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  • Permissibility of pouring water as a form of Ruqyah over a patient’s body Date: 23-9-2010

    Is it permissible to pour water, over which some Quranic verses have been recited, on the whole body as an act of Ruqyah? .. More

  • The Ruqyah acceptable in the Sharee‘ah Date: 23-9-2010

    What is the Ruqyah acceptable in the Sharee'ah and what are the verses that must be recited therein? .. More

  • Performing Ruqyah for sick people in public Date: 20-9-2010

    assalamoualaikoum my name is sarif and i live in mauritius,an island of 1.2 million inhabitants and same is situated in the indian ocean near madagascar.the muslim population is 20 % and the majority is of hindu magic or sihr is part of the hindu rituals since they are indulged in idolatry and worship the kali maataa known for magic.. More

  • He is worried about his late talking son Date: 6-9-2010

    ASA, My son is three and half years old. He talks very little. I have been to doctor but not satisfied with their advise. His name is AHMED GHANI IMAM. Please advise in view of Islamic that his name is OK. I have guided by some islamic leader to read 1000 times AlQadiro and AlQawio on water and let him drink. ihavent started yet. Please highlight... More

  • Took an oath not to be treated with Ruqyah again Date: 9-8-2010

    i have been having problem since my teenage age.I dream of trees with male gentiles having intercourse with me, it come in form of woman or a man.i did not believe i had the problem but now that i have had over six suitors who leave without any reason i belief. I cant maintain a relationship or desire a man completely.i see my self brest feeding babies.. More

  • The use of Ruqyah, 'Athkaar and Quran to treat and protect oneself Date: 17-2-2010

    I get very frightened when I face some situations in a way that saps my will to resume my studies. Could this be the harmful effect of an evil eye? I suffer from headaches when I read the Quran. What is the ideal solution to this problem? I have heard that there are some people whom Allaah The Almighty has endowed with special power to solve such.. More

  • Curing verses in the Quran Date: 31-1-2010

    What are the curing verses in the noble Quran?.. More

  • Ruqyah (Incantation) for cancer Date: 3-1-2010

    My father has cancer and I found on a website how to treat a cancer patient with the Quran. So, I want your advice on the ruling for applying the following Ruqyah. This method comprises listening to the Quran and taking a bath and drinking from the water over which the Quran has been recited. Then, we should rub the organ affected by cancer with olive.. More

  • A husband performing Ruqyah for his wife Date: 26-1-2009

    As salaamu alaikum Is it permissble to put husband hand on pregnant wife tommy and say duas or darood-e-sharif etc. Please tell me. Thanks. Khaliq.. More

  • Reciting the Quran on water for Ruqyah Date: 19-1-2009

    assalam wa alykum if the person wants to read surahs and blow it on the water then the person should blow on the water after reciting every surah or blow after reciting all the surahs togather? and which all surahs should be recited to blow on the water for protection from all the evils? jazakallahhukhair.. More

  • References of a Fatwa about amulets containing Quranic verses Date: 9-8-2006

    Asslam O Alaikum, Dear Scholars, tell me the references that you quoted in your fatwa 83434: Hanging amulets containing Qur'anic verses of Names and Attributes of Allah is a controversial issue among the Muslim scholars. Some including Abdullah Ibn Amar believe that it is lawful. This also conforms to what was reported from Aisha (May Allah be pleased.. More

  • Amulets containing Quran and supplications Date: 15-5-2006

    All praise due to Allah and peace and blessing upon his noble messenger for ever Amin. Few of cousins went from US to Pakistan and they met a lady and that lady gave them bunch of Taweezes (Quran and some other prayer) wrapped in plastics and cloths. One of them just got separated with her husband after coming back from Pakistan. I told them that these.. More

  • Throwing water on which Ruqyah was performed in the toilet Date: 2-4-2006

    Is it permissible to splash the water on which Ruqyah is performed in the toilet, as it contained magic?.. More

  • Listening to tapes on Ruqyah does not take the place of Ruqyah itself Date: 1-4-2006

    Is listening to tapes on Ruqyah an innovation?.. More

  • The correct way of treatment by use of Allaah's Names Date: 1-4-2006

    There is a treatment for some diseases with Allaah's Names, could you explain to me the method of treatment?.. More