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  • Different views about Riba Date: 1-12-2002

    I would like to know the reason for the different views concerning Riba in order to get a house. Some Ulamah allow Riba as Qaradhawi , and others forbid it. .. More

  • Car loans by Algerian bank Date: 20-11-2002

    Are the loans on cars purchase bestowed by the bank "Baraka Algeria" is compliant with Islamic Sharia?.. More

  • Living with a Riba transaction Date: 16-9-2002

    My parents are divorced and I am living with my mother in my grandfather's house. Life in my grandfather's house is not comfortable as we are 8 persons, and my mother is depressed and sick of it. She is so nervous that I am sometimes afraid that she looses her mind. After 28 years, my father offered to buy a house for my mother and myself. I choose.. More

  • Taking a Loan to Repay Debts Date: 10-9-2002

    We know Riba (interest) is Haram and is a major sin. What is the ruling for a bankrupt person to take a loan with interest if there is no other way to pay back his debts? He has loans as debts whose interest keeps on multiplying. Can he take this loan with interest to pay all this back or else what should he do? .. More

  • Accepting gifts and cash from donor whose income is from bank interest Date: 3-9-2002

    Can I accept and use the gifts and cash from my grandmother whose only source of income is bank interest? Please advice what Islamic law says about this... More

  • Family Dealings With Usury Banks Date: 13-8-2002

    My father has two sons and I am the younger one. My father shares a business with his partner who has one son. Our family are not practicing Muslims. As a matter of fact, my father and his partner have accounts in non-Islamic bank that deals with usury with its consumers. I asked my father to shift his account to an Islamic bank and once he talked to.. More

  • Riding in car purchased with Riba Date: 17-7-2002

    Can I drive my friend's car or let him pick me up, if I knew that he bought his car with interest (Riba)?.. More

  • Bank Account and Spending Mixed with Interest Date: 22-6-2002

    I have an amount of money in a western bank. Usually, I cut my 2.5 percentage Zakaat from the total amount. I have been doing so for a long time before I knew now that the interest is forbidden. Please explain my situation. Furthermore, I spent some money mixed with interest on my family, bought a house, and went to ‘Umrah before I knew that interest.. More

  • Education financed from sale of house bought on interest Date: 9-4-2002

    I am a student doing masters in a university in USA. I am from a Muslim country in Asia. Its my second semester here. In first semester of studies I got financial support from my parents. Now I am supporting my finances on my own. In my first semester my parents paid for my expenses from the money they got from selling a house which they had built taking.. More

  • Company Paying Interest on His Loan to Buy Flat to Marry Date: 2-4-2002

    I have taken a loan from my company for about 4000 D. The agreement was that I pay a fixed amount of money every month until I paid the loan for a total of the same amount that I took (4000D). But after that I discovered that the company agreed with a bank to give me the loan and the company will pay the interest amount after I paid the 4000D. I don't.. More

  • Getting Rid of Mortgage Transaction Date: 2-4-2002

    I live in the United States and last year my brother and I purchased a house on mortgage (Riba), in both of our names, based on the Fatwa from Dr. Yousef Al-Qardawi that it was a necessity (Duroora). My father paid most of the down payment; around 70,000 and my brothers and I added 5,000 each. I now feel that this was the wrong decision and want.. More

  • Using Interest to Pay Electric Bills Date: 31-1-2002

    Here in Surat (India) electricity companies use to collect electricity charges against supply of electricity. In addition to that they use to collect another charge called Fuel Adjustment Charge. About this charge their explanation is as below: 1) While distributing power from main junction to substations and from there to actual users about 7% is.. More

  • Buying Islamic School Property Using Loans with Interest Date: 21-1-2002

    What is the Islamic Fatwa for a principle of an Islamic school who buys school properties by borrowing money from lending institutions and banks? .. More

  • Increase in provident fund Date: 13-1-2002

    Every month 20% of the basic salary is added into provident fund maintained and retained by company in a bank account. After completion of six months/12 months some increase in one's provident fund amount was reported after the said period? Is this OK for us from Qur'an and Sunnah?.. More

  • Questionable loan Date: 6-1-2002

    My brother wants to buy some road construction machinery. He does not have all the required money. So the company selling the machinery has him pay certain sum and the balance will be a loan at 5% interest per annum to be repaid over a five year period. The company claims that this interest is how they want to state their profit. Is this interest or.. More