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  • Sexual rights of a wife Date: 5-10-2003

    I am really thankful for the opportunity you provided us, that we could share our problems here. I really want to know the wife's rights related to sexual relationships. My question is: what wife should do if her husband can't satisfy her sexually, he is very good husband in all the ways but just don't have interest in sex. Have some physical problem.. More

  • The wife has the right for a separate home Date: 4-10-2003

    What are women's right against their in-laws? Is it her duty to follow their orders in order to please them? Is it necessary for a woman to live with her in-laws?.. More

  • Husband and wife can enjoy themselves as they wish within the limits of Shariah Date: 2-10-2003

    My husband put his penis in my mouth, then he splashes his semen in my mouth, hair, and on my face and my breast. Is this thing prohibited in Islam?.. More

  • Virginity after sex Date: 1-10-2003

    If a virgin girl during the time between her Nikah and Walimah has sexual relations with her husband is she still considered a virgin? How many days is she allowed if she becomes a co-wife, three or seven days?.. More

  • Wife Doing Household Chores Date: 27-9-2003

    I need to know what my duties as a wife are at my home. For example: is it an obligation on me to clean the house on my own and prepare the food? .. More

  • Anal sex with one's wife Date: 13-9-2003

    A friend ask me if he has sex with his wife through the anal not vagina! Has he committed Luwat (sadomy), if yes, can he be killed?.. More

  • Providing a separate home for one's wife Date: 1-9-2003

    Please give me proof for my husband to see that it is his Islamic duty to provide me a home without his parents. I do not want to live with the in-laws because there is no need for it and they are very controlling my husband does not realize that it is my Islamic right to demand a separate home because we can afford it... More

  • Husband Questions Wife about Past Sins although She Repented Date: 15-7-2003

    My question is in regards to marriage and the rights of a husband to know everything about his wife before they were married. I believe if it is something that is undeniable and she has asked for forgiveness from Allah, then she should tell if it will affect the marriage. But my husband now feels the need to always ask me about everything that has happened.. More

  • Sex with one's wife Date: 29-6-2003

    Sexual drive and desire is very powerful desire of body, and a real Muslim should be restricted to her wife only, so it is only the wife who has to satisfy her husband so I have to ask: 1) Can a Muslim husband kiss and lick every part of the body of the Muslim wife (by every part I mean breasts, nipples, lips, vagina, etc.). Sorry for being so much.. More

  • Anal sex with wife; thinks he's divorced Date: 17-6-2003

    I have anal sex with my wife, but I do not ejaculate. Now she is not my wife and I must marry her again. I know I did a bad thing but it just happened. What do I do now?.. More

  • Can't control himself during wife's menses Date: 14-6-2003

    I don't know what to do. I am married and my wife has her period every month. I can't have a sex with her, and I can't control myself. What should I do?.. More

  • Dowry System in India Date: 24-5-2003

    In India dowry system is prevalent among Muslims. Formally, Mahr is fixed. Before fixing the marriage, the bridegroom's side demands certain amount of cash and other household articles etc. from Bride's parents for making marriage. So far I haven't seen any marriage where bridegroom has not taken any thing from bride's parents. My question is: (1) Is.. More

  • Wife's Right to Know Husband's Financial Affairs Date: 13-5-2003

    Must a wife know the monthly income and money in the bank, or any wealth of her husband when the family has a good life? .. More

  • Married Couple Showing Affection and Having Sex in the Bathroom Date: 4-5-2003

    After returning from a long trip can a husband greet his wife by kissing her cheeks in front of his/her parents? Can husband and wife take a bath together? Can they have sex in bathroom? .. More

  • Sex in marriage and other subjects Date: 19-4-2003

    1) Can I record on a video, things which my wife and I do while making sex to watch and enjoy later? The watching will be for us.2) Are there any specific days in a month, or months in a year when husband and wife are restricted from sex?3) My wife does not take a bath when her periods end on Thursday. She said it is restricted to take bath on Thursdays... More