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  • Wants husband to confess his transgressions Date: 26-11-2002

    I am married with a six-year-old daughter and I have recently found proof that my husband has been seeing other women. We have not had marital relations for about two years because of what I thought were stresses and differences in the marriage. Upon being confronted, he insists that nothing has happened and that he does not think I have the right.. More

  • Bad effects of in-laws Date: 18-11-2002

    How do I deal with my wife's father whose known to have no respect for people who are more educated than him in which he consider any objection to his point of view a sign of no respect from the person who objected his point of view. In many cases he lied, stabbed people from behind by talking about them. I always try to indicate to him that he is.. More

  • Newly wed deeply distressed Date: 11-11-2002

    I am newly married but I have no feeling towards my wife. Sometime I do things that are not good that led to a nervous break down. Now I am on pills... More

  • Disagreement and unhappiness in marriage Date: 21-10-2002

    Is constant disagreement and unhappiness in a marriage enough reason for divorce?.. More

  • Wife considering divorce Date: 16-10-2002

    My husband is drinks alcohol at home and he knows other unclean women and pay them a lot of money while he refuses to give me anything. Also, I heard him several times talking to these girls and stays some nights with them. I have two kids and I am pregnant in the eighth month with the third one. I am thinking of divorce. What do you think?.. More

  • Husband's poor conduct Date: 7-10-2002

    My husband is heavy smoker and he does multiple sins. We are separated in beds; and he takes half of my salary... More

  • Convict husband with criminal history Date: 6-10-2002

    Please guide me to the best decision. My husband was convicted of a crime and has been in jail for over a year. I will admit that I did not dig deep into my husband's background before marriage but I did know he had a prior conviction and was on probation. The crime he has pleaded "no contest" to deals with a teenage girl (non-Muslim). I want to work.. More

  • She Wants to Leave Husband Who Strayed Date: 18-9-2002

    I am a convert and new wife of 9 months. I was dating a Muslim guy from 14 until 18 and when I converted, we had a Nikah. 8 months later, he cheats on me. I found out and confronted him. He admitted it. He says he's sorry and wants to change, and wants me to help because I am already well established with practicing my Islam. I cannot see him the same.. More

  • He wants to leave USA, wife won't go Date: 15-9-2002

    I'm married and have one son and work in the USA .I'm thinking about going back home. My wife refuses to go. Am I committing a sin if I go without her? Although, I have tried very hard to persuade her about this idea. She thinks my family will cause a problem for us. .. More

  • Wife Depressed and their Culture Does Not Allow Divorce Date: 12-9-2002

    I got married at a young age and my wife was young as well. I feel that she is not happy with me; in fact she is clinically depressed. Is it Halal to get a divorce? I do love her but I feel that she is forced to stay with me because of our culture not allowing for divorce. .. More

  • Husband Lives abroad and Left Wife and Children with His Careless Parents Date: 3-9-2002

    A husband lives in a Muslim foreign country and he can keep his wife and children, but he does no want keep them with him because he thinks it is cannot save any money. The reason is that he is also supporting his parents back home. He wants his wife to stay with his parents. The parents do not like the wife and they do not take care of her. Also the.. More

  • Miserable Living with Uneducated Husband in Foreign Country Date: 26-8-2002

    I am a married woman with three children and a good husband. We live in a foreign country I married with the condition. I won't be just a wife and mom, I want to finish my studies and do something. He accepted, but he didn't keep his promise, as well, as not staying long in foreign country. I understand that the economic situation doesn't permit him.. More

  • New Wife Has Problems with Her Husband, In-Laws and Parents Date: 26-8-2002

    How and in what ways is a newly-married girl supposed to manage her house-hold, while studying and teaching at the same time and having a non-cooperative and non-understanding husband and in-laws or parents? .. More

  • Wife refuses to dress according to Shari'a in USA Date: 14-7-2002

    My wife she refuses to wear the Shari'a custom of dress and I am living in the USA and the law here with her. We keep fighting about her dress... More

  • Wife Wants Divorce and Custody of Her Daughter Date: 11-6-2002

    I have been married for 6 1/2 years and have a daughter who is 5 and 1/2. Our problems started just before the birth of our girl but the subject of divorce came up 5 years ago. I am the one who is asking for it. My parents live in Qatar and I have some family here where I am married (out of Qatar). I am not allowed to see them or speak to them at More