136 fatwas

  • No one can see Al-Lawh Al-Mahfooth (Preserved Tablet) Date: 27-9-2010

    Is it lawful to think that some righteous persons have the ability to look at Al-Lawh Al-Mahfooth (Preserved Tablet) and know the unseen? Someone alleges that this happened to Al-Jilaani, Ash-Shaathili and Ibn Taymiyyah. .. More

  • Pessimism tarnishes belief in fate Date: 31-8-2010

    I named my daughter after my sister who died in an accident. However, since her birth, my child is always sick. Is there any relation between her name and her condition? .. More

  • Belief in destiny is not a pretext for failing to do good Date: 30-8-2010

    Why do we make efforts and will be held accountable for our actions, despite the fact that Allaah the Almighty has prior knowledge of them?.. More

  • No soul will die before achieving its decreed sustenance in full Date: 30-8-2010

    I was unjustly fired from my job. As a result, I became depressed to the extent that I did improper things, like pulling my hair out with my own hands, as a result of how greatly wronged I felt. I would like to know what I should do. .. More

  • Wisdom behind the creation of good and evil Date: 30-8-2010

    Why did Allaah the Almighty create evil; why not just good? .. More

  • Blaming fate for one’s sins Date: 30-8-2010

    What should we say to those who use destiny as a pretext for committing sins and claim that Allaah The Almighty did not will to guide them? .. More

  • Why Allaah has made some people rich and some people poor Date: 4-12-2009

    Muhtaram, Assalamualikum. I have a question about the acceptance of supplication(Dua)to Allah. We often pray to Allah in our daily life. But all of them are not accepted by Allah. Though Allah knows the best why He doesn't accept all the prayers. Certainly He does it for our well being in present and next life. But to me, and also to many other people.. More

  • His brother believes that working to earn money is not important Date: 27-5-2009

    Dear Sir, I want to know what was the source of Income for our Prophet Mohammad (P.B.U.H) and what does he say about earning livelihood for oneself & for the family. My brother thinks that he doesn't need to earn anything as ALLAH will help him out in giving money & food. His job is just to read Quran & offer 5 times prayer. He has left.. More

  • Performs prayers, but then dies and enters Hell Date: 11-5-2009

    If a man pray very much in all his life but at the end he goes to hell but another man all life negate the prayers but at the end he goes to heaven.Why? If we thinks that his Emman is not proper but at the same time we say that Allah raheem... More

  • Details about the Preserved Tablet Date: 21-4-2009

    Assalamu Alaykum, What is the preserved tablet (al-lawh al-mahfouz)? Where is it located? When was it created? Thank you.. More

  • Many intelligent people are disbelievers Date: 11-2-2009

    Assalamu Alaykum, Usually people who are intelligent make sound decisions and follow the truth. How come people like the chinese are technologically advanced and at the same time either buddhist or atheist?. Can you provide an explanation from the Quran and sunnah? Thank you .. More

  • Why Allaah tests people although He knows their future actions Date: 15-5-2008

    Aselamu Aleykum brothers and sisters how is dawa now my question is why is Allah in the quran in sura mohamod verse @28-33 or around says "wela neblwa nekum hata nelemul mujahidune" meaning we will test you antill we know amoung you the people with sebr and those who are mujahidin. is not is Allah all knowing meaing knowing the future. my second question.. More

  • Being guided by Allaah and being guided by people Date: 17-1-2008

    What is the meaning and difference between being guided by Allaah and being guided by people? .. More

  • Being content with Fate does not mean apathy Date: 14-1-2008

    Would leavinga low-payingjob while having ambition to move on toa better-payingjob be considered discontent with the Fate of Allaah The Almighty? My mother disagrees with me in this regard and always advises me to be content with what Allaah The Almighty has predestined for me. .. More

  • Obeying Allaah is the only key to happiness in this world and the Hereafter Date: 4-12-2007

    My sister told me that she knows a woman at her workplace; this woman has a relationship with a wealthy man as mistress for years, and she slept (zina) with this man many times, liked to drink wine, clubbing and dress sexy. This intimate emotion relationship has lead the wealthy man to give her money but he didn't want to marry her. This woman wanted.. More