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  • Age Male Students Can Be Taught by Female Teachers Date: 15-3-2023

    Assalamu alaikum scholars, what age of male students does a female teacher can teach in schoolsjQuery11100027086375456111256_1635051907130?please reply .. More

  • Women Going to Modern Public Bathrooms Date: 15-3-2023

    Vaaleykum salam va rahmatullah dear brothers! Jazakallahu xayran, i have found the answers to most of my questions in the links that you kindly referenced.However i didn't find the answer to the definition of public baths to which it is forbidden to go in accordance with your fatwa 319564. Because public baths in the past differed from modern public.. More

  • If Husband Says ‘It is One Talaq’ while Wife Says ‘It Is Three’, whose Statement to Take into Account Date: 12-3-2023

    How many talaqs will happen here by telling you one talaq one talaq one talaq?At one point in quarrel with his wife, the husband says, "One talaq, one talaq, one talaq." says How many takaqs will fall here? The wife claims that she heard triple talaq. The husband claims that he pronounced one talaq three times. The husband now wants to take his wife.. More

  • Wants to Name Her New-Born Baby-Girl ‘Zimal’ Date: 12-3-2023

    ASSLAM ALAIKUM I Want to know that can i name by baby girl name zimal i found on internet that its meaning is hijab, abaya or cover kindly let me guide about this name. .. More

  • Women Going to Gym That Allows Transgender People Date: 12-3-2023

    Alsalamu alaikum,I am a Muslim female living in Canada, and I go to a gym for women only. These gyms are very rare to come by as you can imagine, and I, along many other Muslim women, consider it a safe, private space for us to work out while observing our modesty away from men, security cameras, open windows, etc. Unfortunately, we have recently found.. More

  • Wants to Help a Woman who Was Adopted as a Child and Now She is Divorced and Has a Daughter Date: 12-3-2023

    I know a female who is divorced and has a daughter. She is a non mahram to me. She was adopted by a family and the father of the family has passed away. She went through an abusive marriage and after divorce she is not able to meet her financial needs. She has a daughter and the mother who adopted her. Can I help this female financially? As I know the.. More

  • Validity of Taking Wife Back without Intercourse Date: 12-3-2023

    On Feb, 2, 2023, my husband and I had a small argument and he said once that he divorces me. He was upset. He later regretted it and we reconciled and hugged each other. What is the true nature of reconciliation? Should there be an intercourse involved?. My husband has an erectile dysfunction and it would be hard to impossible to have an intercourse... More

  • Said to His Wife in Anger ‘I Am Not Your Husband’ Date: 28-2-2023

    I was fighting with my wife and in anger, I said that don't call me by my nickname and I am not your husband as you're not treating me like one even though I had no intention of divorcing as we just had our nikkah done. have I done something wrong or is our nikkah invalid? .. More

  • Spouses should not leave room for Shaytan to cause animosity between them Date: 27-2-2023

    Is it permissive to leave a wife just after delivery a baby because she doesn't want to take long hour flight with him and with 3 months old baby? Their plan was different and the wife wants to postpone travel more 3 months and stay longer with her mom because baby os premature and she is stressed to travel. Before changing the plan, both of them agreed.. More

  • Having difficulty finding a wife to marry Date: 27-2-2023

    Salam Alakom, I live in the U.S, I am 30 years old and I have been looking for a wife for like 10 years. Is asking family and a few Masques is considered as ashtehad (doing the effort) is enough? Is going out with women from work for marriage purpose without physical contact is considering ashtehad ? Giving they are not Muslim, I will teach them about.. More

  • She Embraced Islam but Her Atheist Husband Refuses to Divorce Her and Threatens Her to Take Children Date: 26-2-2023

    I'm a revert, and I am legally married but seperated to an atheist,due to abuse. I have asked and asked for a divorce, he doesn't want to give me one easily, and threatens to take my children. My question is how can I marry a muslim man now if he wont divorce me. I know a muslim woman cant be married to anyone but a muslim man, so its invalid, but im.. More

  • Husband Told His Wife If She Leaves, She Is Divorced Date: 26-2-2023

    Assalamualaikum. If a woman parks her things and leave her husband's house due to a misunderstanding and the husband told her before she left that if she left she is divorced and she actually left. Please is the divorce valid? .. More

  • Surah 29 [al-‘Ankaboot] Verse 46 Does Not Speak about Li’aan Date: 26-2-2023

    Salam, what is meant with "Mula'anah" in sura 29,46 tafsir Ibn Abbas. .. More

  • Wants to Consider Her Marriage Haram If Her Parents Took Money from Relatives Date: 23-2-2023

    As- salaamu alaykum. My friend told her parents, that she would consider her marriage haram on herself and will not agree for marriage,if her parents took money from relatives and perform her nikaah. She wanted her parents to borrow money if needed rather than ask her relatives for help. But inspite of this her parents took money from relatives and.. More

  • Woman Saw Her Husband Committing Adultery Date: 23-2-2023

    A woman saw her husband having sex with another woman. She saw with her own eyes . Is she considered automatically divorced from the man or she is still his wife ?Jazaaka allahu kheyran. .. More