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  • A wife renouncing a part of her delayed dowry Date: 27-12-2009

    i got married with an agreedable installment dowry cash later on i found my husband financial situation is down i wanted to forget and lessen the dowry and i considered all what he spent for wedding as a part of it.whats the best solution.. More

  • Wife's right to jewelry and dowry items after divorce Date: 20-4-2009

    Salam If someone provides alot of the dowry and many stuff to his wife including jewellery etc. After a month or so they don't get together, and he asks her to take all jewellery and stuff away. Then he sends her back to her home. If they have to divorce, 1.Is it right that the jewellery which he had bought for his wife is not given to her after divorce? 2... More

  • There is no limit for Mahr (bridal money) Date: 7-4-2008

    it is said that in it is sunnah that women can ask for money before marriage other than maher (which is obligatory a man should give to his wife) can u give me some expalnation on this... More

  • Mahr as a condition of valid marriage Date: 14-2-2008

    Assalamu Aalykum 1. Is is obligatory to pay the full Mahr before meeting the wife? Can One make promise to pay it later on? And pay it partially? 2. In our society there is a tradition of asking wife to forgive Mahr, is it okai according to the sharia? 3. Some Scholar says no need to follow any school of Mazhab, one only has to follow the Quraan and.. More

  • Paying the value of the delayed Mahr in another currency Date: 22-11-2006

    We were married in Pak. The mahar was set at 50,000 sika-e-raijul-waqt. Mahar was not paid in Pak immediately after marriage as should have been. I want to pay mahar now but we live in USA. Am I obligated to pay in US $ 1 for 1 i.e. instead of Pk rupee 50,000 am I obligated to pay US $50,000. Please advise. Thanks... More

  • Bridal money of a wife who refuses to stay with her husband Date: 9-7-2006

    if the wife refuse to stay with her husband did she have any right to have a mahri... More

  • Bride wants to pay her own Mahr Date: 31-5-2006

    Is it good, polite for a muslim sister to pay her Bride price (Sadaqi) herself .Explanation:There is a muslim sister going out with one muslim brother but the lady is working while the brother has not started working, he is staying in Self contain (No accommodation problem) but they want to do Haqidu Nikkai according to Muslim Right so that they.. More

  • Borrowing money from one's fiancee to pay her bridal money Date: 3-5-2006

    Assalamu alaykum.A man is borrowing money from his fiance to be use as a dowry for her.And only both of them knows these.And he promised to pay her later monthly (after marriage) because he doesn't have money and he will earn it thru his monthly salary.This amount of dowry is the idea of her because she based it on her past 2 fiancees.Is it allowed.. More

  • Why a Muslim man has to give bridal money to his wife Date: 1-5-2006

    Why should a Muslim man give dowry to a Muslim woman? What will happen if he doesn't want to give her a dowry?.. More

  • Helping the bridegroom in furnishing his house depends on the customs Date: 26-3-2006

    Is the bride obliged to participate in the furnishing of the house of the bridegroom by half of the expenses or a little bit more than that? .. More

  • Wife claims that her bridal money was just a gift not a dowry Date: 14-2-2006

    What is the status of a Mahr (dowry) given by a groom to a bride when years later the bride, when asked, says she thought that was a gift and not Mahr? .. More

  • An unspecified set of gold as Mahr Date: 28-9-2005

    There is a certain instance whereby a Muslim man married a Muslim woman and the dowry was supposed to be a set of gold (i.e. earrings, bangles and necklace). These couple are now divorced before the dowry was given to the woman. As the value of the set of gold was not specified, there is now a dispute on what is to be paid to the woman. (There.. More

  • Questionable request for delayed dowry at time of divorce Date: 21-6-2005

    I live in USA. I get married from divorced woman from Egypt. In Egypt I can't get her to USA so she asks for divorce. In the marriage deed there are 15000 pound as (Mokher). I gave here 15000 pound on the marriage day. After I divorced her she asked for 15000 pound more as her (Mokher) so please let me know is this is right while we know each.. More

  • Setting the amount of the Maher (dowry) for marriage Date: 13-6-2005

    How do you set the amount of Maher when getting married? .. More

  • Average amount of the dowry Date: 8-6-2005

    How much is an average for the dowry?.. More