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  • The effects of prayer and destiny Date: 6-6-2005

    We Muslims firmly believe that Almighty Allaah answers our prayers sooner or later. Inspite of a wife's consistent, firm, prayer (ever since she got married to him) for the prolonged life of her spouse, how the sudden death of a person could be explained in this context. In an Islamic sense, does it mean that inspite of our prayers, destiny precedes.. More

  • Destiny and our responsibility Date: 16-3-2005

    My husband died in a motor accident as a result of my brother-in-law's reckless and very fast driving. My in-law's blame it on destiny and believes that my brother-in-law is blameless for my husband's death along with 4 other boys. I don't agree with them, please tell me with explanation whether I am right or wrong. I believe that Allaah.. More

  • Origin of sin Date: 13-2-2005

    What is the sin or from where is the origin of sin? At some places Allaah says it is Allaah's Will, at other places Allaah asks us to take refuge from Iblees and at other places Allaah says man is responsible-see Ayah, 42:30. Allaah also says unless man changes himself (of committing sins) Allaah will not change His condition-13:11... More

  • Compensation for trials Muslims suffer in this life Date: 28-12-2004

    There are numerous Hadeeths of our Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) that tell us that the hardships a Muslim faces in this life help him to gain more rewards in the after-life or decrease his punishment in the after-life.My questions are:1. If the hardship that a person suffers is entirely his own fault (for example: driving carelessly and then having a severe.. More

  • Why does Allaah let calamity or hardship befall us? Date: 28-12-2004

    If Allah has written for us a hardship or a calamity, why does Allah let that calamity or hardship befall us? Is it because Allah wants to test if we put our trust and reliance upon Him during a hardship or is it a matter which only Allah knows? Is it true that if good fortune and bad fortune befall a Muslim, the Muslim can get good from the good.. More

  • Levels of predestination Date: 9-12-2004

    I have gone through your site on Fatwas about predestination. I would like to ask one question regarding this. Has Allaah already decided what will happen or is it that He already knows what will happen? One Scholar said that Angel only records in the womb what will happen but does not make it happen. Hope you will answer considering the above.. More

  • Meaning of 'Al-Qadhaa' and ' Al-Qadar' Date: 18-11-2004

    What is the difference between 'Al-Qadhaa' and ' Al-Qadar'? .. More

  • Allaah's decree for one's death Date: 20-9-2004

    I wanted to ask about Fatwa 83292. You said Allaah saw predestined how I would die. Does this predestination comply with my thinking of death? What I mean this: Let's say Allaah has predestined for me to die a normal death due to aging, but I do not want to die because I will get old, I want to die in Jihaad. So my desire to die in Jihaad.. More

  • Death being delayed Date: 31-8-2004

    I have some questions regarding to death. Does Allah ever change the time of a person's death? Does it mention anywhere in the Qur'aan or Hadeeth of this ever happening? Also, the night of Al- Qadar, a night better than a thousand months, Allah writes the destiny of mankind for the upcoming year, right? I am asking these because I have read.. More

  • Was following poor advise her destiny? Date: 9-8-2004

    I want to know the Islamic ruling on the case of a lady who has fibroid. Some people advised her to operate, while others advised her to take herbs. She took the latter advice and started using herbs, but later discovered that the herbs were not effective. Is it then that it is her qadar [destiny] that she would not be cured of that fibroid by her.. More

  • Divine Wisdom in Making Some People Poor Date: 5-5-2004

    1. Is chest beating and using knives during Muharram allowed? 2. I have always seen poor people suffering and rich enjoying, although former have more belief in the Almighty. Why so? 3. During our duty in the hospital, sometimes we miss Jumu’a of Fridays due to emergencies, saving people. Are we right? .. More

  • Lamenting over huge monetary loss Date: 26-4-2004

    We are unfortunate people who lost a huge sum of money because someone cheated us. The problem is we cannot forget it, and we always feel very depressed. We pray hard but still feel very miserable. Someone told us to take it as fated,meaning good and badare from Allah. Ifwe always lament on why this must happen, then Allah may give us something.. More

  • Marriage: by choice or by fate? Date: 22-4-2004

    My question is regarding marriage. I have been trying figure out whether the individual one marries is by choice (Ikhtiyar) or by fate (Naseeb). If it is choice then why is it that two people who truly love each other never marry? If it is fate, then why would God allow a woman to marry a physically or mentally abusive husband?.. More

  • Some questions about prayer and divine decree Date: 25-2-2004

    I have a few questions which I am very confused about: 1. Is it true that the lines on our hands change every 30 days or something like that? Do they even change at all? Some say it is proven from the Qur’an. 2. If one starts to recite the Qur’an from a middle of Surah and not from it's beginning is it necessary to say ‘Bismillah’.. More

  • Taking lives out of living being Date: 1-11-2003

    How can the creator of all life sanction murder of the life he has created? Whether it is justified or not isn't his to take and his alone!.. More