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  • Making Dolls with Eyes, Nose and Mouth Date: 11-7-2018

    As salamu alaykom respected AlimI would like to ask the permissibility of making simple soft toys for children by knitting with wool or from sewing with fabric such as dolls or rabbits, teddy bears ect? Is it permissible to make these toys with a face by using buttons as eyes and stitching a small line with thread to resemble a mouth?May Allah azza.. More

  • Wants to Return to the None Muslim Land he Migrated From Date: 2-7-2018

    Assalamu alaikumWe made hijra from west. At the begining things were good but after my wife was inflicted with sihr we lost everythg n i wasnt able to get a job. it has been almost two years and we dont have enough money to get us by even for foods. We would like to live here but we have childrens.My non muslim family offered money to pay for our flight.. More

  • Punishing Oppressed disbelievers is not Injustice Date: 28-6-2018

    Scholars,lately, i've been struggling with the issues of non muslims going to hell. I mean, there are like millions of non-muslim suffering throughout the world (yazidis, christians, hindus, etc) alongside muslims as well. I mean with muslims, I guess it reassuring knowing they enter heaven but for non muslims, i struggle with it. I mean, i feel cruel.. More

  • The Entrusted Does Not Guarantee the Loss of a Trust Date: 28-6-2018

    Regarding compensation Assalam alaykum,My query is this at my brother in law ‘s home my jewelry was stolen. His wife’s Jewellery was also stolen and the thief was arrested by the police also but we never get back our belongings. Now my question is my brother in law thinks that it’s his home he was not able to safeguard my belongings so he wants.. More

  • Angels Descended With Spears During Abu Bakr's Time Date: 26-6-2018

    I have heard the following narration from a scholar is this incident authentic or any similar incident and if yes what is the reference to this and in which book it is taken from : In the first war of Syria, there was a regiment of 8,000 people with Amr Bin Aas [ra]. It was the first war in the reign of Abu Bakr Siddique [ra]. Romans were 100,000 in.. More

  • Parking Cars in Streets Date: 25-6-2018

    Assaalmaulikum wa rahmatullahi wabarakaatuhWhat is the ruling on parking cars in streets? As a result the street becomes narrow. But the people do not have any choice because there are no parking lots. Rarely you might find, but even that may not occupy all the cars. So, street parking is a common norm. .. More

  • Feeling of Inferiority is encountered by Confidence Date: 10-6-2018

    Selaam alaykum,I am university student in the west. I am having difficulty dealing with my classmates. Alhamdulillah I am practicing Muslim. I pray 5 times a day and I try to read Quran at least twice a weak. But I couldn’t handle sitting in the class with non believers or non righteous people. They way they treat me as a muslim and they see me down.. More

  • Male Teacher Answering Questions by Female Students Date: 7-6-2018

    A husband is an online teacher who teaches men and women. The structure of the class is that his students does not see him, but they see him. They may purchase books from him for his class or find those specific books online for free. They take down notes on what he is writing in the background and sometimes he will allow each of them to repeat through.. More

  • How to Estimate the Amount Taken Unlawfully Date: 7-6-2018

    Assalamu'alaykum. I would like to resend this because the fatwa referred hasn't answered my question which focuses on the assumption of what she is liable for. A girl used to take money with force from another children. She only remembers that she took these money during the 3rd grade of her elementary school. She doesn't remember how much money she.. More

  • Forgiveness on the Night of the Middle of Sha'baan Date: 6-6-2018

    Is it true that if 2 Muslims had a fight and 1 of them wronged the other, never returns that Muslim's right, Allah will not accept from these 2 Muslims of their good deeds on the night of 15th of Shaban and Ramadan as long they live on this earth until The Angle of Death comes to take their soul away? I heard on the 15th of Shaban, that Allah will forgive.. More

  • Starting With One’s Own Self Date: 5-6-2018

    Salam AlaikumThis question is a little complex.Is it bad that i want to focus on myself and my life more than others? I'm not saying I think I'm better than anyone, what I'm saying is I like to concentrate on my personality and my life first before anyone else. I give myself much more time and effort more than everyone else. Is that a wrong mentality.. More

  • Depressed and Wants to Commit Suicide Date: 5-6-2018

    Assalamualaikum, Is it permissible to ask Allah to wipe away memories of a traumatic event? A while back I went through an extremely traumatic event. It's been very debilitating for me because it plunged me into severe depression and I keep being haunted by the memories every second of the day. I cannot sleep, and even if I sleep I keep seeing dreams.. More

  • Unethical Practices When Authoring and Publishing Date: 30-5-2018

    : If publishers/authors/co authors/editors/alike of books /journals /reports/research papers/alike etc do unethical practices(of whatever types ) in course of writing,producing ,editing,publishing works ,does it make me unlawful for me to download ,buy & read their works both in internet & real life even topics are permitted/lawful/halal? Does.. More

  • Allah Depriving Some People from Intelligence or Wealth Date: 23-5-2018

    Assalam o Alaikum!My question is:Did Almighty Allah create every person with equal abilities like intelligence, wisdom, cleverness, logic or we are different by birth. In general life if a task is given to a intelligent and clever person he will do it efficiently while a dull or less intelligent person may put huge efforts and still unable to do task.. More

  • Wants to Donate Items That Contain Images Date: 20-5-2018

    I only recently accepted Islam into my life, but I was raised as a Christian. As a result, I own many things that are haram, especially things carrying images. There are many charity organizations around me that ask for such things, because I live in a non Muslim country where many poor and homeless people do not care whether there are images on their.. More