1177 fatwas

  • Teaching through use of music Date: 19-5-2002

    Is it permissible to teach through music? Especially those who are retarded since they learn through it very quickly?.. More

  • Ruling on chess Date: 19-5-2002

    I want to ask if chess (the type played nowadays) is allowed in Islam or not?.. More

  • Destruction of Buddhist statues, pyramids, sphinx, etc. Date: 18-5-2002

    The Buddhist statues that were recently destroyed in Afghanistan, were they destroyed because of Qur'an and/or Hadith? Should they have been saved for history's sake? What about the Pyramids and Sphinx in Egypt? They have faces, should they be destroyed also? Some people tell me no because the Pyramids are tombs? What is the ruling? Please supply Qur'an.. More

  • Having pictures hung in one's dwelling Date: 15-5-2002

    If a picture is hung in a dwelling, angels do not enter. What is the difference between picture, idol and photo? What about the pictures in books, magazines and news papers, text books?.. More

  • Hadith that forbids women singing Date: 14-5-2002

    Please, give me the Hadith which forbids singing for women... More

  • Dolls for girls Date: 13-5-2002

    Are we allowed to buy dolls for our daughters?.. More

  • PC's Internet and TV Date: 13-5-2002

    What is your verdict on PC and Internet, TV for news and information? Remember, we have no control over the content... More

  • Going to male dentist rather than female doctor Date: 6-5-2002

    I went to a male dentist who lives in my town, and there is a lady doctor who lives in a far away town. I didn't want my father to get tired taking me to the far town so I went to see the male dentist. Is this ok?.. More

  • Artificial insemination Date: 5-5-2002

    1am a married woman with a problem with my ovaries, and this problem is called by the doctors ovarian failure. The solution for me to get pregnant is that I must take an ovum (egg-cell) from another woman so it will be fecundated by my husband's sperms and then to put in my womb. I hope I can find an answer from you... More

  • Wasting too much time Date: 4-5-2002

    I am a Muslimah in my middle teens. I am trying to be a good Muslimah, but I have a problem. I waste too much time and do not know what to do. Please suggest something helpful that will keep me busy and not lower my faith and goodness... More

  • Women learning martial arts Date: 4-5-2002

    Can women learn martial arts for their protection, if it involves fighting with men? .. More

  • Chatting on Internet Date: 30-4-2002

    It happened that I met a guy over the Internet. He is kind, religious, very perfect guy, and he taught me many things about Islam that I didn't know. After a while he chose me to be his future partner and I accepted. But it’s too early to tell my parents because I am waiting to finish college. Is it wrong to keep talking as long as we are not taking.. More

  • Female born with male hormones Date: 29-4-2002

    What is the Islamic ruling of a person who was born with male hormones (normal male levels of testosterone) but has female genitalia? He/she looks like female but is actually a male inside. The female parts are not working as a female part should but feels what a man feels.Is he/she considered a male or a female Islamiclly? All laws that govern that.. More

  • Artificial insemination Date: 28-4-2002

    I am married and have a son 4 years old. We would like to have another child, but because of my age I have difficulty getting pregnant. My doctor advised me to take medicine and do (IUI) intra uterine insemination which means the doctor introduces my husband's sperms into my uterus to increase my chance for pregnancy. Is this ok or is it against our.. More

  • Patient's right to die Date: 28-4-2002

    I am a doctor you must have heard about the case of a woman in UK who yesterday won the legal battle over her right to choose death. The judge decreed that the patients have the right to decide about whether they want to be treated or not, and if the patients wish to die the doctors have no right to persuade the patients to change their views. The.. More