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  • Unpaid Mahr Date: 6-9-2001

    When I married I did not receive any money from my husband. We just wrote non-paid Mahr in our marriage agreement. Now I'm asking my husband to pay me my Mahr but he does not want to pay it. Please, I would like you to send me an e-mail having my husband to pay me my Mahr and I would like you to talk about this subject... More

  • Dependent Student Paying Mahr Date: 31-7-2001

    If a male Muslim student who is dependent upon his parents wants to marry, does he have to establish the Mahr? If so, in what amount and what are the limits for it? .. More

  • Payment of Mahr by father Date: 15-7-2001

    For my marriage my father paid the Mahr (Assadaqa) for me. Do I have to give my father the amount he paid for the Mahr as soon as possible or not? He doesn't expect that, but I want to know if according to Sharia if the Mahr must be paid by the husband to his wife or carry other person can do it for him?... More

  • Getting a divorce before paying the Mahar Date: 10-7-2001

    I am going to divorce my wife and her Mahar is still due on me and I am sending her divorce before paying her Mahar so is it legal or correct in Islam? What is ideal in Islam? Explain me in detail. .. More

  • Father using daughter's dowry or children's income Date: 26-12-2000

    Can the father take some of his daughter's Mahar money and use it for his wedding party? Can the father take some of his kid's income if needed? .. More

  • Paying Mahr to mother on behalf of husband who died 12 years ago Date: 1-4-2000

    Can I pay Mahar to my mother on behalf of my father who died 12 years ago? .. More