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  • Retaliating Against Husband's Beating Date: 10-4-2018

    thank you for allowing me to ask another question. my question is can a woman leave her husband (divorce) if he beats her in the Islamic way or hit him back .. More

  • Warning Against Mistreating the Wife Date: 26-3-2018

    Your fatwa titled HUSBAND IS HELL OR HEAVEN TO WIFE OR VICE VERSA, in that you are saying even wife is also the same.for.the husband, but you dont qoute any proof from any hadith or prominant scholar, then how to accept your answer? And also you say that treat wife kindly is equally important then why did the prophet (pbuh) say : shall i not inform.. More

  • She Lives apart from her Husband Date: 4-3-2018

    Assalamou alaykoum. I am a German Muslim and live currently in the country of my husband while he work in Germany. I have big problem with staying here alone without him and it become a great fitna for me that take me away from my Ibada. My husband refused to take me and the children back with him because he doesn't want our daughter to enter school.. More

  • Wife Complaining of Husband's Mistreatment Date: 15-2-2018

    Salam aleikum Sheikh I have a problem i need advice with . Im married and we have 3 children (8,6 and 4 years old) the 2 oldest are boys and have their own room . The youngest is a girl and sleep with us on a madrass next to our nog bed. On weekends and hollidays and sometimes weekdays too my husband lets the 2 oldest children sleep in our room with.. More

  • Husband accusing wife of infidelity without evidence Date: 3-1-2018

    My husband has recently become constantly suspicious of me that I did something haram with someone else. He says that he has confirmed these thoughts with a shaykh he spoke with and wants me to admit to it. I have repeatedly told him that this is not true and that I cannot admit to something that I did not do and that did not happen. He does not care.. More

  • Marital problems because of living with in-laws Date: 3-1-2018

    Salaam. Brothers and Sisters, I am looking for some advice, as I am really stressed and depressed. I got married a year ago, and before the completion of our one-year-anniversary, we are heading for a divorce. My husband initially lied to me about his salary, his savings, etc. When he married me, he was also indebted. His parents are wealthy though,.. More

  • Husband does not give wife allowance nor takes children out Date: 21-12-2017

    Assalaamu alaykum. I have been married for 10 years and have three kids, praise be to Allah. I live in the West, away from my family. My husband is a good man, but like all human beings, he has a few weaknesses. I have been tolerant and patient with his ways, praise be to Allah. My question is regarding the fact that my husband does not give me the.. More

  • Abandoning wife for three years Date: 29-10-2017

    Good day. I got married as a convert Muslim at the age of 21. They also married me without the presence of my parents. The man whom I married has a wife and three kids. He told me they were already separated, but I later learned that his first wife does not know everything because it is not true that they are separated. After all that happened, he went.. More

  • Husband steals from stores Date: 9-9-2017

    Assalaamu alaykum. My question is about theft (stealing). My husband works for a couple of bakeries (one in a supermarket, and the other is a private one). From the supermarket, he usually brings fruits (a few) and tells me that he salvaged them because they are reduced produce that is going bad very soon and which the supermarket will throw away. From.. More

  • Husband refused to have children and abandoned wife Date: 20-8-2017

    Assalaamu alaykum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuhu. Dear Shaykhs, please help me in this matter. I have been married for three years, and I am currently staying at my parents house and have been separated from my husband since a year due to lots of issues that we have. I used to ask for divorce because of many reasons; the main one is that he refused.. More

  • Husband does not pray and prevents wife from visiting parents Date: 19-7-2017

    I am from Iran (I am Sunni-Hanafi), but I was born and brought up in Dubai. I have been living in Iran ever since my marriage. I did not want to marry my husband but was guilt-tripped into it by my parents. There is a 10-year age gap between us, and we are bothreally different. I was brought up in a religious family, and his family is so fancy. We really.. More

  • Husband treats sister-in-law better than wife Date: 22-6-2017

    Assalaamu alaykum. My husband treats my sister better than me whenever she is around. If I am displeased with her actions and tell him, he would said somthing in messages and then sneek around to talk to her asking her what upset her and then yell at me that it is my fault. I caught him looking at her with desire a while back. He blamed it on the devil,.. More

  • Repeatedly blaming wife for her past before conversion to Islam Date: 7-6-2017

    Assalaamu alaykum. I married my husband before Islam while I was learning Islam 18 years ago. I was not fully honest about my past. I had been in a relationship before; I was not Muslim during that relationship, and I was not married to my husband yet. I did not know better in Islam as I was not Muslim yet, and my husband actually had intimacy with.. More

  • Fulfilling promise of divorce neither obligatory nor recommended Date: 14-5-2017

    I am a seeking divorce. My question is whether my husband must keep his verbal and written word to grant me divorce. My husband of almost 30 years has been Muslim his entire life. I am not and have never been Muslim. He has never shared his religion with me and is not pleased with my recent Islamic studies. Upon asking for divorce, he asked for 30 days.. More

  • Living with husband who watches porn and chats with sex workers Date: 3-4-2017

    Assalaamu alaykum. My husband has been cheating on me for the past 21 years. He has not had a physical relationship with me since 20 years ago. He watches porn and chats with sex workers online. He has a very good reputation. Everyone thinks that he is very pious. I have a son. I cannot leave him because the future of my son will be destroyed. Please.. More