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  • A professional Ruqyah therapist can expel a Jinn Date: 6-2-2011

    How can we deal with a Jinn who cast a magic spell on the bewitched person and embraced Islam after reciting Sharee‘ah approved Ruqyah; however, when we asked him to leave the body, he told us that he did not know how? He repeatedly swore by Allaah The Almighty that he did not know and cannot do so. .. More

  • Ruqyah must be recited in Arabic Date: 26-1-2011

    What is the ruling of Islam on going to a Shaykh, who is specialized in curing people with the Quran, knowing that he uses some foreign words while talking in Arabic and that he continually recites the Quran throughout the session?.. More

  • Qualifications of Ruqyah therapists Date: 26-1-2011

    What are the qualifications that Quranic therapists ought to have?.. More

  • Qualifications of Ruqyah therapists Date: 26-1-2011

    What are the qualifications that Quranic therapists ought to have? .. More

  • Treating erectile dysfunction Date: 25-1-2011

    My problem is that when I have foreplay with my wife prior to intercourse, I enjoy it and am in a natural status, but this changes at the time of intercourse and I then suffer from erectile dysfunction. This occurs most times, and except for in a few cases. Could it be envy or magic? What is the treatment?.. More

  • Tips for doing Ruqyah on others Date: 23-1-2011

    How can I learn to treat others from Jinn possession and envy?.. More

  • Hanging blue sculptured palms with Quranic verses painted on them Date: 23-1-2011

    Is it permissible to hang a blue sculptured palm on which some Quranic verses are written? .. More

  • Ruqyah to continue until full recovery Date: 13-10-2010

    How can one make Sharee‘ah-approved Ruqyah? Is there a preferred time for making Ruqyah?.. More

  • It is permissible to blow and rub in Ruqya Date: 12-10-2010

    My mother is ill so I recite some Quranic verses and Sharee‘ah-approved Ruqyahs over her from a booklet, then I softly blow out moist breath in my right hand and rub her body with it. Is this right?.. More

  • Beware of those who use unlawful Ruqyah Date: 6-10-2010

    My father is under a magic spell and I am trying to find a Shaykh to treat him. When I finally went to a Shaykh recommended by a young man and started talking to him, I felt uneasy because he asked for some things usually asked for by magicians, like my mother's name and other things, and he did not recite the Quran. I did not do what he asked me.. More

  • Ruqyah using molten lead Date: 28-9-2010

    Is it permissible to effect treatment by reading the Quran on molten lead? .. More

  • Quranic amulets and paying for Ruqyah Date: 28-9-2010

    I have suffered more than one miscarriage, in these circumstances is it permissible for me to wear a Quranic amulet throughout my pregnancy? .. More

  • Ruqyah, Athkaar (remembrances) and seeing a doctor Date: 27-9-2010

    I study in Britain and thanks to Allaah The Almighty, I am a religious Muslim. One and a half years after traveling to Britain I developed painful symptoms such as exhaustion, migraine and cramps. These symptoms have become increasingly serious over time. I have exhausted all the possible means of medical treatment and check-ups without any improvement... More

  • Consult physicians and use Ruqyah based on the Sharee'ah Date: 26-9-2010

    I suffer from a strange illness that physicians have failed to diagnose. I tried treatment with Ruqyah but my condition has not improved. What should I do? .. More

  • Ruqyah according to the Sharee'ah is beneficial, Allaah willing Date: 23-9-2010

    My mother is sick and we have tried every possible means to treat her but there has been only a slight improvement in her health. What is your advice in this regard? .. More