107 fatwas

  • Chatting on the Internet Date: 29-9-2002

    As a Muslim I believe that chatting on the Internet should be forbidden, but I want to convince my friend of what I believe with concrete information that supports my ideas. So is there any information that backs up what is written? .. More

  • Chatting on the Internet Date: 17-9-2002

    Am I allowed to chat with boys on the Internet and if it was about Islam and about al-Jihad and things like that in a polite way? I will be grateful to hear the answer. .. More

  • Many websites are distorting Islam Date: 20-7-2002

    I came across sites that pose a challenge to someone with little knowledge on the religion. Just as an example; to quote: number of times Jerusalem is mentioned in the Qur'an. Bear in mind that these are Jews and/or Christians that are defaming my religion... More

  • Advising a Friend about Dangers of Chatting on the Internet Date: 2-7-2002

    I have one of my girl friends and I want to advise her but I'm afraid. One of the great and serious mistakes at this time done by youth's that they use the Net for bad things (chatting above love and playing with the senses of the girls). My friend did that also she used the MSN messenger and sent her picture to many boys. They cheated her and made.. More

  • Using Islamic marriage sites on the Internet to find a husband Date: 1-7-2002

    Is using Islamic marriage sites to find a husband, Halal?.. More

  • Wants to seek wife on the Internet Date: 25-5-2002

    I am a 35-year-old divorced Muslim. I live alone in the United States. I found a sister on the Net, who is an American convert to Islam. She has no family and she lives alone. I am interested in marrying her and I have a strong intention to do that. My question is I would like to continue talking with her on the phone to know what she thinks about as.. More

  • Chatting on Internet Date: 30-4-2002

    It happened that I met a guy over the Internet. He is kind, religious, very perfect guy, and he taught me many things about Islam that I didn't know. After a while he chose me to be his future partner and I accepted. But it’s too early to tell my parents because I am waiting to finish college. Is it wrong to keep talking as long as we are not taking.. More

  • Has Deep Regrets and Feelings for Christian Man She Chatted With Date: 7-1-2002

    I'm a Muslim girl, 23 years old, doing my best to do what makes me nearer to Heaven, but lately I've been chatting with a Christian Italian man. After sometime we have feelings towards each other and I get depressed, so depressed and afraid of disobeying my God's rules. Then he offered to change his religion so we can be able to marry, but I told him.. More

  • Chat clubs on Internet Date: 11-6-2001

    We have a club in Yahoo called Yemen club, we discuss different topics in them, but in the last few days there was a big discussion. I wish that you advice us about it from the Islamic way. The founder of the group has made a Christian co. founder in the group who can delete the posts of the member or ban them or even delete the whole club, he has.. More

  • Exchanging E-Mail Between Men and Women Date: 1-1-2001

    Is it Halal for a girl to chat with men in chatrooms on the Internet and to exchange e-mail between males and females? .. More

  • Reliable Islamic website Date: 22-3-2000

    Is this site http:// cwis.usc.edu/dept/msa reliable to introduce Islam to non-Muslims?.. More

  • Meeting men on the Internet and calling them to Islam Date: 17-1-2000

    I am a Muslim girl; by chance I met an European man on the Internet and we have been talking for a long time. My concern was to make Dua'a for him to come to Islam. This man has told me he doesn't have problems with Islam in particular, but hasn't thought of it. He also expressed special feelings for me. I explained to him many times that a Muslim woman.. More

  • Wanting to spread Islam by Internet Date: 15-1-2000

    I want do something to spread Islam by Internet... More

  • Is spending on two big Internet sites for Islam in same building excessive Date: 18-10-1999

    Isn't it excessive spending (Esraf) to have two big Internet sites for Islam provided from two different offices in the same building and spending more than 5 millions QR per year where "dawa" through the Internet has less results than direct action and contact, especially with the non-Muslims living and coming every day to Qatar?.. More

  • Girls Chatting with Men on Internet Date: 9-9-1999

    Is it Halal for a girl to chat with men in chatrooms on the Internet and to exchange e-mails between males and females? .. More