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  • Should Husband and Wife without Intimate Relationship Divorce? Date: 5-9-2001

    I live with my wife and her two kids; she does her duties as a housewife but she does not respond to me when I ask her to bed and there is no love between us. We do not hate each other, but we are more like brother and sister than husband and wife. Should we get divorced? .. More

  • Husband and wife unable to have sexual relations more than year after marriage Date: 20-7-2001

    If a wife and a husband are unable to have a sexual relationship after one and half year of marriage, because the wife is shy or afraid of the act, what Islamic teachings apply to this bond? Does this sort of marital life stand? What help or advice you can provide to overcome her fear? Are there any prayers for strengthening this kind of weak relationship?.. More

  • Wife seeking divorce from irresponsible, porno-watching husband Date: 4-7-2001

    I want a divorce from my husband, and I have some questions and need your advice. He divorced me twice: once during my menses and another shortly following sex relations. Are they valid? Now he only becomes aroused after watching porno movies which I find distasteful. He also does not satisfy me sexually. Advice and counseling with him do not help... More

  • Husband and wife separated, marriage in doubt Date: 8-4-2001

    Husband and wife have been separated for nine months due to their personal conflicts. The wife's brother and mother tried to solve the problem but were not successful. They have three children out of their marriage. Wife wants to work it out, and she (wife) will wait a year to see if she can settle him down. But, the husband wants a divorce. The husband's.. More

  • Wife Asks Divorce because Husband Follows Different School of Fiqh Date: 26-9-2000

    If a couple are married and the husband decides to follow one particular way (one of the ones mentioned in my first question) and the wife follow another way different from his way (from the ways mentioned in question one), is she allowed to ask for divorce because of that? And what if there is conflict between the two because of it, and argument as.. More

  • Wife wants divorce from husband who left her for two years Date: 1-11-1999

    As Salam alaikum, I would like to ask about a marriage topic. I would like to know if a couple are married and for some reason the lady wants a divorce so her husband leaves her for 2 years. The husband does not spend money on her at all. So, is she considered divorced? I know that now-a- days a lady is not legally divorced unless she receives.. More