1168 fatwas

  • Why Islam permitted abortion in critical situation Date: 20-2-2002

    I asked you about abortion in Islam now my question is what is the wisdom behind allowing “Abortion” in case the pregnancy threatens the mother’s life? According to the texts of the Qur’an and the Sunnah... More

  • Infertility problems Date: 5-2-2002

    What is the Islamic Fatwa on people who have infertility problems - are they allowed to have treatment using modern techniques such as test tube babies?.. More

  • Images and decorations Date: 4-2-2002

    I work in a carpet store where the rugs include some animal designs. In addition we sell toys in images of bears and the alpaca, the animal whose wool we use in the rugs. My religious friend told me that the animal's designs is example of creation of Allah and he said that there's more problem because some customers buy this rugs not only for the floor.. More

  • Writing books of fiction with Islamic values Date: 26-1-2002

    I would like to know if it is Halal to write fictional books (within Islamic values) or would it be considered a form of lying. .. More

  • Wants to abort non-Muslim husband's child Date: 23-1-2002

    What is the ruling for abortion in Islam if the woman married a non-Muslim man became pregnant and she wanted to have an operation?.. More

  • Cricket in Islam Date: 21-1-2002

    The Muslim community here in Panama in Central America is mainly from India; you should know that Indians love cricket. In recent months several "Muftis" from India have came here and they say that cricket is forbidden in Islam because of gambling. Here we have our local tournament but without any kind of gambling; all the clubs have parties but without.. More

  • Removing facial scars by surgery Date: 20-1-2002

    Is it permissible to have surgery to remove scars from one's face?.. More

  • Playing Computer or Video Games Date: 18-1-2002

    Is playing computer or video games Haram since you control human and other life-like animations on the screen? Is programming these games Haram as well? .. More

  • Proving the Falsity of Darwinian Theory Date: 16-1-2002

    How can I prove the invalidity of evolution theory of human beings (Darwinism) on an Islamic and logical basis? In what logical scientific method can I prove that the earth and nature are not self-created? Please note that, the word 'logical' in this question means the way I can convince the unbelievers in the Qur'an and Islam. .. More

  • Human images for the purpose of teaching Date: 15-1-2002

    Can we use human imagesillustrations within school textbooks to teach Islamic morals?.. More

  • Has deep regrets and feelings for Christian man she chatted with Date: 7-1-2002

    I'm a Muslim girl, 23 years old, doing my best to do what makes me nearer to Heaven, but lately I've been chatting with a Christian Italian man. After sometime we have feelings towards each other and I get depressed, so depressed and afraid of disobeying my God's rules. Then he offered to change his religion so we can be able to marry, but I told him.. More

  • Sister wants DVD player Date: 7-1-2002

    My sister was visiting the USA and she bought a DVD player but couldn't take it with her. Now she is asking me to ship it to her. The problem is that I think she will use to see Haram things. My question is, if I ask her to promise me not to do so, would i be excused before Allah even though she might falsely promise me not to look at Haram things?.. More

  • Listening to melodies Date: 1-1-2002

    Can I listen to music like melodies, not rock or pop music?.. More

  • Ruling on television Date: 29-12-2001

    Is television haram?.. More

  • Fearful of Having Child after Trying To Avoid Pregnancy Date: 25-12-2001

    I am now expecting and my due date is on 23/7/2000, Insha Allah. Actually I didn't plan to get pregnant, because my first baby is just 11 months old and to have her, I had to have an operation. I've taken a few steps to avoid getting pregnant, and up to now all the steps are useless and I am still pregnant. Now I feel guilty for what I have done, and.. More