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  • Prohibition of wearing amulets Date: 27-3-2006

    What is an amulet? .. More

  • Can Ruqyah be achieved by listening to tapes? Date: 27-3-2006

    Is it permissible to perform Ruqyah by playing a tape and putting water beside it? .. More

  • Adding water on which Ruqyah was not performed on water on which Ruqyah was performed Date: 22-3-2006

    My question is on the water on which Ruqyah was performed, i.e. the water to which lotus jujube leaves are added and on which the verses of the Quran are read, and we perform Ghusl (ritual bath) with it in order to get rid of magic. Do we perform Ghusl with the water when it is cold as Ruqyah was performed on it when it was cold? Or is it acceptable.. More

  • Ruqyah is effective only with Allaah's Will Date: 21-3-2006

    My mother is epileptic. How would it be possible to treat her? What is exactly this disease, taking into consideration that she is being treated with Ruqyah for three months but without benefit?.. More

  • There is no harm for a woman in menses to wash with water on which Ruqyah is performed Date: 21-3-2006

    Is it permissible for a woman in menses to wash with water on which Ruqyah is performed? .. More

  • Authenticity of reciting the Quran and blowing on water Date: 31-1-2006

    I am requesting authentic information regarding performing Ruqyah by reciting Quran and blowing into water for drinking and washing to help remove Sihr by the will of Allaah. I am not by any means trying to undermine your authority or any past scholars, may Allaah have mercy on them, I am seeking to understand the permissibility which is prevalent.. More

  • Seeking ways to improve health Date: 14-8-2005

    I have a friend whose health is not so good. In a way he is the healthiest, never sick in bed. But he is skinny. Correct me if I'm wrong or ignorant in this matter I heard there are verses or chapters in the Quran that help to (give Shifa'a) heal a person. Do you think they might help him to gain some health (in the sense some good weight)... More

  • Continues to be troubled by doubt and bad thoughts Date: 2-5-2005

    However, I don't understand what 'Ruqyah' means. Could you please explain? Also which supplications should I read that are stated in the Holy Quran? I was not able to mention all my problems in my last question. However, I would like to tell you that I also get very worried during performing my Wudu. I keep thinking I have done it wrong then.. More

  • Nothing helps wife's back problem Date: 29-9-2004

    My wife is suffering from backbone and 11 years back and again 1 year back operated. 1 year back operation was not success. Now she cannot walk, sit and feeling pain in the legs. One doctor suggests for surgery again but the other doctor said not need of surgery. Doctor prescribed medicines are not working. Chinese Herbal medicines are also.. More

  • Wants to solve the magic possibly done to her husband Date: 5-9-2004

    I have a big problem I hope you help me to solve soon cousin of my husband make problem with his wife and every one stay now in different home and they usual make problem with each other. and his wife say some one make black magic to her and her husband and she go to Shaykh to solve this magic and want me to put this water to her husband.. More

  • Helping non-Muslims with Ruqyah Date: 16-8-2004

    A Shaykh is refusing to help non-Muslims (Christians) in case of Sihr by reading Ruqiyah using Ayah from Surah - Isra: 82 as justification. Is he right? Are there any Hadeeth saying that Ruqiyah shouldn't be used to help people with Sihr unless they are Muslims?.. More

  • Wants to avoid influence of in-laws who wear and encourage wearing amulets Date: 27-6-2004

    My husband's parents wearamulets andI know they ateshirk. Allah (swt) has granted my husband the wisdom to get rid of this, but they keep on trying to force it on him.We have told them many times that this is wrong andI am worried that this will effect my married life and my daughter's life as well. Currently we are in a different country from them.. More

  • Carrying Qur’anic verses to ward off evil Date: 2-5-2004

    Some people carry some Qur’anic verses in a small medal tied around their waist to prevent Satanic disturbances and for safety. Is this allowed in Islam? It is very common among the Indian Muslims... More

  • Using Qur'anic verses as protection or for benefits Date: 11-4-2004

    Here in Pakistan, we use to hang some Qur'anic Ayah for protection or maybe for benefits. Is this permitted?Is it correct that a Sahabi (I don't know his name) used to have Ayah in his neck for protection or on his children?.. More

  • Ruling on Amulets Date: 11-4-2004

    What is the ruling on amulets? Can we pray behind one who makes and sells amulets? .. More