211 fatwas

  • She is passionately in love with her sister's husband Date: 29-11-2013

    Aslamalekum, I love my sister's husband since so many years even before my sister got married to him. He also loves me. We want to marry according islam. My sister has two children with him. I would like to know is it possible to marry my love. He comes after Allah for me. I have accepted him as my husband with heart and soul. He has also accepted me.. More

  • Step-brother is not a Mahram to his step-sister Date: 24-10-2013

    Salam alaikum I have a grown up girl of 12, and i am considering marriage to a man who has joint custody of his 13 yr old son. This means his son will stay 4 days with him. What is the ruling behind the situation esp if the son will be living int eh same house as my daughter who would be a step sisters. jazakalla khair i look forward to recieving your.. More

  • A woman's father's son from Zina is not a Mahram to her Date: 20-10-2013

    A Salam 'Aleykoum. Before getting married with my mother my father had a son with a non Muslim woman. I decide to keep in touch with him again, because I learnt that in Islam family links are very important. But after talking to him on the internet I made some research and found out that he was not my brother from an Islamic point of view. But is he.. More

  • Permissible to marry one's sister's step-daughter Date: 22-8-2013

    Assalamu alaikum is it permissible for a persion to marry the step daughter of his sister? .. More

  • Marrying a woman whom one's father or son touched with desire Date: 22-8-2013

    assalamualaikum,brother...my question is a bit confusing i guess..i want to ask that if a person touches a girl with emotion,does the girl become haram for the person's son to marry that girl?...and if the father in law touched that daughter in law with no emotion before the marriage of the son and the girl..can the son marry the girl? .. More

  • She discovered that her husband was a fornicator Date: 11-8-2013

    What is to be done if a chaste woman marries a Zaani (fornicator) without knowing? She married him believing him to be a pious man then found out about his past by finding pictures and messages through his phone and computer. He may still be involved in sin because he leaves the house when he is off work and does not come back for hours, and he continues.. More

  • Ruling on marrying a woman pregnant from Zina Date: 9-8-2013

    my daughter committed zina and she is pregnant by another muslim who is her step brother. i took the position based on the fatawa by the permanent committee in saudi arabia that they can't get married until after the child is born. her step father is saying that sheikh uthaymeen has a position that it is permissible to get married before the child is.. More

  • A fornicator is not obliged to marry the girl whom he fornicated with Date: 29-5-2013

    Slm, I have certain questions. I have been in a relation with a muslim girl for 5 years. I am single muslim guy. We both are 23 years old. Through this relation we came very close and have comitted zina. I told my parents that i like her and want to marry her but they refused to accept as the girl is not from our community. So my questions are: 1) Is.. More

  • Children of divorced couple from other spouses may marry each other Date: 10-1-2013

    salaam,kindly let me know,i shall be very thankful to you, 1/if a man marriages a woman but they get no children and he divorced her,after that the woman marriages another man after iddah,and the man marries another woman ,they get children,my question is can the sonn of the woman marry with the daughter of the man? 2/if a 12 years girl which doesn't.. More

  • Husband may forgive his adulterous wife who repented Date: 30-11-2012

    Assalamalaikum, Brother, my friend is working in abroad, he is away from his wife for 1 year. His wife made affair with one of his relative for few months, they came into illegal sex and now she got pregnant, she told her husband, she was asking for khula but afterward she repent and she told her husband that she closed that all things and don't.. More

  • She is skeptical about the validity of her marriage Date: 15-10-2012

    assalamo alikum, sheikh i submitted one question before that i read on a site that those who committed zina and got married before repentance should remarry, i also mentioned that i read the definition of zina major sin is that the head of the penis hould enter the vagina, in my case we never had a proper sexual intecourse before marriage in best.. More

  • Marrying after Zina before making repentance Date: 15-10-2012

    Asselamu Aleikum sheik, am asking THIS question on behalf on my friend. Well, Two Muslim couples committed zina yesterday night. They knew that it was haraam and forgot to repent it and then they got married today morning in halal way. After 3 weeks, wife got pregnant. Right now, I have 3 more questions 1. Does the marriage is valid or not? 2. Is.. More

  • Wants to marry her cousin who once had a homosexual relationship with her brother Date: 7-9-2012

    salaam, being a girl ,i need to know that am i allowed in islam to marry my cousin who once had homosexual relation with my brother in teens and then he repented .afterwards he never did that act and seriously want to marry me.and i.m confuse.. More

  • A woman making Istibra’a after committing Zina Date: 18-7-2012

    Sheik, there is this lovers that had sex before marriage many atimes, so they decided it is time to get married, they went to see a local mullah and told him everything about themselves, and the mullah advise them that they should repent and ask Allah for forgiveness sincerely and they should never indulge in it again, and he told the woman that.. More

  • She committed Zina before consummating her marriage Date: 16-5-2012

    Asalmu-caleykum Dear brothers in Islam my question is: A friend of me married a girl,the girl's family is in Europe and my friend is in Somalia, so the wedlock occurred in Europe. They did not come together for 4 years, then the girl came to Somalia so they had honey-moon, unfortunately she told him that once she had sexual intercourse with someone.. More