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  • Muslim marriage without husband giving the Mahar Date: 5-6-2005

    If a Muslim man married a Muslim woman without giving Mahar and taking dowry from her? Will their marriage be considered valid? Will their intercourse be considered Halaal? Please explain. .. More

  • Flirtatious relationship with non-Muslim Date: 13-1-2005

    I fear that I have committed a sin. I allowed myself to be kissed by a guy I know. I don't hate this person, he is not a Muslim, but something in me trusts him. I know this is completely wrong, and I am trying my best to not let myself do this again, and separate myself from him. I feel so much guilt, I can't even bear it, I can't tell this.. More

  • Questionable customs in India Date: 30-11-2004

    My name is Abdullaah Faarooqi and I belong to India. I would like to ask few questions if you can answer this it will be very kind of you and May Allaah bless you for this: 1) Is it correct to take anything from the bride's side, in the India it is a custom to give the dowry from the bride’s side even if the groom does not demand for.. More

  • Amount of Mahr Date: 27-10-2004

    My question is regarding "Mahr" (dowry amount given by groom to bride). I married 7 months back and my Mahr was fixed by my father. My father and bride's father had dialog and my father told that its good and its Sunnah of the Prophet, sallallaahu alayhi wa sallam, is Mahrul-Mithl (may be Mahr of elder sister in the family of bride) and.. More

  • His obligations after divorcing his wife Date: 27-10-2004

    My question is that my wife was at visiting her family in a different state about 500 miles away from us. While she was there, we got into fights and arguments about money and some other stupid things. So apparently, she got so mad that one day she drove to our house with her and picked her stuff while I was at work, then she called me and.. More

  • Wife's Mahr, medication and going out of husband's home Date: 12-5-2004

    I have a couple of questions: I wanted to know if your husband divorces you and takes you back, does he have to give you another dowry? I also wanted to know if there was any Fatwa on this: If you live in the West and you have to go to the emergency room in the hospital and you are in pain, can you be seen by a male doctor if the.. More

  • Divorced wife wants her Mahr Date: 11-5-2004

    My brother got married few months back. His only demand was a Hafiz a Quran girl. We got him married and he expected his wife to be a religious minded and observing Islamic values. However, this marriage turned out to be a disaster as the girl was just the opposite of what a good wife should be. She was disobeying her husband, fighting with him,.. More

  • The amount established for mahr Date: 22-4-2004

    Please explain the concept ofMahr (dower the bride-groom pays to his wife) in Islam. What should be the amount of money or value of the Mahr? Can it bea small amountor very large?Can the guardian of the bride demand a very large amountfor Mahr? I encountered this situation andneed clarification from Shariah. .. More

  • Delayed Mahr and divorce expenses Date: 13-3-2004

    A man, Egyptian by origin and Canadian by citizenship and residence, married an Egyptian woman in Egypt, and set the deferred portion of her dowry (Muakhar) in the contract at a certain high amount, upon the request of her family. Shortly afterwards she joined him in Canada and gave birth to their daughter. She demanded a divorce at court and made.. More

  • Remitting Mahr before Owning It Date: 14-10-2003

    I was speaking to a friend and she said she does not wish to have a Mahr when she marries. I do not think this is allowed, please correct me if I am wrong in this. As far as my limited knowledge goes, I know that the Beloved Prophet (Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam) gave Mahr to each of his wives except for Maimouna (Radiya Allahu Anha) who waived her right,.. More

  • Dowry System in India Date: 24-5-2003

    In India dowry system is prevalent among Muslims. Formally, Mahr is fixed. Before fixing the marriage, the bridegroom's side demands certain amount of cash and other household articles etc. from Bride's parents for making marriage. So far I haven't seen any marriage where bridegroom has not taken any thing from bride's parents. My question is: (1) Is.. More

  • The Prophet's arrangement for marriage: Mahar,Walima and presents Date: 5-1-2003

    Did the wives of the prophet (SAW) receive the same mahr and nikah walima. was it sunnah to have nikah and walimah at the same or two different parties? If husband takes second wife should he treat second wedding arrangements as given to the first?.. More

  • Paying Mahr after the marriage contract is lawful Date: 4-1-2003

    I am getting married can I pay my Maher amount after the marriage or do I have to pay on the spot? If I fail to pay what will be the punishment? Till what time can i pay that to my wife?.. More

  • Husband wants control of wife's Mahr Date: 28-5-2002

    It is a tradition in our society that the money a man pays for the bride at the engagement time (Mahr) is used by her to buy different things for her, including gold. Do I have the right to interfere with things my future wife buys, or is it absolutely her right to spend all the money or keep part of it?.. More

  • Delaying the Mahar does not nullify the marriage contract Date: 14-1-2002

    If the dowry is deferred at the time of marriage, and the time given expires before it is paid, does the marriage become invalid? Also if the dowry is not paid, is the woman allowed to withhold relations pending the payment of the dowry?.. More