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  • A woman is entitled to her Mahr even if she married without a guardian Date: 29-10-2013

    i married a man without the permission of my parents/guardian. My husbands only guardian, his mother permitted us to marry. we married infront of qazi and 2 male adult witnesses (our friends).in my 1.5 years marriage i had a baby. then we got divorced. now,My ex-husband denies to pay my mohr saying our marriage was invalid. i want to know if our marriage.. More

  • Deferred dowry is a debt upon husband, unless wife relinquishes it Date: 18-2-2013

    i got married to a woman in Canada and i am from UK. when i got married in canada i set a amount set and now after been married for less then two years and lived together for 4 months the the marriage got into trouble and she went back to canada i have responsibilities here in uk .. my old mother and daughter from first marriage and i spend so much.. More

  • Many questions about Mahr and Waleemah Date: 13-6-2012

    I am goin to get married soon in India. I have a few doubts regarding the marriage contract. 1) Is it permissible for my bride's parents to gift their daughter with gold and land as gift? If my bride gives those things or land to me, can I make use of it? {It is not a demanded dowry} 2) I plan to give the waleemah on the wedding day after the nikkah.. More

  • When the bride can ask for her Mahr Date: 4-6-2012

    My sister invite her boyfriend to come for an introducton with his parents to our house, but in the course of introduction they now urge the boy to pay for my sister sadaqi which my sister does not like. My question is that is there no difference between introduction and Nikkahi and can u plead the bride to collect her dowry during the introduction.. More

  • Dowry of a wife who is proven guilty of adultery Date: 5-9-2011

    i divorced my wife after i found out she had relations with another man and become pregnant with his child,its been i year since and i havent yet paid her dowry,is she still entittled to it?.. More

  • His promise to document his wife's possession of the furniture is binding Date: 9-3-2011

    It is the custom in Egypt that when two people are married, the husband has to sign a document declaring that all the furniture in the newly-weds’ house belongs to the wife. My husband promised to do so before our marriage, but he has not fulfilled his promise yet. What is the Sharee’ah (Islamic law) ruling on this case? .. More

  • Married her without paying her a dowry and wants to divorce her Date: 27-2-2011

    I have been married for over 30 years and my husband never gave me a dowry but I told him, he could pay it later. He is divorcing me as I am ill and he wants a young wife. He has been a very bad husband. Is he required to pay me my dowry now? I need it to take care of my ill son, who is unable to work as well as myself. .. More

  • The Ma’athoon wrote a dowry amount lesser than what was agreed upon Date: 24-1-2011

    i got married before 2 months.the dowry between the 2 parties was decide to be a certain amount of the time of writing marriage contract the sheikh was informed by my uncle to write the amount which was decide as dowry.but the father of my husband told sheikh to write a different amount of dowry which was much less than what was decided .the.. More

  • His mother-in-law urged his wife to ask him for a new dowry Date: 20-1-2011

    salam brother. I gived my wife first time money for mahr the money she wanted and she was happy after when her mum came to visite us she was unhappy for the money and asked my wife to ask me for more moneymy wife she asked me to do a new mahr again to make her mum happy and I did the 2nd mahr was £6000. wish one is the correct?salam jzk ALLAH... More

  • Delayed dowry of a wife who asks for divorce Date: 23-9-2010

    When I got married the contract stipulated a mahr 50,000 UAE Dirhams, to be given at the start, and another 50,000 UAE Dirhams to be given at the end - in the event of my death or divorce. I gave her the former before we married. She has now left me, after 26 years, saying she wants to be "free". If I divorce her do I have to give her the second mahr? .. More

  • A widow demanding her delayed dowry after her husband’s death Date: 28-7-2010

    my husband's father died six months ago. his wife (who is not my husband's real mother) has asked that the family give her the other half of her dowry. is she entitled to this since her husband died and did not divorce her? i feel like she is just being greedy but we do not want to do anything haram by her. we want to do everything by the Qu'ran. please.. More

  • His wife's family set up his wife's dowry so higher than her sister's Date: 21-7-2010

    Hi, As- Salamu-Alaikum. I have a question regarding Maher. During my marriage, My in-laws set Maher too high and it was not communicated with my family in a proper manner. I came to know about the amount on the stage when the imam was conducting the marriage ceremony. i panicked but couldn't say anything because i wanted to save my mother-in-laws [she.. More

  • A woman and her guardian disagreeing over the amount of her Mahr Date: 23-6-2010

    Assalamo Alaykum dear scholars, Kindly I want to put forward my question about mahr: 1. Who stipulates the amount of mahr, the Wali or the girl who is going to get married? 2. If the Wali fixes an amount of mahr but the bride does not agree to this amount, then is this mahr valid? Wa Jazakum-Allah Khayra!!.. More

  • Wants to divorce his disobedient wife in return for her delayed dowry Date: 11-4-2010

    Salamu alaykum warrahmatallah Please advise us about the ruling on a disobedient wife who has abandoned the house of her husband and freed herself from all of her husband’s rights over her, in regards to the deferred dowry or mu’akhar if she was to be divorced. The Husband has not divorced her due to the fact he may be compelled to pay the deferred.. More

  • She and her husband are disputing on the amount of her dowry Date: 28-1-2010

    Asalamu Alaikum Does the bride decide on the Mahr, or can the groom set limits on the dowry. I really can’t recall deciding on my mahr value but my husband tells me that I did. I’m just really confused. The last thing I can remember before the nikkah took place is my husband told me that we’d talk about it tomorrow and that I cannot base my.. More