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  • Seeking cure for treatment of illness Date: 8-9-2011

    I have been suffering from an illness for a long time. Please advise me what should I do. Would reciting Chapter Yaseen be useful for me?.. More

  • Scholars’ opinions on amulets Date: 8-9-2011

    Is it true that hanging scent or ornaments on a car mirror is considered an act of Shirk?.. More

  • Ruqyah using a recorded tape is invalid Date: 8-9-2011

    Can Ruqyah be valid if it is done by playing a recorded tape of Quran while placing the water intended to be used in Ruqyah beside it?.. More

  • The Ruqyah (Quranic healing) for tumors is the same as that for other ailments Date: 28-7-2011

    Is there a certain supplication in the Sunnah of the Prophet, sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam, that is used in making Ruqyah for the patient suffering from tumors?.. More

  • How to seek a remedy through the names of Allaah Date: 20-7-2011

    Some diseases are treated through the beautiful names of Allaah The Almighty. Would you please clarify the method of treatment in this regard? May Allaah reward you... More

  • Using black cumin as an amulet is a Bid‘ah (religious innovation) Date: 20-7-2011

    In my country, we have gotten used to seeking the blessings of black cumin and use it to ward off envy as well as the effect of the evil eye by putting it over the clothes of the newborn or the bridegroom or in the pockets of those who are doing exams. What is the Sharee’ah ruling on this? Is this considered an act of Shirk (polytheism)?.. More

  • There is no harm in adding water to the water on which Ruqyah has been recited Date: 20-7-2011

    Sometimes one may use water mixed with Sidr (lote-tree) leaves on which Quranic verses are recited to undo magic. Should he wash himself with it cold or can he add to it some hot water on which no Quranic verses have been recited? Does it make a difference if it is used for three, or two or one day?.. More

  • People of the Book making Ruqyah for Muslims - A Sharee‘ah viewpoint Date: 19-7-2011

    There is an unfortunate widespread phenomenon in my Muslim country, as some Muslims, who believe that they are under a spell or the effect of magic, go to churches and ask priests to break these spells. One of my female relatives went to a priest seeking a solution for her undutiful son ignoring our strong objection. The priest recited some words.. More

  • Ruqyah is permissible unless involves Shirk Date: 19-5-2011

    I have a twenty-five year old daughter and many suitors have proposed to her but I refused all of them, then no further suitors proposed. One of my friends told me that someone has cast a spell on my daughter and the only way to break it is to write down a Quranic verse on a piece of cloth, using a certain type of ink, and then to put this piece of.. More

  • Seek help of Allaah first, then seek other means like Ruqyah Date: 18-5-2011

    I am a girl who suffers from severe pain in my right leg when I hear the Quran. Is it permissible for me to go to a man who treats with the Quran? .. More

  • Permissibility of using objects for Ruqyah (healing with the Quran) Date: 2-5-2011

    I went to a Shaykh and asked him to recite Ruqyah over me, however he asked me to bring certain things to him, like sea water, well water, rain water and a kind of moss called the Wada‘ah. Should these things be used in Sharee‘ah-approved Ruqyah?.. More

  • Prerequisites of writing Ruqyah and drinking its water Date: 11-4-2011

    - Is it permissible to write the verse of Al-Kursi, [Quran 2: 255], or any other chapter from the Quran on a piece of paper and then put this piece of paper in water and the patient drinks it? - If it is permissible, is there evidence from the Quran supporting its permissibility?- Is it permissible to use supplications instead of Quranic verses in.. More

  • The ruling on wearing amulets Date: 8-3-2011

    What is the Sharee‘ah ruling on wearing amulets and other objects that people believe guard against the evil eye or envy? Under which kind of Shirk is wearing amulets classified? .. More

  • The Anti-flu bracelet is an amulet Date: 8-3-2011

    Is the bracelet that is worn to prevent flu considered an amulet, knowing that physicians believe it to be effective?.. More

  • No sorcery or charms in Ruqyah (Quranic treatment) Date: 28-2-2011

    Some Shaykhs say that they can recite certain verses for girls so that they get married. They say that if the girl does not get married within three months after the Ruqyah, she should go to them again so that they would make Ruqyah for her another time. Knowing that they do not use black magic nor do they ask about the name of the mother nor take.. More