308 fatwas

  • Using a hair dye containing Vitis Vinifera Date: 20-5-2009

    Assalamu Alaykum, Is Vitis Vinifera halal? I found it in my hair dye. If it is haram, will i have to cut my hair off?.. More

  • Wearing dreadlocks Date: 11-3-2009

    Is it permissible to wear dreadlocks?.. More

  • Using cosmetics which do not contain harmful chemicals Date: 5-3-2009

    1)is it allowed to use skin whitening products which do not contain harmfull chemicals? 2) Are muslims allowed to use cosmetics that contain ethanol or ethyl alchohol ... More

  • Wearing gemstones Date: 2-12-2008

    Assalamualikum, 1. What gemstones are encouraged to be worn in Islam for both male and female? 2. What kind of rings did Prophet Muhammad SAW wore on his fingers? 3. Are there any hadiths or in the Quran mentioning wearing of gemstones encouraged in Islam? .. More

  • Keeping peacock feathers at home for decorative purpose Date: 12-10-2008

    assalamualikum, i have put peacock feathers in a pot in my house for decorative purpose, people says tht it is not good to keep it bcoz it brings sadness and problem in the house, they says tht it is pure(paakh) so no impure person should touch it,i want to ask is this ture. allah hafiz .. More

  • Dying nails with henna including kumkum Date: 20-5-2008

    as these days we r getting nails mehandi ( HENA) but in that nails mehandi ( HENA) kumkum is added n i heard kumkum which hindus womens apply on their forehead n kum kum is a symbol of married hindu wemens now tell me should i apply nails mehandi ( HENA) on my nails n hope no problem in offering namaz plzzz.... suggest ....... me .. More

  • Ruling on using silk curtains Date: 23-4-2008


  • Needs to work to get money to beautify herself to her husband Date: 24-3-2008

    Asalam o alykum scholar, 3: My last question is about work, I have one year old daughter and i want to work when she start go to school. I want to work because i have my per month needs such as buying creams, cloths(not necessary that if i have only need sometimes we buy what we like) and i want to keep some money in my hand if suppose i like something.. More

  • Using tattooing to cover tattoos of crosses and living creatures Date: 18-2-2008

    Before embracing Islam, I had many tattoos done on my body, some are creatures with eyes and faces and others are Christian symbols i.e. crosses. I cannot afford the $20,000 dollars it would cost to have them removed by laser, so is it permissible to get the faces and crosses covered over by tattooing them out? Or would this be haram to use tattooing.. More

  • Wants to make a wig for her bald non-Muslim mother Date: 27-6-2007

    Assalamu alaykum my mother is a non muslim, she as asked me to help her make a wig for herself to wear. my mother has hair on the botton of her head but is almost completely bald on the top, this is not a tempory condition, she as been in this condition for twenty years, with no improvment, just worsening. am i allowed to her her make the wig? jazzakallah.. More

  • Why plucking out the eyebrows is forbidden Date: 3-4-2007

    Asalamu Alikum W Rahmat Allah w barakuto. Why are women allowed to cut, trim and even dye their hair different colours, but they cant trim or do their eyebrows. I mean why isnt hair considered something that we shouldnt change bc Allah has created it the way it is and we must accept it justlike our eyebrows. plz clarify the difference for me. Jazakum.. More

  • Wedding rings for Muslim couples Date: 29-3-2007

    Is it permissible for Muslim married couples to use wedding rings, or if it is permissible for a man to use ring. Secondly, I have seeing some Muslims especially in America plaiting their hair, what is the Islamic point on view on this .. More

  • Having artificial nails Date: 27-3-2007

    is it possible to have artificial nails put on your hands and still pray and do wudu.. More

  • Women wearing perfume which can only be smelt from a near distance Date: 18-3-2007

    Asalamalaikum, I would like to know it if is permissible to remove hair from above the upper lip for females. Also is it permissible for ladies to wear light perfume that does not contain alcohol in such a way that it smells only when someone get very close to her. Thank you... More

  • Wife dyeing her hair black to beautify herself for her husband Date: 14-3-2007

    Assalamualikum, Is it permissble for a woman to dye her hair black not to cover grey hairs or decieve others but rather to beautify herself for her husband? Jazakallahalkhair.. More