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  • Do Not Inform The Suitor about Previous Sins Date: 17-3-2020

    If a brother puts a requirement on the nikkah paper that he wants his wife to never have been with a man before but she has repented from a past of close to zina actions, is she allowed to deny this with the intention of "The one who repents from sin is like one who did not sin"? Or would it count as a lie? .. More

  • Student Grant Paid Monthly In Advance Date: 17-3-2020

    Asalaam aleykoum. In the country I live in, a student can get what I Think is called funding or some money from the state while the person is studying. As soon as you start studying they pay you the Money for that month. They make a plan, for example for many months in advance.Now is it permissble to get that Money in "advance" or do I have to receive.. More

  • Playing Video Games To Keep Away from Temptations Date: 15-3-2020

    اسلام عل??م ورحمة الله وبركاته Can I play games in order to keep away from temptations and desires of heart.I have a strong desire for orgasm when alone.but when I watch kids cartoons or play games,I forget temptations.Is there any cure for passion for those who cannot fast because they are sick(.poor health جزاكاالله.. More

  • Diligence of Ibn Az-Zubayr In Worship Date: 15-3-2020

    Assalamu alaikkum Muslim Al-Makkee narrated: “Once I saw Ibn Az-Zubair RA go into Ruku so I read surah al-Baqarah, Aali Imraan, an-Nisaa’ and al-Maa’idah and he did not raise his head!” [Az-Zuhd of Abu Dawud, p. 348] The above is authentic or notjQuery11100763377694513097_1579586809842 I know that it takes three hours to complete the four.. More

  • Eating in Restaurants Where Cashiers Do not Wear Hijaab Date: 15-3-2020

    Assalamu'alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh, when eating from popular food outlets such as Burger King, Pizza Hut etc you have to talk, look at the person taking your order who is also the cashier, if chances are that it is most likely woman then they don't wear hijab and clothes like t-shirt and pant, in the sense it is revealing their awra. Also Music.. More

  • Husband Threatens to Divorce Her Because She is Interested In Islam Date: 8-3-2020

    Assalamualikum, I have this non Muslim friend who recently started getting interested in Islam . I answered all the questions she wanted to know. But yesterday she contacted me saying her world turned upside down since she started believing in Allah swt and her husband threatened her with divorce and taking away her four kids. What advice shall I give.. More

  • Female Friend Tried To Spoil Her Marriage Date: 4-3-2020

    Aoa. I am 20 and married. My husband loves me very much. There is a girl who was a friend of mine knew about our relationship but she still tried to approach my husband and tried talking to him and making him like her. She offered my husband that she'll marry him and wait for him and will always be available for him if we ever end up breaking. This.. More

  • Attends a Catholic School and Is Required To Attend Mass Date: 3-3-2020

    Asalam alaykum, My sister goes to a catholic school where they require them to attend mass which is a Christian religious service if the parents don't opt them out of it. There they sing which is their way of worship and it obviously includes words of kufr. She only moves her mouth without actually saying anything because if she didn't move her mouth.. More

  • Reward For Dying Somewhere Other Than one's Birthplace Date: 3-3-2020

    Assalam aalekum sheikh there is Hadith in sunan nasai 1833( the book of funerals) and ibne majah 1614( the chapters regarding funerals) if a man dies other than his birth place a space will be measured for him in paradise from the place he was born to the place where he died . What is the meaning of above Hadith does this mean such big will be the size.. More

  • Transgender and Conditioning Virginity Before Marriage Date: 25-2-2020

    Assalam Valaikum, Kindly answer my below questions (are somewhat weird ) : 1) What is the difference between an intersex person and a transgender ? Is there any sin upon them ? 2) I nowadays see many girls engaged in haraam relationships with boys. If in case a boy is looking for a bride, how can he know if that girl is a virgin ? I know that the.. More

  • Celebrating An Institution's 'Birthday' Date: 24-2-2020

    Bismillah. I do understand that celebrating one's birthday is Haram. So what about celebrating an institution's "birthday" (the date when the institution was established) by holding social/charitable acts? For example, a school was established on 11 March 1970. And on March 2020 (not exactly on 11 March 2020) the school plan to hold a series of good.. More

  • Stance of Companions On Marrying Wealthy People Date: 20-2-2020

    Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh, is shaming through the use of word gold digger foriegn to Islam? Is this a western concept? Am I right is saying that if someone marries because of his/her wealth then we cannot use the word gold digger as it has a western meaning which results in shaming. Also how did the earlier generation of Muslim meaning.. More

  • Muslims Seeing Evil And Not Feeling Distresed By It Date: 19-2-2020

    Why is it that when some Muslims hear music, or they see women, they are not affected by it? I consider myself to be a good Muslim, but when sometimes when I hear music it bothers me and I hate it. Or when I see non mahram women not dressed properly, I feel an awful feeling, like distress. Why do Muslims when they see sin, they don't do or say anything.. More

  • Born But Did Not Practice and Wants to Abide by Islam Date: 18-2-2020

    My name is Arshad. I am from India (State of Kerala). Presently I am working in Qatar. I am born to a muslim parents. But I have lived a very short life as a muslim. From my chidhood, I was not observing my salah properly. I started praying regularly after I reached puberty but this lasted only for 1 or 2 years. Then I stopped praying due to some thoughts.. More

  • Universe was Created in Six Days Date: 12-2-2020

    Assalamu Alaikum. In the Qur'an, it states that the universe was created in six days. But science tells us that the universe is billions of years old. How do we reconcile between these two facts? .. More