1009 fatwas

  • Arab Man Wants to Marry Her But He Is Engaged to Cousin Whom He Doesn't Like Date: 20-5-2000

    An Arab man has asked me to marry him, but he is engaged to his cousin. He does not wish to marry her, saying that if he does marry her it would be unfair to her as he does not want her and their relationship could never be happy as they don't even get along now. He would marry her to please his family especially his mother. He can have many wives but.. More

  • Seeing Girl, Her Picture, or Video before Marriage Date: 19-4-2000

    I'm 20 years old and I plan to get married in the next couple of years. My aunty says she has found a girl for me. However, this girl lives overseas, hence I'm unable to meet her personally to make my decision. My family says there is a family video on which she appears. Is it permissible for me to see her on that video before making a decision to go.. More

  • Is marriage obligatory? Date: 15-4-2000

    Must I marry when I grow up? .. More

  • Wisdom of Marriage Date: 4-4-2000

    I want to know the wisdom of marriage? .. More

  • Acquaintance of Muslim girl wants to meet her parents to ask permission for marriage Date: 29-2-2000

    I am a 22 year-old Muslim girl who practices her religion very well. A few months ago, I met a brother in Egypt, my country, where we discussed life in Canada, Egypt and Islam in both places. I told my mother of this as I don't keep anything from her. Soon, the brother and I found that we had a lot in common; we think the same way and have similar values... More

  • Minor Zina acts between engaged persons Date: 2-2-2000

    I am married to my cousin for the last 8 years. While we were engaged (before nikah) we used to engage in some sextual acts, like kissing, kissing her breasts, once she masturbated me with her hands, but we never had an intercourse. So, I want to know the opinion of all school of thoughts about the validity of our marriage. I am confused after I read.. More

  • Muslim woman marrying man of her choice Date: 29-1-2000

    Is a Muslim woman allowed to choose who she wants to marry?.. More

  • Marrying foreign girl with different religion Date: 20-1-2000

    Lot of people want to marry, but they can`t find the ideal girl and are forced to marry a foreigner of a differnt religion. What do you think about that?.. More

  • Distant female relative visited and forced herself on him Date: 13-1-2000

    I'm a 22-year old male. I have a distant relative (female) and have known her for a long time. Recently she stayed overnight at my house. (My parents were around). When my parents were asleep she came over to my room and forced herself on me. Although I knew I should not do what I was doing, I did play along as I'm still a virgin and that was the first.. More

  • Marriage to a cousin (father's brother's child) Date: 29-12-1999

    I would like to have your advice regarding my problem. I have been falling in love with a girl and I am intent on marrying her soon. The problem is, the girl is my cousin (daughter of my uncle). Her father is my father’s brother. Can I marry her based on Islamic law? Your advice is highly appreciated. .. More

  • Telephone conversation between men and women Date: 17-12-1999

    I have loved a girl who helped me a lot to come and realize the truth of my religion. She opened my eyes after ALLAH filled my heart with eman. We talk to each other on the phone and I have to admit that we sometimes get into silly conversation, but we can't help it. I don't want to lose her; I even stopped studying and joined a computer institute to.. More

  • Wedding traditions in Islam Date: 12-12-1999

    I like to find about the Muslim Wedding traditions. I might get married to a Muslim and he has told me we must have a wedding according to Muslim tradition and I want to find out what is this tradition before I commit myself. .. More

  • Should wife from people of the Book change her religion to Islam Date: 13-11-1999

    If a Muslim man marries a girl belonging to the people of the book, after marriage can she follow her religion or should she change her religion to Islam? Please answer in light of Quran and Sunnah. .. More

  • Seeing a Woman for Marriage without Hijaab Date: 29-10-1999

    Is it allowed for a man to see the woman whom he wants to marry without wearing her HIJAAB? .. More

  • Girl's Parents Forced Her To Marry Someone Other Than Her First Choice Date: 9-10-1999

    A friend and his girl friend wanted to marry each other, but the girl's parents refused my friend's proposal, though he has a good job and sufficient earnings. They forced her (the girl) to marry some other guy. Is this NIKAH o.k.? What Islam says about it? .. More