1156 fatwas

  • Postage with image of idol Date: 25-9-2001

    Is it permitted to use a postage stamp with an image of the idol god Baal whom the Prophet Elias (Peace and blessing be upon him) was against in the Holy Qur'an (37:125-126)?.. More

  • Selling gold coins with figures Date: 24-9-2001

    You are kindly requested to answer the following questions received from one of my brothers in Islam: Are Muslims allowed to purchase and promote selling gold coins with figures?.. More

  • Images, pictures and dolls Date: 20-9-2001

    As I know, hanging a picture (of a living thing) is not right. But recently I heard that it will be wrong only then when the size of the picture is identical with the original size of that living thing. Is there really any matter of size? If I hang a picture of a living thing in my room, as I know, angel can't enter in my room but devil can. Now at.. More

  • Eye and vision problems Date: 12-9-2001

    I was born with an eye that see 3 by 10 and an eye that see 10 by 10; this now makes many problems in seeing. Can I have an operation on it with laser. Does this conform to Sharia?.. More

  • Video taping self for family viewing Date: 11-9-2001

    Are we allowed in Islam to film our selves with a video camera in a party among just women and we're sure that no men will see it because we want to send to our family in another country?.. More

  • Boxing as a career Date: 9-9-2001

    What is the ruling of boxing as a career? Can someone reward a successful Muslim boxer?.. More

  • Terminating pregnancy Date: 5-9-2001

    My friend's wife is pregnant 4 weeks. She gave birth to her last baby 6 months ago. Her last pregnancy was quite traumatic and painful and she is very uneasy about going through with this one. In this situation, is it permissible to terminate the pregnancy by means of the 'morning after pill' or any other means? If it is not permissible, can you please.. More

  • Butterflies on shower curtain Date: 5-9-2001

    My room has an attached bathroom with a pictured (butterflies) shower curtain. I always doubt about this, because it's forbidden hanging pictures of living things on the walls, as far as I know. Could you please explain this for me whether to remove this or not?.. More

  • Using pigs for medical research Date: 5-9-2001

    What is the Fatwa of using pigs in medical research? I work in the US in a pharmaceutical company and we frequently test new investigational drugs on animals. Among the animals are pigs... More

  • Wants early abortion due to unstable life with husband Date: 5-9-2001

    If I'm pregnant for only 10 days, is it prohibited in our holy religion to do miscarriage (abortion) because my life with my husband isn't stable?.. More

  • Muslims with photographic picture Date: 3-9-2001

    Can Muslims have photographic pictures of his friends in his room?.. More

  • Surgery to reduce size of nose Date: 20-8-2001

    A while back, my parents started to mock "make fun of" the size of my nose. At first I took it as a form of teasing, but it eventually progressed and as a result I became very stressful and paranoid about my nose. I started to routinely touch my nose over and over again and this still takes place even today from time to time. Some days I feel very depressed.. More

  • Donating blood to non-Muslims Date: 13-8-2001

    I work in the health field, and part of my job entails preparing blood for transfusion. We are currently experiencing a severe blood shortage. I would like to know if it permissible for a Muslim to donate blood. It is not certain whether the blood will be given to a Muslim or non-Muslim, but living in America, the majority are Kuffar. It is noted that.. More

  • Ruling on music Date: 13-8-2001

    Is music Haram in our religion? If it is so, why do people not care about this in almost every Muslim country?.. More

  • Removing fetuses in multiple pregnancies to benefit mother and other babies Date: 31-7-2001

    In the name of Allah The Most Gracious The Most Merciful. My wife and I have been going through infertility treatment. Currently, my wife has been treated with a drug that stimulates the production of multiple eggs. My semen will be injected inside her uterus to allow for pregnancy to take place, Insha Allah. This procedure results in multiple pregnancies.. More