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  • Fornicators' marriage valid after repentance Date: 21-2-2015

    My husband committed adultery, once I found out I encouraged him to repent and correct his ways. But for over a year he still continued to lie and continue a relationship with her, even going as far as to pay her bills, move her into a larger home and provide generously for her and her child. This caused a lot of turmoil in our marriage, and he said.. More

  • Absolutely forbidden to marry one's aunt Date: 17-1-2015

    Before anything will happen, I need to know verses and explanations. It was not clear for me the fatwa 8876. I am currently in relation with my aunt. I am 2 years older than her. We are not close to each other before even after college. It was not in my mind that she was my aunt. I got closer to her only when she started to work last 3 years ago and.. More

  • The ruling on a fornicator marrying a fornicatress after repentance Date: 10-1-2015

    Respected Scholars, I have a question with regards to Surah Al-Nur: Ayat 3, and I was hoping you would be able to shed some light on the matter. I have been reading various translations, fatwas, tafsirs and commentaries explaining the verse and there seems to be a difference of opinion amongst the scholars when it comes to the interpretation the meaning... More

  • Step-father's father is not a Mahram Date: 23-12-2014

    As salam u 'alaikum... If a person is married to a widow who had a daughter, does that girl need to maintain hijab in front of the father of her step father? .. More

  • Testimony of one woman confirms breastfeeding relationship according to some scholars Date: 1-12-2014

    My question is that I have a cousin who I wanted to marry but the problem is that my mother says I was breastfeeded by my cousin's mother. Now when I asked my cousin's mother she refuses and says she didn't breastfeed me. Now in such situation what should be done as girl's side say no milk was taken my boy baby, but boy's mother says milk was given(I.e.. More

  • Father may not marry his son's ex-wife even if son had no children with her Date: 27-9-2014

    Respoected brother, Your answer to my question no 25152278 does not satisfy me completely. You have quoted a verse from the Quran stating that it is forbidden to marry the wives of sons born fro your loins or in other words biological sons. But once the son divorces his wife and they have no child from that marriage, then the father of the son is no.. More

  • She married her cousin who was breastfed by her mother only once Date: 25-8-2014

    My question is similar to Fatwa No : 83788...I got married to my cousin (his mother is my Fufu and my cousin is 6 years elder than me) in 2010 and i have 1year and two months a baby boy. The reason is that when my cousin at the age of three days old my real mother take own milk for drink to him only one time without permission of my aunt (fufu), but.. More

  • Ruling on establishing milk banks in Muslim countries Date: 29-7-2014

    Dear Brother We are group of volunteers consists of Law attorneys, gynecology, neonatologists, pediatrics, family physicians, nurses and social workers, worried about maternal and infant mortality rate in Pakistan because United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) has notified that the biggest challenge for Pakistan, right now, is the high infant mortality.. More

  • Marrying a woman after engaging in foreplay with her daughter Date: 21-7-2014

    Salam. Please answer this question as soon as possible Jazak Allah Khyran. Is it permissible to marry the mother of a girl I was seeing. I was not married to the girl and I never had sex with her nor did I have sexual intercourse. I dated the girl for 3 months and was separate with her in a room for 4 times only and in those 4 times i kissed her and.. More

  • A female slave whom the father enjoyed is forbidden to his son Date: 19-2-2014

    Assalamualikum My Question is: Quran 4:22 Marry not women whom your father married except what is past- so are the concubines of father also included?? can son inherit the concubines of father in islam? .. More

  • Sodomy does not prevent marriage to the sister of the one with whom it was done Date: 23-1-2014

    Assalaamu Alaykum, Is it permissible for one to marry a girl with whose brother he practiced sodomy fifteen years ago, and then repented and showed regret for what he had done when he was still young? Give us a Fatwa in this respect. May Allaah Bless you... More

  • The husband of the step-daughter is not a Mahram for the wives of the father other than her mother Date: 22-1-2014

    A woman got married to a married man who has sons and daughters. The question is: Are the husbands of the step-daughters of this woman permanently unlawful for her? Please advise. May Allaah Reward you. .. More

  • Ruling on a man marrying his son's step-daughter Date: 22-1-2014

    Is it permissible for a man to marry his son's step-daughter? .. More

  • A grandmother’s husband is like a mother’s husband Date: 22-1-2014

    Is the husband of my father’s grandmother a Mahram to me and to my father’s sister? .. More

  • When does it become permissible to marry the sister of one's wife? Date: 21-1-2014

    When does it become permissible for a man to marry his wife's sister?.. More