So far I know Hazrat Musa (Peace and blessing be upon him) also loved a girl and married her... More

  • Young Doctor Fears Spinsterhood Unless She Marries Uneducated Cousin Date: 11-9-2001

    I'm a Muslim girl and I have problem and I hope you can help me. My cousin wants to marry me and he is good boy but he is not educated at all and I'm a doctor, from my side I don't see him lower than me because I know that all of us are similar and nobody is better than the other only by his work but I'm afraid that he will feel jealous and this will.. More

  • Parents Not Blessing Marriage of Son to Older Woman Date: 8-8-2001

    What does Islam say about parents not blessing a son's marriage just because the lady he is marrying is 3 years older than him? Bear in mind the son is 36 years old. .. More

  • Confused about wanting to marry boy she once saw kissing another girl Date: 24-7-2001

    My problem seems to be more social than religious I know a boy and every body says that he loves me and from my side I can say that I like him, but the problem is that he knows a girl and he says that he doesn't love her and she is like a friend but I saw him once kissing her but I didn't tell him so not to make him feel shy of me (and I'm sure he hasn't.. More

  • Muslim Men Can Marry Christian Girls But Not Vice-Versa Date: 24-7-2001

    I'd like to ask you why a Christian person can not marry Muslim girl, but Muslim boy can marry Christian girl? I am Muslim living in Malta, and my friends here told me this is not respect, but I do not know how to answer them, so can you help me please as fast as you can, and please try to explain in words not from Qur'an because they are Christian.. More

  • Not Informing Anyone about Marrying Second Wife Date: 28-6-2001

    Is it permissible in Islam to go for second marriage without informing anybody or even not informing the first wife who is still alive and staying with the husband who is trying to seek second wife. .. More

  • Husband Threatens to Take another Wife Date: 18-6-2001

    My husband always jokes about getting another wife, but I think he is more serious about it. When we have a disagreement or a difference of opinion about the family he says if I don't change the way I am or my attitude that he's going to get married. This scares me a lot. I know he's not doing anything Haram by getting married and I'm not trying to.. More

  • Rights of a Christian Wife Date: 3-6-2001

    I am married to Christian woman, I want to know her rights. .. More

  • Deviated Woman Wants to Marry New American Muslim Date: 27-5-2001

    We belong to the Islamic center of central Pennsylvania in the United States. A deviated Muslimah (female) wants to marry a new American Muslim (male). What is the Hukm here? .. More

  • Teenager in Love with Girl Date: 21-5-2001

    I am 15. I have loved a girl for 2 years. I still do. I think of her almost ever night. Nothing sexual. I have phone contact with her. I just request your help in what should I do towards my feeling towards her? .. More

  • Husband Does Not Need Permission of First Wife to Marry a Second Wife Date: 30-4-2001

    Does a married man need the permission of his first wife to re-marry according to the Sharia? .. More

  • Rejecting Proposal after Seeing the Girl Date: 24-2-2001

    My family is arranging for my marriage. I agreed with the condition that I should see the girl first and then marry if I like her. But one of our elders cited a Hadith that the boy can see the girl only if he has decided to marry her. I agreed with the terms of this Hadith before everyone and in sound mind. When the girl was shown to me, I did not like.. More

  • Marrying a Non-Muslim Girl He Doesn't Like But She Wants to Become Muslim Date: 15-2-2001

    My friend is a Muslim whose classmate is a Kafir girl she likes him very much and want to marry him and ready to convert to Islam but my friend does not like her what is the rule of Sharia in this matter. If God knows our future and he is able to judge now our future, then what is the use of testing our faith? .. More