107 fatwas

  • His family uses his Internet connection for unlawful purposes Date: 21-3-2013

    I initially ordered a phone line with an internet connection, but I don’t remember what my intention behind it was(was it completely bad or there was some good in it too)…now I hope that I will not return to those internet sins…but the problem which I am facing now is that the internet connection is used by my brothers and sisters and other family.. More

  • Using an Islamic website for advertising lawful goods Date: 16-6-2012

    Asalaamu Alaykum, JazakAllah Khairyn for the work you are doing through your website. My question is: To what extent is it permissible to make money (profit) from Islamic things? For example, if one has a service on a website where Muslims (and anyone) can put their email address and sign up for free to receive ahadith and other Islamic literature.. More

  • Hacking anti-Islam websites Date: 22-5-2012

    Salam alaikum wa rahmatAllah wa barakatuhu, As I often google islamic pictures for my Blog I often see anti-islamic websites, but yesterday I came to a website (http://thereligionofpeace.com/-the politically incorrect truth about islam one really messed up religion) and it is by far the worst and most slanderous website about Islam and Rasul Allah,.. More

  • Her husband is looking for a second wife via the Internet Date: 1-8-2011

    As Salaam Alaikum, my husband is looking for a 2nd wife. I know this is his right as per the sunnah. He is using matrimonial sites that have pictures of women, and allow for chatting and exchanging info between men and women with out her wakil being involved. I believe him when he says he doesnt chat with the sisters, but I dont like that he feels.. More

  • Putting an Internet coverage machine on one’s building’s roof Date: 23-3-2011

    Salamualaikum,my question is we live in canada and we have a appartment building in our country and a internet company ask us if they could put their internet coverage machine on our roof top and my question is are we going to get the sins for those who will be using the internet in a wrong way.. More

  • Wants to keep chatting with his cousin to protect her from temptation Date: 6-6-2010

    Asalam aleykum, i would like to have an answer in regardance to my question please,i happened to be in love with my cousin sister whom we have planned Inshaallah to get married after we all complete our post graduate studies!! We ussually chat via sms like daily, but Alhamdullah we try as much as possible to avoid dicuss matters divergant on the islamic.. More

  • Refuting the claim that chatting between women and non-Mahram men is lawful Date: 23-3-2010

    asssalm o alikum i had read your fatwa. please tell me in short you were saying that chat is not allowed? and messeging, email exchange is not allowed? one of my friend is saying that it is allowed because no one can see you face and cant listen your voice. so i have to decided that i will give her prove that this not allowed in islam. please reply.. More

  • Women displaying their photos on Facebook website Date: 4-12-2009

    dear brother i want to know that our womens preticipeted in facebook.com some of them are display there photos some of them are only there names only display so i want no dat women can use facebook.com or some panpel web pages so first u check da facebook den give me a fatwa about it send to my mail publised it on your site plz send me and i want.. More

  • Joining Facebook to keep contact with friends Date: 14-10-2009

    Assalamu Alaikum Warahmathullahi Wabarakathuhu! I have passed out from my school 2 years back. I find that i'm losing my school freind's contacts day by day. Though i'm not interested in social networks, my friends ask me to join Facebook to keep contact with them. Is it halal for me to create a Facebook account if *I don't correspond with non-mahrams.. More

  • Creating a Twitter-like commercial website Date: 12-10-2009

    Can I create a commercial site similar to Twitter to allow chat, sharing of news, tips, restricted videos, photos, etc among a restricted class of users? .. More

  • Anonymous chatting on the Internet Date: 11-3-2009

    is it permissible to do online chatting with unknown people concealing own identity as it has become common practice nowadays.what are its repurcussions... More

  • Looking for a wife via Islamic marriage websites Date: 16-1-2008

    assalaamu alykum Im a male teenager muslim and I pray all my prayers mostly in the masjid unless I have to go somewhere I try to learn about Islam and go to a maktaba to read Islamic books and I were khamis but my weakness is women. I would like to know if it is premissible to go on muslim websites to look for a wife. and do you have to have the girls.. More

  • Advertizing property whose selling might contain interest Date: 28-11-2007

    Salamu Alaikum.I'm about to create a website which will promote houses/property for sale on the internett.The advertisers will be property agencies which will advertise their portefolio of properties for sale on my website.Knowing that some of the users from my website may take up loan/ribaa to aquire the promoted houses/property on my website,And addition.. More

  • A woman putting her picture in her E-mail profile Date: 20-8-2006

    I'm from south asia and one of my sisters asked me if she is allowed to put her picture in her E-mail Profile, and I told her to remove it because it is not allowed in Islam to put her picture in Internet, am I right? and I wanna know if there a DALEEL from Sunnah or Qur'an for that... wa jazakumollahu khayran.. More

  • Voting against the insulting cartoons in a website containing forbidden pictures Date: 16-8-2006

    theses days a australien newpaper had published in its web site a vot of publishing some pictures wich are against rassoul allah salla allah alih oua sallam.and it said that if the number of voting no reach 1million it will not published these puctures my question is :i think that theses new papers use this vote to attract reader to it should we the.. More