1156 fatwas

  • Watching sports and bad movies on TV Date: 16-6-2002

    Is watching sports like football on TV Haram? I've been looking at bad movies before and now I'm repenting and I'm trying very hard not to see it ever. If I just see it when I'm unable to stop myself, what is the religion verdict about that since I don't look at it with intention? I can't stop myself... More

  • Unmarried Muslimah wants child by artificial insemination Date: 16-6-2002

    I'm a 30-year-old Muslim woman. I have been Muslim for almost two years. Before Islam I was married and after my marriage I had a relationship with a man 15 years older than I. After that relationship ended, I started reading about Islam and made my Shahadah that Ramadan, Al-Hamdulillah. I have a little problem, I always wanted to be a mother, in the.. More

  • Muslims donating blood and organs Date: 9-6-2002

    Are Muslims allowed to give blood and donate organs?.. More

  • Books for studying Arabic Date: 8-6-2002

    What are the books in "al-Nahaw" (grammar) and "al-Sarf (morphology), and also in "Fiqh al-Lugha" (books in Arabic language and grammar) to get common on Arabic language?.. More

  • Pain medication for operation Date: 4-6-2002

    I'm going to have back surgery next week. Is there any restrictions on the type of pain medication that they will try to give to me?.. More

  • Women dancing before other women Date: 27-5-2002

    What is the ruling regarding women dancing only in front of other women?.. More

  • Wants to seek wife on the Internet Date: 25-5-2002

    I am a 35-year-old divorced Muslim. I live alone in the United States. I found a sister on the Net, who is an American convert to Islam. She has no family and she lives alone. I am interested in marrying her and I have a strong intention to do that. My question is I would like to continue talking with her on the phone to know what she thinks about as.. More

  • Going to sea or beach Date: 25-5-2002

    Can I go to the sea or to the beaches?.. More

  • Abortion after being raped Date: 21-5-2002

    If a lady who was raped became pregnant through the rape is this lady allowed to have abortion, since it is unbearable for her to keep the baby both mentally and emotionally?.. More

  • Teaching through use of music Date: 19-5-2002

    Is it permissible to teach through music? Especially those who are retarded since they learn through it very quickly?.. More

  • Ruling on chess Date: 19-5-2002

    I want to ask if chess (the type played nowadays) is allowed in Islam or not?.. More

  • Destruction of Buddhist statues, pyramids, sphinx, etc. Date: 18-5-2002

    The Buddhist statues that were recently destroyed in Afghanistan, were they destroyed because of Qur'an and/or Hadith? Should they have been saved for history's sake? What about the Pyramids and Sphinx in Egypt? They have faces, should they be destroyed also? Some people tell me no because the Pyramids are tombs? What is the ruling? Please supply Qur'an.. More

  • Having pictures hung in one's dwelling Date: 15-5-2002

    If a picture is hung in a dwelling, angels do not enter. What is the difference between picture, idol and photo? What about the pictures in books, magazines and news papers, text books?.. More

  • Hadith that forbids women singing Date: 14-5-2002

    Please, give me the Hadith which forbids singing for women... More

  • Dolls for girls Date: 13-5-2002

    Are we allowed to buy dolls for our daughters?.. More