308 fatwas

  • A woman using a big hair clip Date: 17-3-2011

    is it allowed to use a big hairclip if u will make it level of ur head? coz they said its forbidden for its like a hunch like camel.coz i have this hairclip and its like a flower and big.... More

  • A man wearing a carnelian ring Date: 16-1-2011

    as i written before about wearing gem stone rings so it is doubtful about wearing a stone ring or not, nowadays i have been wearing a carnelian ring so it can be of no issue if i keep it wearing or turn it into silver... More

  • Her husband wants her to wear perfume while being out together Date: 12-1-2011

    salam, please I want to know the ruling on this, my husband wants me to wear perfume when we are going out together and even though other men will smell it, he says its ok if we are together, is this right? and what if I wear perfume at home and his freinds come to visit and I have to serve them and they can smell it? is that also haram? it is causing.. More

  • Abu Hurayrah forbidding his daughter from wearing gold Date: 18-10-2010

    Assalamu alaikum.Ibn Sireen Allah’s mercy on him qoutes Abu Huraira Allah be pleased with him, saying he did not allow his daughter to use gold ornaments saying he fears Hell Fire.Ibn Hazam Allah’s mercy on him says this report is Saheeh.He also qoutes another incident where Abu Huraira's daughter Allah be pleased with them says she was not.. More

  • A man applying henna to his hands and feet Date: 21-9-2010

    assalamualaikum, respected sir what is the ruling regarding application of HENNA for males is it permissible or not if permissible which all body parts he can apply and especially during marriage ceromony can a bridegroom apply as beautification which is a trend in sub continent or as a herbal benefit can it be used .. More

  • A woman wearing perfume when going out to a women-only gathering Date: 22-6-2010

    Assalam-Alaikum. I understand that it is not permissable for a women to wear perfume when going out of the home. The question is, what if my wife is going to a women only event outside the house, say at some house or centre. Is this not permissable either? Shukrann & Jazak-Allah-Khairunn. .. More

  • Wants to trim her very thick eyebrows Date: 9-6-2010

    Assalamu Alikum Wa Rahmantu Allahu wa Barakarthu I know very well that plucking the eyebrows is haram. But I saw in some of the fatwas that is it halal if it is deformed. What is deformed exactly? I have very thick eyebrows, they are as thick as the " shahada" finger. They are shaped like a triangle. When I used to do my eyebrows, the lady had to use.. More

  • A man wearing a gold ring with a diamond engraved on it Date: 24-5-2010

    Assalam o Alaikum, I was gifted a gold ring with a diamond engraved on it at my wedding as a wedding ring but I do not wear it since its made up of Gold. However, my wife insists that one Alam suggested that since a diamond in engraved on the gold, a male can wear it. I have found Hadith that strongly forbid wearing gold for males. I want to know.. More

  • A woman dividing her hair into two separate bundles Date: 22-3-2010

    Is it permissible for an woman to divide her hair into two separate bundle just behind her head .. More

  • Donating hair to make wigs for girls who have hair loss due to cancer Date: 5-12-2009

    Assalaamu alaikum, Is it allowed in islam to donate your hair to nonprofit organizations that make wings for girls victims of cancer such as www.wigsforkids.org Jazak Allah khair.. More

  • Women wearing rings on the right hand Date: 8-10-2009

    Assalamo Alaikum, Janab, My Wife is having four golden rings. she is wearing three in right hand fingers and another is wearing in left hand fingers. we are already paid jaqat for that. I wanted to know shall she continue to wear a golden ring in right hand fingers or not? someone had told not to wear a golden ring in right hand. please send answer.. More

  • A woman going out while applying foundation on her face Date: 18-8-2009

    Assalaamu alaikum, I would like to know that Is it allowed to put foundation only if u go outside? No make-up nothing else just foundation. Jazak Allah khair .. More

  • Applying Ithmid (antimony) to the eyes Date: 18-8-2009

    Assalamualaykum I had listen and and saw a hadeeth regarding using surma in eyes.Propher Muhammad Sallallahualayhiwasallam used Ismad(Alif-Saa-Meem-Daal) and said it grows the eyelashes and increases the eye sight power.Is it sunnah to use that surma?What is Ismad surma(Definition and its tafseer)? Where it can be found? I have a red coloured surma.. More

  • Using lanolin face cream Date: 29-7-2009

    Assalaamu alaikum, I would like to buy a face cream and I asked the company about the ingredients. They use lanolin that is from sheep`s wool the others are from plants. Is it allowed? .. More

  • Wearing a chain with a little Ka`bah Date: 30-6-2009

    can a muslim wear a chain with a little kaaba ?.. More