465 fatwas

  • Married persons reading erotic material to enhance sexual desire Date: 20-2-2005

    Is it wrong for husband and wife to read any erotic writings (without pictures) to increase the desire to make love?.. More

  • Husband does not pray, work or support his family Date: 15-2-2005

    I'm really confused. I'm married but my husband seven years did not working due to his laziness. I have to work and raise my children. What he does is only eating and sleeping. I feel frustrated every time I come back from work, what he does is just watching TV. 15 years of marriage I never see him pray, he never even fasting during month.. More

  • Difficulty having his wife with him Date: 9-2-2005

    I'm out of my house and far away for job, my wife is in my house with my parents and brothers, as my mother is ill and can't work, but afford to have a servant, I want to take my wife and children with me, but due to mother's illness, I can't, as my brothers are Baligh, I'm from Pakistan, and also have cultural probe. What Islam says Fatwa?.. More

  • Flirtatious relationship with non-Muslim Date: 13-1-2005

    I fear that I have committed a sin. I allowed myself to be kissed by a guy I know. I don't hate this person, he is not a Muslim, but something in me trusts him. I know this is completely wrong, and I am trying my best to not let myself do this again, and separate myself from him. I feel so much guilt, I can't even bear it, I can't tell this.. More

  • Her husband watches pornography on the Internet Date: 11-1-2005

    My concern is rather upsetting. I have a wonderful husband who does everything to please me and he is dedicated to Islam most of the time. He was the one who taught me the meaning of Hijaab and everything else. However, he has a weakness, I have found out that he visits these porn sites I have come across them a few times. When I confront.. More

  • Wife insists he manipulates her vagina with his finger Date: 5-1-2005

    I'm a new married man. My wife wear Hijaab, I'm Muslim, in our sex relation she was so late to get the pleasure which make me irritated because I get very tired. She always insisted on me to put my finger in her vagina (badr), 15 minutes, I ask if she is ill (Borod Jinsi) if so what can we do, there are some medicines. She get angry with.. More

  • Anal foreplay between husband and wife Date: 3-1-2005

    What is the Islam position on the relationship between the wife and husband? If husband request that she stimulate him by inserting her finger in his anus. .. More

  • Penis between his wife's buttocks Date: 26-12-2004

    If during sex with wife some one chooses to keep his penis between her buttocks as for the enjoyment but not putting inside anal is it allowed?.. More

  • Sex in marriage Date: 7-12-2004

    Is it lawful for a husband to suck his wife's breast during sex to give her pleasure in Islam? .. More

  • Husband traveling for entertainment without his wife or her permission Date: 5-12-2004

    Is it permissible for a husband to travel for entertainment to another country refusing to take his wife and without her permission?.. More

  • Questionable customs in India Date: 30-11-2004

    My name is Abdullaah Faarooqi and I belong to India. I would like to ask few questions if you can answer this it will be very kind of you and May Allaah bless you for this: 1) Is it correct to take anything from the bride's side, in the India it is a custom to give the dowry from the bride’s side even if the groom does not demand for.. More

  • His wife drove him out of the house Date: 23-11-2004

    I have problem with my wife and she told to live I don't like any more because I'm not making good money for now and I left the house since 15 days and I have 2 kids with her lease can you tell me what's the solution... More

  • Amount of Mahr Date: 27-10-2004

    My question is regarding "Mahr" (dowry amount given by groom to bride). I married 7 months back and my Mahr was fixed by my father. My father and bride's father had dialog and my father told that its good and its Sunnah of the Prophet, sallallaahu alayhi wa sallam, is Mahrul-Mithl (may be Mahr of elder sister in the family of bride) and.. More

  • His obligations after divorcing his wife Date: 27-10-2004

    My question is that my wife was at visiting her family in a different state about 500 miles away from us. While she was there, we got into fights and arguments about money and some other stupid things. So apparently, she got so mad that one day she drove to our house with her and picked her stuff while I was at work, then she called me and.. More

  • Confused about new husband's rights Date: 24-10-2004

    I have done Nikaah before two years consummation of marriage was delayed due to visa process. Now visa process has been completed and I can go there. But right now my husband wants me to go his home in USA and while he is studying in out side of USA. In case of this I will have to wait for three month. My mother wants me to not go there.. More