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  • A Case of a Controversial Khul’ Date: 25-8-2022

    My husband and I got into an arguement via text. We were both mad at each other and our emotions got the best of us. He kept telling me to ask him for a khula and so I did. He then sent a voicenote saying that I was released and that he accepts my khula. Him telling me to ask for it, me then asking for it, and him then accepting it was all done out.. More

  • Was Forced to Marry and Her Husband Cannot Join Her Except After Years Date: 22-11-2021

    salam, i got my nikkah done last year to man that i have never met before, i was unsure but due to family pressre i agreed. after the nikkah i spoke to the man a few times and realised that this is not how i see my future partner to be. the culture is different, he is a few years older and wants kids right now and i don't at the moment and i am not.. More

  • Refused Many Proposals Then Got Married but Is Unhappy Date: 19-10-2021

    ‎السلام عليكمI was born in the USA but moved to Egypt as a teenager I struggled I barely scraped along in school and had no friends My dad no longer wants to live in the US but his dream is for me to get married and build a life there I felt like I was not ready so Ive rejected a lot of proposals I felt pressured so I said yes to the most.. More

  • She Asked Her Husband for Khul’ and He Answered the Next Day Date: 26-9-2021

    I am in a very unfortunate situation with my husband. We have been married for ten years.Yesterday in the evening we were having a fight and I was very emotional and asked him for Khula and I did not mean it. He didn’t answer till the very next day where he said that I am giving you a khula even though I did not ask for it on that day. Now he has.. More

  • Conducted Marriage Contract but Wife Asks for Khul’ Date: 5-9-2021

    Salam, I had nikkah for 5 months but rukhsati didnt take place. My wiife and i used to talk through on messages. we had good relations and argued once or twice on the choice of speciality after her MBBS and she didnt like the clothes given to her on nikkah. But we had resolved that among us. On day of eid, my parents went to her home to discuss the.. More

  • Two Divorces and Khul‘ and then Marriage without Wali Date: 1-9-2020

    Aslam u Alaikum, Dear sheikh I had 2 divorces already. Then I had a khul from my husband. says khul is not a divorce and I can go back to my husband, but after new marriage contract. My father had no objection on my going back to my husband. Rather my father wanted my husband and I to go back together. Now, my husband and I had nikah but.. More

  • Husband Sexting With Women so She Asked For Khul’ Date: 12-2-2020

    Married to husband in state Of Texas, USA. Me, Ohio, USA for 6 months. Husband called to see if I had a friend contact him on muslim dating site where we met. Told him no. He said he thought I had asked a friend or cousin reach out to him because she was from my state. I became upset for him thinking in such away. It hurt me. We ended our call but it.. More

  • She Doesn't Want to Live With Her Husband Date: 8-4-2019

    Aslamolykum, One of my friend facing divorce case in UK, Actually his wife claiming for divorce while he do not want to leave her in this particular scenario how much his wife do have right for getting divorce (Khula) Exactly my question is If she do not want live with his husband due to some reasons so what our Islam said that what he should to do?.. More

  • Khul’ after two counts of divorce Date: 3-1-2018

    Assalaamu alaykum. I have a question. If a woman got two divorces, at two different acoasions, and the third time, she goes to a mosque to seeka Khul‘ (divorce obtained by the wife in return for a compensation for the husband), then after she has done the Khul‘, is she haram for her husband or not? The imam in the mosque said that it was not so... More

  • Telling wife she may take Khul’ does not affect marriage bond Date: 31-12-2017

    Assalaamu alaykum. I live in a non-Muslim country, and we do not have fatwa centers here. Therefore, please help me by anwsering the following question in spite of your busy schedule. My wife insists on buying a home by taking a loan from a bank, and I told her that the loan is based on interest and that we cannot take it. I told her that I would discuss.. More

  • Taking wife back after Khul’ Date: 12-7-2017

    Assalaamu alaykum. Shaykh, three years ago, my husband divorced me on my demand (Khul‘ [divorce requested by the wife in return for financial compensation]). He took me back the same day. Then we had a second Khul‘ about one year ago; he again took me back; this time on the second day. I did not go court to finish my marriage at the time. We did.. More

  • Asking for divorce on account of groom's inability to have intercourse Date: 11-7-2017

    My son got married three months ago. He could however, not perform his marital act because of psychological issues. We have consulted an urologist as well as a psychologist; they both say that there is no issue with the boy and that it is just anxiety, which is treatable. The girl's parents, however, insist on a divorce. I need answers to the following.. More

  • Divorce at wife's request is not always Khul' Date: 6-7-2017

    In an argument, I rushed to ask my husband for a divorce. He ignored it. In the evening, I again asked for it. He kept quiet. I again asked. He said to my mom who was there that I was asking for a divorce and that if I asked again, he would give it to me. I again asked for. He asked me whether I was sure that I wanted it. I said that I did not want.. More

  • Issuing Khul’ in writing while conditions of Khul’ are not met Date: 16-2-2017

    Assalaamu alaykum. Please tell me, if a man wrote, "I divorce by Khul’," but all the conditions of theKhul’ (divorce requested by the wife and in which she returns the bridal gift)were not met and not present to make the Khul’ happen, so there is no Khul’, but the fact is that the word 'I divorce' was written, is it a divorce anyway? The writing.. More

  • Khul' without compensation is divorce Date: 1-12-2016

    Assalaamu alaykum. My husband divorced me because I asked for a Khul' (divorce requested by the wife in which she is to return the bridal gift)but without compensation, so it was a simple divorce and we did not know that at that time. We thought that it was a good Khul'done correctly, but no. So I had to wait three months for my ‘Iddah (post-divorce.. More