5483 fatwas

  • Muslim wife formally from Jordan violates Islamic practices and disobeys husband in U.S Date: 10-6-2001

    My wife has been with me here in the United States for about a year now and she originally came from Jordan. After she arrived to the U.S, she completely changed and fell astray. She started to verbally abuse and beat me. She also refused to dress in accordance to the Sharia, and would constantly disobey me. She also attempted to commit suicide numerous.. More

  • Confused about Husband's Divorce Date: 7-6-2001

    The first time my husband divorced me. I was having my period but he did not know and divorced me. The second time he divorced me after only 7 days before we had relation. Is this divorce Halal? Because I heard that he can't divorce when you have your period and after having relation (Jimaa) with you? I am waiting for my last one. What will be my Iddah.. More

  • Time of Aqeeqah Date: 7-6-2001

    Recently I performed Aqeeqah on the 6th day, for my son, on the understanding that it has be performed within first 7 days of the birth of the child. Please advise whether this is acceptable or not in the light of Hadith, and whether I have to repeat the same... More

  • Rights of a Christian Wife Date: 3-6-2001

    I am married to Christian woman, I want to know her rights. .. More

  • Husband joking about divorce Date: 3-6-2001

    I was talking with my wife over the phone and we were talking about her married sister. And I said I will marry your sister and she replies: this is unlawful (which I know because, one can't marry two sisters at the same time in addition to the fact that she was already married) and then I replied I will send you back home. Please tell me what has.. More

  • Legal sex with spouse Date: 30-5-2001

    I am a young Muslim and, insha Allah will marry soon. I have some questions which I want to ask so as to refrain from committing something wrong. My questions are:Can the husband touch the wife's private parts to arouse her? Can he kiss her breasts? .. More

  • Wife needs lady helper in home Date: 29-5-2001

    Am I allowed to have a lady helper in my house with condition that my husband never see her? I know it's very hard to have one who can travel with Mahram but I'll do my best if Islam allows that she lives in my house without her Mahram at the same house. I have 6 small children and I'm in a real need... More

  • Daughter's name Date: 29-5-2001

    My daughter name is Tehreema which I keep on Sura Tahrim? Is that ok or should I change it?.. More

  • Unity among Muslims Date: 27-5-2001

    All the time we hear that all Muslims should get united. But at the same time, we hear these words, "Arab Muslims", "Arabs and Muslims", 'Arabs' and 'Muslim world'. How can we tell our children and other people that Islam does not prefer one race over as other, since we see these phrases all the time? It is very hard for me to digest it. Is the word.. More

  • Deviated Woman Wants to Marry New American Muslim Date: 27-5-2001

    We belong to the Islamic center of central Pennsylvania in the United States. A deviated Muslimah (female) wants to marry a new American Muslim (male). What is the Hukm here? .. More

  • Zina with Jewish Girl Date: 24-5-2001

    I live in United States and I had sex with a Jewish girl. Some of my friends said that's ok because she wants to. I feel that what I do is wrong, but I feel happy when I kiss her and when I squeeze her breasts and so on I want your opinion for what I do? .. More

  • Shaking hands with and kissing women Date: 24-5-2001

    Is it Halal to shake hands with women and kiss them on occasion? Here this is normal and I'm frequently faced with such situations in which I cannot avoid handshaking and kissing! Thanks a lot... More

  • Women clapping their hands Date: 21-5-2001

    What is the rule about clapping the hands for women?.. More

  • Teenager in Love with Girl Date: 21-5-2001

    I am 15. I have loved a girl for 2 years. I still do. I think of her almost ever night. Nothing sexual. I have phone contact with her. I just request your help in what should I do towards my feeling towards her? .. More

  • Aqiqa for new baby boy Date: 21-5-2001

    I have a new baby boy. I need information about aqiqa of 2 sheep. Can my family eat from it? I am not sure that I can give it to poor people. Is it halal to give it to relatives and friends? thank you .. More