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  • Unable to Repay His Debts Date: 25-11-2018

    Selam...I had a partnership with someone and started doing business in 2013.Then I had to run out of my country as we fell in debt due to being a victim of blackmail of some government-supported parties.I know that to have a clear Tawbeh one needs to pay back all the dues.I read Qura'an Kerim everyday and support other people but I know this is not.. More

  • Questions That Should Not Be Asked Date: 14-11-2018

    Aslaam alaikum shaikh1. Allah said in Quran that it is forbidden to ask about matters which may cause trouble in Surah Maidah can you please tell me which types of questions are forbidden and which kind of form it may take?2. Secondly Allah said that Kabbah garlanded people and animals and sacred months are a asylum of security of Mankind so is these.. More

  • Marching Does Not Necessarily Mean Marching on Foot Date: 12-11-2018

    Salam alaykom,I have a question pertaining to a hadith: Ibn Khuzaymah narrated in his Saheeh (9105) and in his Kitaab al-Tawheed (no. 594) that Ibn Mas’ood (may Allaah be pleased with him) said: “Between the lowest heaven and the one above it is (a distance of) five hundred years, and between each heaven and the next is (a distance of) five hundred.. More

  • Duration in Which the Prophet Was Affected by Magic Date: 11-11-2018

    Assalamu AleykumIn saheeh ahadiths it says that our Prophet (PHUB) was under the influence of black magic. How long was the Prophet (PHUB) under the influence of black magic? I have read it was about six months. Is this true? What suras were revealed in that timeframe? Jazak Allahu Khayran .. More

  • How to be Paid in a Consulting Business Date: 11-11-2018

    salam. pls answer this question with priority as it relates to my income. i am thinking of starting a consulting business. since consultancy is not a specific product and can only be described in a basic way, on what basis should i charge my clients? must it be hours worked? or can i give the following option:"you (client) can get my advice via e-mail.. More

  • Breaking a Promise Does not Result in a Curse Date: 29-10-2018

    Assalamualaikumsome years ago a friend of mine told me that he is having porn cd's. if he wanted to show it to me he asked me a promise, and told me that if i tell it to parents or others then some curse will happen to me. In that stage with the desire for those videos I just promised him. after some years, with the religious guilt feeling i told it.. More

  • Before Migration, Muslims Were Very Few In Makkah Date: 23-10-2018

    How many people converted to Islam while Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) was preaching in Mecca before he emigrated to Yathrib? .. More

  • Forbidden to Harm Oneself without a Preponderant Benefit Date: 18-10-2018

    Is self harm halal in any way under any circumstance? .. More

  • Husband Wants To Marry Again While He Is Insolvent Date: 10-10-2018

    aasalam alykum a day ago i had sent you a question and my question no.2705715 am adding to my question my husband says he has an ability to provide for two wives. so my question is that if he is able to so why he did start to provide for me for 2 years and 4 months. i am not planning for children and this has disturbed me mentally. he has lied to me.. More

  • The Wisdom for which Allah Tests the People Date: 7-10-2018

    Assalamu Alaikum Shaikh....before starting my question I want to say that I believe in ALLAH'S wisdom and His wills behind every unexplainable and unexplained matter....Now may I know from you any possible/ guessed answer from your human wisdom that, " Why did ALLAH put us in test, when HE knows everything about the result ? " ??? .. More

  • It Is Permissible To Study and Teach Mathematics Date: 7-10-2018

    Asalaam aleykoum.Is "Probability" in mathematics haram? And is it haram to study? If it is haram, will a person be helping in sin if he for example registrate students in math-courses (If he for exampel works as an education administrator at school/university in the west) if he do not know how the students are going to use the knowledge, how they take.. More

  • Diagnosed with Schizophrenia: Shall He Inform About It When Getting Married? Date: 4-10-2018

    my younger brother has diagnosed having schizopherinia. he see and hear things which are not actual. under treatment since last 10years. he is unable to work. stops his medicine and gets voilent. question is 1. either its ok to get him married? 2. mentioning that he gets aggressive some time, without disclosing his actual condition. 3. incase our parents.. More

  • Intentional and Unintentional Involvement in Sin Date: 2-10-2018

    Asalaam aleykoum,I am refering to question( nr. 2700929).My question was if I person will be comtributing to free mixing if the person works in a mixed school and have to registrate students in a mixed school. You answered that there is no harm in the mere registration of students in mixed schools. But in this Fatwa(nr 320440) that is about registrating.. More

  • One Should Think about Matters of Benefit To Him In His Religion and Life Date: 2-10-2018

    it is obviously sinful if you think about a nude woman. what about thinking about crimes that have happened in the past like the crimes of the second world war? my biggest difficulty is distinguishing the type of thinking that is sinful from the one that is allowed. Please give an explanation so that i can distinguish the type of thinking that is sinful.. More

  • Taking Papers From Their Workplace Date: 1-10-2018

    I have been using paper at my home for my personal purposes. I thought my parents bought it, but then they said to me that these papers are from their workplace and it is actually forbidden to take. I have no idea since when did they do this, but I think they did it only in the past few months or year, less than 3 years. Do I have to return them in.. More

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