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  • Fearing certain action to be bad omen Date: 23-11-2016

    Assalaamu alaykum. Recently, one of my distant relatives died. When another relative went to see the dead body, he accidentally hit his foot against the bed in which the dead body was kept. Is this a bad thing/omen? Are there any ways for us to rectify this mistake? We are really scared. Please help with your kind advice. Thank you. .. More

  • Finding a good omen in pleasant scenes is an Islamic manner Date: 9-1-2014

    Could a pleasant scene be a good omen? This question came to my mind after seeing a wonderful and astonishing scene that reminded me of Paradise. I supplicate Allaah to Admit me, you and all Muslims to Paradise. This was shortly before sunset on the first day in Ramadhaan. I was sitting, reciting the Athkaar of the evening when I glanced toward the.. More

  • Allaah causes illness while contagion is a means through which Allaah effects His Decree Date: 27-12-2012

    My wife has been suffering from a chronic disease for seven years now. All the members of our family were deeply saddened by her illness. Much to my surprise, a few days ago, I found that the same disease was transmitted to me. So, I decided not to tell anyone in order not to make the matter worse. What is the religious opinion concerning this matter?.. More

  • Contagion from the Islamic perspective Date: 27-12-2012

    What is the Islamic perspective on contagion?.. More

  • Regarding mole on woman's face as bad omen Date: 16-12-2012

    I have a question concerning the Mole on women face. It has been long time saying that woman who has mole on face to the direction of tear down bears sorrowful and may demise her husband in early part of life times. Is it practicable or not in islam, what do islam say in such some peopl's saying ? thanks ... More

  • Pessimism: its ruling and treatment Date: 8-3-2012

    Is it an act of Shirk to be pessimistic regarding days of the week? If an Imaam does this, is it permissible to pray behind him when he leads prayers?.. More

  • The ruling on pessimism Date: 12-9-2011

    What is pessimism or the belief in evil omens? Please provide me with some examples... More

  • The Prophet, sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam, used to like optimism (good auspicious words) Date: 11-9-2011

    Is it authentically reported that the Prophet, sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam, said that whoever expects goodness will get it?.. More

  • The dangers of pessimism Date: 18-8-2011

    I always feel pessimistic and expect the worst. What is the ruling on this pessimism and how can I get rid of it? .. More

  • The ruling on saying, Date: 18-7-2011

    What is the ruling on saying, "This is a good omen…"?.. More

  • Pessimism: Its ruling, types and how to rid it Date: 28-2-2011

    What is the ruling of Islam on Pessimism (believing in evil omens) and how can one get rid of this? .. More

  • Seeking refuge with Allaah is required when devils are present Date: 26-1-2011

    Is it true that there is a devil or a Jinn in a black cat? Should we seek refuge with Allaah when we see it? .. More

  • Meaning of the narration 'There is no Adwa' Date: 4-7-2010

    Salaam Alaykum Sheikh, A man once told us that diseases are not infected or transmitted from one individual to other but rather they all infected people are victim of it's initial cause. He gave a hadith saying that when sahaaba said to Prophet (Sallallaahu Alayhi Wasallam) that diseases were transmitted from one camel to another and hense all camel.. More

  • 'If at all there is bad omen, it is in the horse ..........' Date: 26-5-2010

    Assalamu allai kum i came across two hadith . kindly advice me whether this two hadith is sahih and how to take it. Narrated Sahl bin Sad: Allah's Apostle said, "If at all there is bad omen, it is in the horse, the woman, and the house." (Sahi Bukahri,Book #62, Hadith #32). 'Abdullah b. 'Umar reported Allah's Messenger (may peace be upon him) as saying... More

  • Attributing bad omen to one's words Date: 4-5-2009

    assalamualikum i am civil engineer by profession, my familiy five members , the question is now i am the money spending man my familiy, that is why i am always telling about controll the expenditure of my family ,my marrige is over and i controlled expenditure ,before marrige i told the familiy money also required for hospital cases in future , after.. More