3388 fatwas

  • Vowed not to take medicine needed for hypertension Date: 2-2-2000

    My mother has hypertension. She regularly takes medicine for it. One day she was very angry and she swore that she will no longer take the medicine for hypertension. But she has to take the medicine. I convinced her that she can take the medicine after making the kafara (expiation). How should she make the expiation? What are the different forms of.. More

  • Relations with an aunt who refuses to pray and says she has no sins Date: 1-2-2000

    I have an aunt who lived in America for more than 20 years, who refuses to learn how to pray. Am I allowed to love her and show her my concern? I tried to tell her that God may forgive all sins. She answered that she has no sins. Should I ignore her, or try once more to talk to her gently? .. More

  • Married son's mother controls his earnings Date: 22-12-1999

    I am a Muslim adult male working as a professional. I am recently married and have a ‎‎daughter. I live in my parents’ home with my brother and sister.‎ ‎Since I got my job (around 5 years ago) my mother keeps my salary with her. I do not ‎‎have any access to it. If I need anything I ask her and she gives it to me. For example, if I ‎‎need.. More

  • Treatment of a father by his son Date: 16-12-1999

    My father does not order his son and daughters to follow up the duties of Islam. I recently became a religious person and when my mother and I ask him to pray, especially Fajr he will not because we asked him to. I love my dad and what i am doing is for his sake, but he seems not to understand. I mostly pray for him and cry. What is his punishment?.. More

  • Seeing God in a dream Date: 12-12-1999

    Can any one see God in a dream?.. More

  • Spiritual journey of a Muslim Date: 21-11-1999

    What is the general path followed in becoming a Muslim? What does the spiritual journey entail? Just as a Hindu goes through 4 stages in life, and a Buddhist follows the 8-fold Path, what happens in the spiritual life of a Muslim? Thank you! .. More

  • Ruling on pornography Date: 22-8-1999

    My question is composed of two parts. First: What is the penalty for a Muslim man if he saw "very bad" pictures of girls either on TV or on the Internet? Second: How do you advise him to stop it?.. More

  • Male Muslim easily aroused wants to marry but parents want him to graduate from university first. Date: 21-8-1999

    I am 22 years old and I get sexually aroused quickly. The problem is my parents do not care about my getting married or not.They say wait until I graduate from the university. So I began looking for a wife with their knowledge. Each house I went I was told I was still a student and wait till I graduate, after about 6 years. I don`t know what to do,.. More

  • Is masturbation permitted? Date: 21-8-1999

    Assalamu Alaikum, Dear brother, I'm a religious Muslim who moved to Canada recently. I'm single, 25, I find it hard to resist my instinct, and cannot get married soon! What if I manage to release my tensions without commiting Zina, I mean what's so called Mubashara? Otherwise I won't be able to concentrate in my study and work, and probably my health.. More

  • Brotherhood in Islam Date: 12-8-1999

    Please tell me about the brotherhood in Islam... More

  • Took oath on Quran and regretted it Date: 11-8-1999

    My sister swore on Holy Qur'an when she was very angry, not to use something very important for her;she regreted it later, but she doesn't know what to do so she can use it again. .. More

  • Masturbation Date: 7-8-1999

    What is the verdict ofmasturbation for somone who is eleven months away from home working in another country? Please advise us to clean our souls. .. More

  • Muslim living with non-Muslim friends Date: 31-1-1999

    How can a Muslim with so many non-Muslim friends live with harmony in a mixed society like India?.. More