136 fatwas

  • This lyric does not mock fate Date: 15-2-2017

    Assalaamu alaykum. I am learning a song which I will sing without music. The song contains certain lyrics regarding which I worry whether they are Islamically allowed or not. Do they in any way diminish belief in Taqdeer? Or can these be sung? Please reassure me. The lines go, "Oh, what a riddle life is! Sometimes it makes us laugh, sometimes it makes.. More

  • Allaah guarantees sustenance of His creation Date: 21-12-2016

    If Allaah has promised for sustained sustenance and prohibited abortion, then why does sustenance (money in particular) keep on diminishing with each child added to the family? Why do resources not increase with each added member of the family? Rather, it keeps on becoming difficult to pay for day-to-day bare minimums (without any greed for luxuries)... More

  • Wisdom behind afflictions to animals Date: 17-4-2016

    Assalaamu alaykum. Could you tell us how to respond to people who ask why Allaah gave diseases to animals while they do not sin nor go to paradise? In the comments, some atheists were challenging that if Allaah is merciful, then why give diseases and pain to animals while they do not sin nor go to paradise. How to respond to them? May Allaah reward.. More

  • Why many sinners are rich though sins decrease provision Date: 15-3-2016

    Assalaamu alaykum. I heard that sins decrease one's provision. I was wondering why so many evil people are rich then. .. More

  • Doubt alone is not only barrier between a non-Muslim and Islam Date: 17-2-2016

    How can the disbelievers fail, when some of them try and do what they can and Allaah is so good and merciful? Some of them may have a problem like doubt, which is really hard for them to get over, how can He punish them for that? Please give me a satisfying answer. .. More

  • Allaah's wisdom in giving a pleasant life to people who harm others Date: 5-1-2016

    Assalaamu alaykum. My question is the following: I cannot understand the wisdom of why Allaah, The Exalted, sometimes make things easier on some people and they live a happy life despite the fact that they have harmed others by backbiting and gloating over their misfortunes? The more harm they do, the better their lives become. So what do you say about.. More

  • Allaah makes devils allies to unbelievers and unbelievers choose to take devils as allies Date: 13-5-2015

    Aslamualalakaum. Can you please refute this: In 7:27 Allah says that Allah made devils friends to the kafir,but in7:30 it says that non believers chose to friends. How do we relate the two? Some people saying who chooses, Allah or kafir if the devils are their friend? .. More

  • Feeling guilty for refusing a job offer Date: 20-4-2015

    Assalaamou'alaikoum. Two years ago, I made a lot of duahs for Allah to grant me a job which is halal and easy, and Alhamdulillah my duahs were answered and I was offered a job overseas which satisfies all my criteria. I made Istikhara and all signs indicate that I take the job. But then, I started having doubts because I would be leaving my current.. More

  • Why Allaah punishes some and gives others respite Date: 6-4-2015

    AsalamualaykumI have a question - When does Allah intervene or cause miracles to happen or accept prayers. The Quran says that if Allah punished the wrong doers on the earth, there would be nothing left on it, but it then says that Allah destroys people and cities, how come Allah performs miracles in some situations and not in others, why does he intervene.. More

  • Allaah's acts are not without wisdom Date: 12-3-2015

    As-salaamu 3laikum, We know that there is wisdom behind everything that Allah created. Does that imply that every small experience we have has a particular significance and importance which we cannot necessarily perceive? Or does it mean that in general there is a reason for everything that is present in creation, but that we may have experiences which.. More

  • Human will and determination bound by Allaah's Decree Date: 12-3-2015

    As-salaamu 3laikum, I just want to check if my understanding of al-Qadr is correct. I understood it to be general, meaning everything has been decreed including our thoughts and intentions. however, whenever I read any explanation about this, the examples given are usually actions and events. So I just want to check that our thoughts and intentions.. More

  • Laughing at unusual or surprising matters although decreed by Allaah Date: 26-2-2015

    As-salaamu 3laikum, I would like to know if it is allowed to laugh/make jokes about everyday things that Allah decrees to happen to us. For example, if there is an extremely strong wind and someone laughs about the fact that every time he tried to walk in one direction, the wind turned him around and he had to go in the other direction, then later he.. More

  • Obstacles in the path of something beneficial are not deterrents but tests Date: 30-1-2015

    Asalam Alaikum Sometimes I plan to do something but obstacles get in my way. What I want to do is not haram and my intention is only to get closer to Allah. For example, choose a school for my kids that will help them stay away from haram. Or move to another city where I can practice Islam a lot better. But obstacles pop up in my way like a family member.. More

  • People’s actions are created Date: 16-1-2015

    Assalam-o-Aliekom! Please could you provide me the details regarding the subject that our deeds (whether good or bad) are created and more broadly that the all the movements on the earth is created. This I would like you to clarify to me evidentialy from The Quran and Hadiths. Moreover, kindly provide some explanations pertaining to the subject by eminent.. More

  • Non-Muslims not rewarded for the calamities they experience in the world Date: 12-1-2015

    i have a question concerning calamities The prophet saws have told in a hadtih that calamaties are a test from Allah swt and that is a good thing because our sins get expiated by expering calamities, and when Muslims are experiencing severe calamities they are raised in status and their sins get expiated. The question is when non-muslims are experiencing.. More